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  1. After further reading into the docs all that bid were selected and their rates still are high. We missed that one.
  2. My county has a website where approved vendors can bid. I just missed the opportunity to bid for my currenty county. It actually seems easy to do. I will register and keep an eye out for future bids
  3. Search wouldnt let me search for three letters, sorry if an old topic. I have spent time online researching and have found little. What's the process for getting approved and does it add any business?
  4. I will try the logo banners. We are an hour from the closet dealer for the flags I'm ordering. As long as theu start with a cease and desist first I am fine.
  5. Is there legal issues as advertising ourselves as "BMW Specialist" using the BMW logo on the banner? This is just an example, looking to purchase some feather banners but the local sign guy said we cannot use them, not he cannot print them...
  6. We have visited about every small private company in our town for fleet service and have had some success. The local government(law enforcement, mail service, city trucks) has a lot of vehicles that I cannot image are all serviced in house. I don't expect it to be easy to win some accounts but does anyone have any experience dealing in these accounts?
  7. Agreed on making a mistake dealing with these guys. We are working on severing our ties and then banning them from our property so they don't try to bill us for other services.
  8. We own our parts washer and the Safety Kleen guys kept coming by trying to sell us fluid so we had them fill it for us. 3 months later they come in and change the fluid without authorization and bill us. The fluid was barely used and we in no way needed it changed. We call and tell them and after finally convincing them we own the machine (not lease from them) they agree to remove the bill as it was unauthorized and we had no contract. Fast forward a few months and they are still billing us for that service. We call again and finally convince them for a second time we own the machine and they
  9. I think these types of funding work if you have a large built in audience like family that donates. The successful campaigns come from kick starter with revolutionary (of sorts) projects.
  10. My intro to busiess professor always said the customer is rarely right. You can't win them all
  11. Just to runs spaced 60 days apart with 5000 each drop. Got a very small return. Only about 8-10 unique calls and a few small sales. In a town of 20k with two drops of 5k I would expect a bit larger of a return.
  12. In florida most big name companies don't write policies for most things. We use AutoOwners an A++. We were fortunate to get approved as having no previous experience. They used our techs resume as our experience.

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