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  1. We are in desperate need of techs. I tried Indeed and was very dissatisfied with the "talent" they sent us. I am considering Find A Wrench they post on Indeed as well as Zip Recruiter and some 90 other companies as well as social media. Has anyone tried them or ACT Auto Staffing?
  2. We just got our money too! We have two local banks and I applied through both. One came through with the paperwork within a day while the other did not respond until the money was gone. That bank just sent an email that said we could pre-apply in case the SBA added more funding! We are thankful. The bank highly recommended paying payroll and utilities straight out of the account they set up which has been a little stressful since payroll is Monday but I think I can swing it. This will be a huge help during this time.
  3. We spoke to our accountant, bank and read the paperwork. The only stipulation was that at least 75% needed to be used towards payroll and the rest to utilities and rent for an 8 week time period. Any money left over after that time period will have .5% fixed rate. We plan on using all the money towards our employees & expenses so I am not sure what conditions we need to worry about?
  4. We just submitted our application for the SBA Paycheck Protection Program. Two different accountants said it is a no brainer. It will pay for all the employees and us the owners for 8 weeks plus money towards rent/lease and utilities. And we don't have to pay it back! No fees either!
  5. Just wondering how many lifts do other shops have per tech? We have 5 lifts with 3 &1/2 techs and we still need more. To add more lifts we need a expansion and then we need to try to find a quality tech.
  6. This is the email I got and it sounds tempting... Could your shop be eligible for a bigger refund? Of the 5 free tax reviews we have done in the last couple months, we have found errors that resulted in tax savings of over $85,000. Let me know if you’d like to send your taxes in for a free review. We will select one shop to review anonymously on a live webinar that will also give some insight on how and what to look for on your own taxes.
  7. MINI4U


  8. It is not working for me. I clicked the arrow to start and nothing happens.
  9. Come to think of it more and more gas stations charge an extra free for credit as does the government.
  10. I was researching online and they started up Nov. 2017. I notice no physical address on their site it just says they are located in Atlanta Georgia with offices listed across the country.

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Fast Free Shipping on All Orders Over $50
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