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  1. Hello all, We used to get paid for used motor oil (pre-COVID19). However, lately we are being charged for pick up and transport. We go through approximately 500-700 gallons per month. Do you guys currently get paid or are paying for used motor oil and oil filter pick up? Our shop is located in Texas.
  2. Hello all, We have a rather small waiting room and have removed a few chairs to aid in social distancing (we now have only 4 chairs total). I wanted to know if your shop is requiring customers to wear a mask while they are inside the waiting area? How is your experience? Do you have a sign up on the front door stating they must wear a mask? Stay safe and healthy! Nick
  3. Hello all, How (if at all) has COVID19 changed how you operate your automotive shop? Are you changing procedures in greeting customers? Offering special protection equipment or barriers? Are you now using plastic and disposable seat covers, steering wheel covers, etc? These were just a few thoughts running through my head since businesses are due to open soon. Thanks in advance for your responses. Stay safe, healthy and well! Nick
  4. Hello all, Our air compressor just gave out. I was looking around for a new one since the cost to replace the motor and pump is about $900.00. What brand air compressor would you all recommend that can put up with the heat and daily usage ? Thanks for your help in advance. Nick
  5. Hello all, Our current supplier for shop supplies just announced a 25% increase on nitrile disposable gloves (Ouch), as well as a 10% increase on wiper blades and metal spin on filters. I have limited to no choice in forwarding these increases to customers. However, I am in the market of seeking other suppliers. What companies do you currently use for such stocked inventory? Any recommendations? What are your thoughts in asking the techs to supply their own work gloves? Perhaps a non disposable nitrile grip? Kind Regards, Nick
  6. CAautogroup


  7. What about oil changes? Do you guys allow customers to bring their own oil & filter and just charge labor? We have noticed a demand in this, however, most customers are bringing the incorrect weight of oil (calls for 020 , supplies 530). How would you handle this? Document, decline service...?
  8. Hi all, I was wondering where do you typically display your shop warranty policies? Sign posted in office, at the bottom of the invoice, bottom of signed work order, on your website? What do you recommend? Thanks, Nick
  9. Hello all, How many are BBB accredited? Is it worth the cost? Any experiences or feedback? - Nick
  10. Hello all, Thanks for the response. Yes, ironically it was a Ford vehicle. Yes, prior to servicing the pedal was soft. Customer did not give us the opprotunity to fully complete repair or work things out. We were served with papers only. No complaints filed (ie bbb) or negative reviews left online. -Nick
  11. Hello all, We were recently servicing a vehicle for brake work due to low pedal depression. Vehicle presented with brake pads metal to metal, scored rotors, and 2 seized calipers as well as water in the brake fluid lines. After replacing the pads, rotors, calipers, and purging the lines, there was still depression noted. We recommended replacing the brake master cylinder. Customer agreed and part was ordered from the dealer. After installation and purging the lines several times, it appeared slightly better though depression in the pedal was still present. We advised the customer that more time was needed with the vehicle and insisted on taking the vehicle as is cause "we did not know what we were doing". Vehicle was at the shop for about 2-3 days. Payment was made so we could no longer hold the vehicle. Come to find out, the customer is now suing for the amount of repairs though they are justified as the parts were in need of replacement (we still have the old parts). Any suggestions as to how to proceed? Thanks for your thoughts and input in advance. - Nick
  12. Hello all, Has this ever happened to any of you? We recently went out of our way to accommodate a customers' vehicle repair request. Though the customer was argumentative about pricing, hours charged, parts used etc, they ultimately agreed to the repairs. About an hour or so later, we receive notifications of several 0 or 1 star reviews on many social websites including Yelp, Google, Yahoo, Facebook....... you name it they had an account or made a new account to put their side of the story out there. How would you handle this? Do you feel obligated to complete the said repair? Thanks in advance for your thoughts and opinions. Nick
  13. Hello all, We currently pay our techs by the hour until business starts to pick up on mechanic jobs. Techs normally get a 1 hr lunch break (no paid). However, we have noticed that techs are leaving early and showing up late. As an off site owner, I find it difficult to keep track of hours, and would not like to pay for hours techs are not there. We have tried to use the honor system; however, may times techs are "forgetting" to note time in an out on the calendar. Any suggestions? Do you use an electronic clocking in an out system? Have the manager in charge do it? Thanks in advance for your thoughts and opinions. Regards, Nick
  14. Do you ask for reviews? If so, how? Via email, have a link on the customers reciept, sign in waiting area? We are really lacking in the online/social media department and would like to boost our overall ratings on yelp, google, etc. Thanks in advance for your thoughts and opinions. Nick
  15. Hello all, Well it has been yet another hectic week at our shop, but still keeping our heads above water! Unfortunately, two of our air hose reels gave way after many years of abuse and no longer retract. I hate for the hoses to be laying around as it is also a safety hazard. Any recommendations for good quality air hose reels that can with stand the daily use of a busy shop? I've also seen a few lighter weight air hoses, any thoughts? Regards, Nick.

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