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    • Here's an situation we need to be aware of.   I got a call the other day for a price on a Timing Belt for a Honda.  I asked the caller,  "Have you been shopping around, and if so, what prices have you gotten?" He relied,  "Well, that's the problem, I have different prices from different shops."   To shorten up this story; this caller was getting prices on the Timing belt job with different options; with a water pump, with belts, with antifreeze service....and the exact opposite....with only the T Belt and labor, and other combinations.  So, this confuses the consumer. Bottom line, I am not hear to tell anyone how to conduct business, but just think about this:  We all do business a little different from each other.  If you do decide to give prices, you better be sure the customer is comparing apples to apples, if not, the price you give may be "perceived" as too high, when in reality, it's not. Food for thought...and your thoughts?      
    • How automotive repair program is vital for automotive industries?
    • Yes we use Cintas at our shop for uniforms, pant and shirts, rags, hand soap, toilet paper, and smell goods for rest room and office. The total cost like to blow my mind when I first heard it. I was shocked actually, but in a positive way. Before I called and eventually chose them for the services I went to a T-shirt place and had 13 tees printed and 2 collared shirts the coat was above $475 fasure. But cintas came through and for 13 pant and shirts, we pay 11 bucks a week. Per tech. Now add in the other supplies we get it’s only like 60 bucks a week which in my opinion is a great deal. The staff that serves our shop has been more then courteous and professional and friendly. Now the catch is for each shirt (13) per tech and service writer and or manager they charge a one time name plate/ logo plate and charge a 5 bucks per shirt, tech, missing days or time standard fee due after 30 days. In my opinion still  worth it no doubt. I paid the $5 charge for each template and then they pay for the uniform rentals individually via auto draw from payroll check. So far no complaints but we know how that goes. The second u pat backs you better duck bcuz you may just get slapped in return. Great thing is any button falls off or hole needs to be stitched they handle it in house as long as we mention it. Side note- if termination of a shop employee before you do the final assessment and have employee sign proper documentation, make sure he returns all uniforms before they get the last check. If not you will pay full price for any unreturned uniforms
    • Up until about two to three years ago I exclusively used OEM pads for all vehicles because of past noise issues when using aftermarket pads years ago. OEM pads were trouble free, perfect fit and never a problem with noise. The one problem I did encounter using OEM pads is that dealers in our area rarely carried shims and hardware which we always replace when equipped. older comments in this thread made me consider aftermarket pads then my CarQuest sales rep convinced me to try his pads and they have worked out great for domestic and Asian. They are more convenient and in most cases priced more attractively for the customer and more profitable for me. The shims and hardware are included with the platinum line so that problem was also eliminated. I still offer OEM for domestic, Asian and European and some customers opt to go that route but about 85-90% of our brake jobs are now completed with aftermarket. For domestic and Asian vehicles I use CarQuest Platinum pads. Metallic for vehicles that were “born” with metallic and ceramic for those that were “born” with ceramic. We resurface rotors when possible but when new are required I use CarQuest Premium coated rotors. For European I use Textar pads and Zimmerman or Textar rotors all sourced from WorldPac. They have been trouble free, convenient and profitable. We never resurface European rotors, only replace.  
    • That is a tough question.  My techs and advisors are very particular when it comes to brake parts, due to quality and noise issues.  They actually make decisions based on the vehicle. For hi-end models, (BMW, Mercedes, Etc.) we prefer World Pac and try to chose OE or as close as possible.  
    • Great points from someone in the towing business, and yet runs a repair business also.  The more dialogue the more we all learn!
    • Just curious if anyone if anyone is using Cintas for shop uniforms and if you like their service. Are you getting rags from them also? What's the typical cost?
    • What is everyone using for brake pads and rotors these days? 

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