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    • It takes years and billions of dollars to get a chip manufacturing facility (fabs) up and running.  Intel is currently spending 40 billion on new chip facilities. (fabs)  Currently, there 11 chip fabs in the works.  That's the good part.  The bad part is they won't be up and running any time soon.  What's really crazy is a Taiwan-based company, TSMC, is coming to the U.S. to build a fab to help shortening the lead time from order, to delivery.  I don't want to make this a long post, but here's a link to the story behind the story of U.S. chip fabs... https://www.tomshardware.com/news/new-us-fabs-everything-we-know
    • I saw a local news story where it said the people are eating out more because it's cheaper than going to the grocery store.  Why is that?  Here's what I believe. The majority of restaurants and eateries in general are Mom & Pop businesses.  Covid killed a lot of them off but the survivors are coming around to re-establish what they once had.  Like transmission shops, they are afraid to raise their prices for fear of losing business.  So, they absorb their increased food cost.  Sound familiar?  This is the point I'm trying to get across.  Example: My wife and I went out to a new restaurant in our neighborhood.  They opened up recently, since the Covid scare.  I was shocked to see they charge 25 or 50 cents for condiments, depending on what it is.  I chose Bar-B-Que sauce and $1.00 was a line item on the receipt. (I had 2 at 50 cents each)  BTW, this new restaurant was NOT cheaper than buying the same at the grocery store.  Nearly $40 for a table of 2.  I can easily fix multiple lunches and dinners at home for the same $40 bucks. MORAL TO THE STORY:  Price your services based off your costs, not some preconceived notion on what you think customers will pay.  Good customers will stick with you and will pay whatever you ask.  
    • Frank, that's what happened in my market area after the 2008/09 recession. People held back from buying new cars, but then a flood of people purchased new cars, and we saw the dip in business. Build now while business is still good, in order to ride the slower times. We have been through this before, we are no strangers to the economic roller coaster. 
    • I feel the same way.  I urge everyone to attend the next R+W conference and others like this.  Hands down, you will walk away a little smarter, a little better, and with renewed energy and passion. That I can guarantee! 
    • I agree, Brian.  The level of professionalism from other shop owners and other industry people was amazing to see.  Great meeting you too in person. 
    • Wow, thanks for sharing that!  I hope everyone reads this post! 
    • I enjoyed hearing you speak and meeting you.  I also saw great value in this conference, so I posted a topic in the Management Section to extol the values and take-aways that I got from this conference.   It would help for everyone to attend it at sometime. --brian aka bantar  😉

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