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  1. CAZM


  2. This is one of my biggest problems here they all want top end money but don't want to have to pay top end price. I have lived in many towns in my life and I have never seen an area as cheap as this one.
  3. I just recently lost 2 techs and I'm in the process of looking to replace them. The problem is there is way more jobs then there is workers, and it is causing all the employers to pay outrageous hourly wages here. For example one of my employees daughter made $16.00 an hour to watch cheese go by on a conveyer belt this past summer. Now I have done some research with 3 other of my companies locations with in an hour away from me and its seems they are paying about $6.00 an hour less then where I need to be according to what my competition is paying here in town. Is there anybody else ou
  4. I'm thinking about have a weekly sales meeting with my sales team. I'm just wondering if anybody has tried this or does this? If so has it helped and what type of things do you cover?
  5. Discount Tire will be here for a while. Excellent people and policies. Did you guys know that they patch tires for free??? Even if you didn't buy tires from them! Same thing with rotations! I asked them why????? and HOW??? they just laughed. I have a competitor here in town that does free flat repairs even on tires they did not sell. There is several reasons they do this in my mind. 1.They get another car to inspect and try to find things wrong. 2. 40 to 50 percent of the time they end up selling them a new tire due to the fact the old one is not repairable. 3. To me this is actually a
  6. I just had to deal with this last week. I called the Police and they contacted them car was gone that night.
  7. I'm interested in this topic. We will most likely be relocating as well to a much bigger location that is about 6 times bigger then our location now, however it is about 15 minutes away from here. I think it will do wonders for our commercial tire business as it is located close to a major 4 lane highway, however I'm looking at my retail side as pretty much a new start up.
  8. I'm going to start off by saying my major competitor has a nice big building. The kind like big franchises put up, and my building is more like the one the little guy has. My 2 techs that came from my competitor keep telling me that down there they get more of the white collar worker, were we are getting more of the blue collar worker. I have been a blue collar worker all my life and I'm proud that I have the blue collar work coming here. My problem here is this is a big farming, logging and manufacturing area, and many of these guys can fix their own stuff. For example probably 8 out of
  9. Most companies will charge the employees for the use of the uniforms. For example we charge the employee $7.50 every payday which is bi-weekly. None of my guys complain about it in fact they much rather pay $7.50 a paycheck then have to wash them themselves. I know my wife loves the fact she does not have to put my sometimes very dirty greasy uniforms in her washer.
  10. We with hold from the last paycheck if they are not returned.
  11. My corporate office has finally decided to come out of the stone age. Yesterday we went live with Appointment plus, and this Tuesday we will go live with My Carfax service shop. Just wondering if anybody else uses these programs and if so how do you like them?
  12. Heard this about a month ago from my CARQUEST rep
  13. My company has 2 slogan's they use, and I want to settle on just one to help in branding this location better. I would like to get a idea of which one is better received. I will list them below please let me know your thoughts 1. Pomp's Tire and service. Were in your neighborhood 2. We know tires and service you should know Pomp's

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