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Buying and Selling your Auto Shop Business


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    Buying a repair shop? Creating a new company? Partnership problems? Adding more locations? Have a business deal you would like to discuss? Business Plans, Bank Loans, Real Estate.

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    Ready for retirement? Do you have a plan? Selling your auto repair business? What is your exit strategy? Building a plan for retirement.


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    • As a business coach, I am often asked, "What's the best ratio of Service Advisors to Technicians?"  The answer, in my opinion, is not straight forward as you think.  It depends on the type of work you do, your weekly car counts, and how your team is structured. My shop was general repair, with car counts of about 120 per week. We did a good mix of service work. We had six techs and three service advisors. I found that this was the perfect ratio for me. One of the Advisors was also the manager but was involved in writing service. You need to look at your particular operation. Do you have support staff that helps at the counter and on the phone?  Are the bulk of the jobs you do heavy repair, such as heavy trucks? Are your car counts low with a high ARO, such as EURO specialists? And, do you have a parts person helping to procure parts?  All these factor into the equation. With that said, What is your perfect ratio for your shop?   
    • Marty Long from Hills and Dales Auto in Ohio hosts an annual car show each year.  He gets over 200 cars to sign up for it. A great community event and great marketing to promote your shop. Of course, you need to have room in your parking lot.  But maybe smaller events can achieve the same thing?  Have any other shops held community events? 
    • With run-away inflation and the never-ending increase in gas pricing, auto repair shops in the Northeast are cautious.  While 2022 so far has been very good for most, the fear is that the forces that eat away at the consumer's discretionary spending will also affect their ability to pay for recommended services and repairs.  How are you dealing with this? What strategies could we share? 
    • A recent survey from The Muse found that 72% of people that left their jobs are not happy, and nearly 50% would consider getting their old job back.  So the question is, would you rehire someone who left you recently, and is now not happy?   Source:   
    • Thanks for the reply! I'll check into the flodynamics unit.
    • Brandon Steckler, instructor for CarQuest Institute and WorldPAC Training Institute, Technical Editor for MotorAge Magazine, technical support and beta testing for Automotive Test Solutions. Listen to Brandon’s previous episodes HERE. Key Talking Points Life after being a technician- opportunities to be a trainer/teacher, breaking the ice as part-time instructor at local schools, writers also needed at magazines, start reaching out to the current instructor  WorldPac- subject matter experts (Honda), Brandon builds curriculum    Carquest- a group of subject matter experts that put together classes to train the trainer while having input/case study with the trainer Training/teaching assessments- an accurate description of the class and not an advertisement “Teaching a 6 year old is true mastery” Matt Fanslow Diagnosing the Aftermarket A - Z "Divorce Discourse" with Brandon Steckler   Connect with the Podcast: Aftermarket Radio Network   Subscribe on YouTube Visit us on the Web Follow on Facebook Become an Insider Buy me a coffee Important Books Check out today's partners:         Set your sights on Las Vegas in 2022. Mark your calendar now … November 1-3, 2022, AAPEX - Now more than ever. And don’t miss the next free AAPEX webinar. Register now at AAPEXSHOW.COM/WEBINAR. More Time. More Profit. Transform your shop at getshopware.com/carm Click to go to the Podcast on Remarkable Results Radio
    • How to calculate your Effective Labor Rate (ELR), 4:43 https://youtu.be/impbO1QXUIE HourofLabor.pdf

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