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  1. I have a MDI that does GDS and tech 2 emulator, its all about the software now.
  2. we do not yet but we do offer remote starts and heated seats and will be offering pain protection film and just got set up with huper optik for film for the future.
  3. When you are fired from your day job for piss poor performance because you are to busy in the evenings with your side work. Its amazing how fast your side work can get caught up once you are doing it full time.
  4. more like Long John Silvers and KFC, I think Chipotle has a decent burrito.
  5. I use all data manage on 3 computers with quickbooks on a server and all of the alldatas talk to the quickbooks on the server making the book keepers life more easy. My server is also set up to automatically back up the quickbooks to a cloud just incase. I have never been a computer guy but IT dude said to buy it and life will be easier and it has been so far. But HOLY CRAP I knew it was over kill but some kind of 12 terabyte 6 hard drive 126 gigs of ram monster was expensive but I always try to buy things that will not need to be replaced in the next 10 years. Also try to get window
  6. I have found..... Fdat I stick to gas, and I try even harder to stick to accessories.
  7. get someone to answer the phone, I love talking to someone. If I cant get someone on the phone or I feel they dont have time for me then I am not going to do business at their location.
  8. I have run in to problems where for some reason the brake pads move away from the rotor and take 1-2 pumps to have brakes after highway speeds. I have seen this caucused buy Rotors, wheel bearings and caliper slides.
  9. Maybe I have missed something in the last 3 years when I traded in my Autel. it was slow and didnt do half of what I wanted it to do and what it did do was slow. I ended up purchasing our Verus that we were testing out. (I also would not have bought it and just stuck with the modis if we didnt get the deal that we did) I like the wireless function, you will not know how much you like it until you try it. I was skeptical at first but now its awesome. The Scope functions, they allow my guys to not be scared of how to run one, you select the car, the part you are testing and it tells yo
  10. I call every one, its easy just put all of your recites in a weekly folder and 1 week later call of them and follow up.
  11. Park it out back or move on to a different car and return it in an hour or two. The other thing that I respond with when the customer states how fast we were is that we have multiple people working on their vehicle.
  12. People waiting sitting by them selves off in a corner get lonely and bored. I like to put my customers right in the middle of everything next to the service desk. people are curious in nature and for my customers who they are here for the first time get to see how we operate and over hear our conversations on the phone. If the service advisers are not busy then they can make conversation with the customers. we are here to make friends that we can take care of and service their vehicles not just to fix cars. We have gone 4 wheeling, snow machining, white water rafting and out to eat
  13. We have an : Ethos Modis Ultra Verus Edge ( on loan from snap-on right now) Tech 2 emulator with the MDI Ford VCM II for must stuff we are able to use the Modis its fast and easy, and can do most everything. I am thinking about adding the Verus and at 5800 bucks it kind of hard not to. We only really use our dealer tools when we have to, but I would like to add Chrysler by the end of the year.

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