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Running The Shop

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Managing your shop includes making sure its operating well. This can also include the building, equipment, facilities, vehicles, maintaining your bays and overall shop operations.

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    • Hoping to hear back soon on ideas we can add into the custom mobile apps we build. Why is this so important to us? According to Grazitti Interactive, "72% of consumers have a more favorable view of the company if they provide a customer service mobile app" So what do your guests, and your prospects who are smartphone addicted think of your auto repair shop when looking on their iPhone? Check out what Lauralee VP of marketing at Schmidt Auto Care came up with for her auto repair shop's brand in this exciting 30 second video clip! https://www.facebook.com/AppFueled/videos/842605312915298/ If you've considered an app but think it is too costly. I've made the next step easy. Start here to get your instant quote! https://www.appfueled.com/quote Honestly, I can't see any reason that if you set your mind to it, and set aside a budget you could be in the app store in 30* days or less! *pending Apple's approval.
    • This might not be popular....   No masks required at our shop, nor are we wearing masks.   We see about 40% of our customers coming in with masks and very few (1 per week maybe) ask for us to wear gloves.  And many of those with masks will take them off or have them on incorrectly or take them off to talk, but wear them when not talking.   Most wait in the waiting room, but we have a handful that are waiting outside.   Give it a few more weeks and this will go away as the Texas sun pops out.  We do have hand sanitizer on the counter and keep our waiting room clean, even before this virus.   We wipe down frequently used surfaces, but, IMO, this is largely a feel-good farce.    We can't hide from a virus unless we behave like an operating room and are completely fastidious, wiping everything and changing gloves and masks after everything we touch.   (My repair business is mostly drop-off.   The waiting room is generally filled with waiters for Quick Lube Services). I've changed my marketing to call out our clean facility.  We generally get compliments on cleanliness.   Many are changing their marketing and some are opting for a higher-level of cleanliness such as seat covers, surface wipe downs, etc.  I'm not seeing much of a call for this.  Dealers were advertising this heavy on TV, yet they laid off almost all service staff.   It didn't seem to bring the nervous folks forward.   I know some shops that are selling a $50 sanitization service.    We do our best to respect the wishes and needs of those that grace our doors.    When people call in that sound worried, I generally recommend that they put the service off until later.   In reality, I would not want to disappoint someone that truly needs or expects a higher level of safety than we can provide.   I have noticed that those whom are more concerned will sanitize their cars themselves.  They have wipes in the car and will wipe it down to be sure that it was done correctly.   In truth, this is likely the best model for true personal safety.   We assume that everyone wants social distancing and try to respect their space. I shake hands with those that are comfortable and this is more than you would think.  To me, it seems that there  3 types of people:  1) Live Free or Die, 2) Cautious and 3) Scared. Personally, I won't go in a place the makes me wear a mask.   (Ask me why I still need a haircut).  Ever since the restaurants have reopened for dining in, we've started patronizing them.   No longer patronizing take-out only.   I fall squarely in the Live Free or Die camp.  Luckily, I'm under no local rules that mandate social distancing or other behavior.  
    • Hello all,   We have a rather small waiting room and have removed a few chairs to aid in social distancing (we now have only 4 chairs total). I wanted to know if your shop is requiring customers to wear a mask while they are inside the waiting area?  How is your experience? Do you have a sign up on the front door stating they must wear a mask?   Stay safe and healthy!   Nick   
    • All, Thanks for the tips and offers. I'm focused finding a shop in Central Texas for the foreseeable future. The journey continues!    
    • I have sent out three mass text messages using BayMaster which is my shop management system. Worked great, targeted all my customers and kept them informed that I am open and willing to help. Definite positive results and the cost is negligible. I am in New Jersey and it seems everyone has a friend or relative that Covid has taken. For that reason I do not send a marketing message since I have no way of knowing what the recipient is going through during these difficult times. Instead I send out messages indicating that we are available to help our customers even for non-automotive needs. 
    • I have  $1.2M fully-equipped transmission shop looking for somebody to buy for very little in SLC, Utah.  Willing to relocate?  I own the property as well. I would be your landlord. https://youtu.be/tT6rNNI4Gdg 801-885-2227
    • Email is & was important. And yes, more than ever texting is critical too. But what about in-app messaging and live chat? Better yet, what about all 3 of these mediums working seamlessly together? During a 4 part COVID-19 webinar series I'm hosting, I've been featuring guest speakers to share with us the importance of reaching smartphone addicted consumers remotely as #socialdistancing and #nocontact services gain in popularity.   Even though part 1 is over, it's not too late to join in for part 2 coming up this Wednesday. May 27th at 12pm CST. Get your complimentary invite here.  https://www.appfueled.com/webinars
    • I started using video to sell jobs back in 2008 when YouTube was new.  I Email a .pdf estimate along with a sales video link to YouTube.  In the video, I address the customer directly, show their vehicle & license plate.  We only do transmissions and in the video, I tell my customer: What failed. What we're going to do to fix it. What we're going to do to keep it from happening again.  Our close ratio went from 65% to 95% virtually overnight, no matter who the service writer is.  Our YouTube channel now has over 2,200 sales videos on it. Check it out at https://www.youtube.com/user/larrybloodworth

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