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  2. I currently use Kevin Meyers. I Told him what my current service writer pay plan is and he keeps saying he will get back with me, baffles me with bs, or keeps sending paper work on technician pay plans saying that's all he has. Its been 3 months and making me upset. The experience with them hasn't been great. This website is more useful then the information i get from them sometimes. Thanks for the input.
  3. We are hiring for a service writer and was wondering what pay plans are working and easy to maintain. I am currently with the ATI program and they are giving me a run around on this. We currently do 15,500 weekly. Was wondering what they should make on this and how to figure it out. I don't feel salary is good nor hourly. Just want to make it worth it for the writer and not break my pocket. Let me know if you guys have any suggestions. Thanks.
  4. We are 8-5:30 m-f. We used to work every Saturday. I used to think Saturdays were money makers. But reality it just made high overtime, low productivity, and a lot of gas station work as I call it. We still work on Saturdays once in a while but its appointment only. I found that working my guys only five days a week they seem to be in a better mood and productivity is higher because they know if we hit our goals during the week we don't need to work Saturday.
  5. I have a clean burn oil furnace and having a lot of issues with it. It seems like I'm paying someone to always work on it. A lot of part changing with my money. This unit is not saving me money that's for sure. I was wondering what people are using to heat there garage with. I'm thinking about getting rid of it. I want something that will work good and not jack my consumers bill up. This has been a harsh winter for the furnace not to be working. Any ideas? Thanks

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