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    • By leonard simpson
      Where is the best source for inspection forms. Looking for some thing I can download and customize.
    • By CAautogroup
      Hello all,
      We have finally taken the steps to offer commission to our employees. I would like to know how (if you do it at your shop) you go about doing so. Do you have a spread sheet/form that the employees turn in weekly for what they have sold? If you have a form/sheet do you mind sharing it?
      Do you offer a percentage of certain jobs (at a certain amount) after the cost of parts and overhead?
      We currently pay our technicians hourly and believe the incentives would boost business especially since it has been slow lately.
      Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
      CA Auto Group
    • By ATLAuto
      Apologies if this has been covered already.
      Is anyone using an online / electronic inspection form for vehicles? I would like to set something up with our techs via an iPad app of some sort, as our current system is not working well at the moment.
    • By mspecperformance
      If you are willing to share, please post your inspection forms.
    • By CAautogroup
      Hello all,
      How many auto repair shops / quick lubes / etc follow up there repairs by filling out a Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection Form? I would like to introduce this concept to our facility in hopes of obtaining future jobs and to tell customers about any present or future problems.
      If you currently use a form, did you design it yourself or purchase a generic form? Do you give a copy to the customer or just keep it for your records (carbon copy)?
      I am not too sure about other shops, but I also feel it is somewhat of a liability if an item is overlooked or not properly examed and checked or marked off in acceptable condition. Do you ask the customer to sign off on the inspection form so they are in reciept of it?
      Thanks in advance for your thoughts and opinions.

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