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  1. We have 3 techs all on hourly. One at $22.00 one at $28.00 and one at $35.00. The performance bonus starts at 35 flagged hours $2.00 at 35 thru 39 hours bumps to $4.00 at 40 hours $6.00 at 45 hours and $8 at 50 hours.
  2. Andre R

    Andre R

  3. We have been using Heartland for about 8 years now, our charge has been a steady 2%.
  4. For a service writer the question I always ask is" If I was writing a check to you for an amount that had to last you the rest of your life, how much would it be for." What you are looking for is a realistic number for their age. I base it on 60k a year and a life span of 80 years old. Too high of a number usually means they're not really thinking of the question or too low a number usually means they don't have a good idea of what things cost so will have a hard time trying to sell that large or high dollar ticket. For a tech my favorite question is "why do you do what you do." An answer of its what he/she knows and he needs to earn a living or anything along those lines usually means he/she won't be invested in your company and will only look for whats in it for him/her. An answer of getting self satisfaction at getting a vehicle running correctly or finding that noise etc..., that person is invested in his/her craft and is usually willing to go the extra mile for the customer, attend training,get certified.
  5. A lot of good questions here but if it were me i'd tow the car in and replace the engine with a used one with about 200k miles or less.
  6. I was having the same problem as the rest of you. My coach told me about a company called Hire the winners .com. They are pricey but they found an A tech and and service writer for me in about a month and a half. I will be looking for another tech in about a month and will definitely use them. They sent me about 15 resumes for techs in the first 2 weeks.
  7. It absolutely does not! We signed up with them and it never worked.They did refund my money but wasted 2 months of my time .
  8. I've been trying to break into the fleet maintenance/repair business that is close by to my shop but haven't had any luck. My pricing is what seems to be the problem. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. The first thing I would do is check out the reputation of the dealer. If he is shady or unethical, like it or not your reputation will be tied to his. Next, lose that mind set that there isn't much money in the area because everybody drives a 10 year old car. It takes a lot of money to drive a 10 year old car, especially in NY.
  10. We have used them for over year now. Customers love the text part and I have been using the reminders for about a month , We also use some of their remade ads and they work well. The cost is $197 a month plus the points. I usually buy the 100,000 points for $950 and it lasts me about 3 to 4 months. You choose who you send too and what they get. Great marketing tool.
  11. I have had a lot of success using word of mouth through the tool trucks, my vendors and the parts delivery drivers . Another way I had heard was to go to the new car dealers and hand your business cards out to the techs. If you go to ally of training seminars you could try there also.
  12. Hi Bruno, based on the responses that we generate from our clients its a process . They get a direct mail piece with our phone number and our web site adress. They check us out on Yelp or Google and then if they like what they see they call. At that point our service writer has to make the conversion. We do get new clients just making appointments through our web site without calling but that is about 12% of our new clients. So to answer your question, for my shop having a good person answering the phone generates the most new business.

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