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  2. I wasn't able to respond directly to some of the responses. Thank you to everyone who responded. I have been contacting people on indeed, just haven't found much luck. The staff that I have now, has just been by pure luck. I specialize in transmissions so that also makes it even harder. I have to try and find a general tech and try to train him up to become fast enough on transmissions. The staff I have now, let's just say this. If I didn't have them, or they didn't happen to stumble into my shop, I'd be in the red and digging myself out a hole. Thank you for everyone who responded. I guess there's no easy solution but to wait and do the best i can.
  4. I am so happy things are looking up for you! One of the good things that has happened to me over the last few years is getting to know you (although we haven't met face to face yet). That is something that I trust will actually happen someday.
  5. so you dont want to help us figure that out? not sure what you are here for, but thanks........i guess..
  6. I told you what I do because it works. I never said it was easy or fast or a silver bullet. It takes time and trial and error but it works. There's nothing more to say.
  7. if you are not going to provide this invaluable way of finding a tech, WHY would you post it in the first place? OP, i have had the same issues as you, in the end craigslist has been the best in finding us a candidate. The general service guys are easier to get and look at craigslist. The tech also go there but it does seem to be more difficult to find them. I post to CL and indeed. I also keep all past applications and resumes and go thru those and make phone calls, got one by doing that. Just wish we could get the magical search terms to find the golden hidden tech resumes.........
  8. were you on monster? Indeed? needtechs?
  9. lol, fake news.
  10. Resumes are everywhere. Just start googling. Like I said, nobody will like this answer. It's vague and it depends on your area.
  11. ok, but how? what were the search terms? what websites? i mean, resumes have to sit on a server somewhere so im wondering where you are seeing them? Where did you find this guy you hired?
  12. we too stopped using them, i felt a 10% fee with NO limit was excessive for the referrals. We at first decided to just not participate in those referrals and as soon as we stopped with that, i was paying 200 dollars a month with a severely diminished result in phone calls. It felt like we were being skipped for their other referral paying customers, which is fine, if you pay more you should get more. At that point i could not keep paying 200 dollars for no more leads.
  13. we have been using cradlepoint for several years, in fact, just got our second one. We have a collision center that is cloud based on most of what they do and i guess the service side for repair information etc as well. I got it because we switched from t 1 lines to cable, with the unreliability of cable i had to have a back up. It has saved us many times, the longest was about 4 days without cable, ouch, but people never noticed any speed difference as its 4g and its really fast. With the t-1's and other newer technology the down time is slight, in fact most phone companies have a 99 percent up time but its nice to have a backup to not slow you down etc.
  14. Not to be rude but like I said, I went online and found resumes. They are everywhere.
  15. so where did you find the resumes?
  16. It is good to hear from you Gonzo! Please take it easy, I know it is easier said than done, but you have to let your body rest to heal up real good. Try not to stress and let the young ones make you laugh. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
  17. I'm sure nobody will like this answer but it works. You have to be active. Posting ads is passive. I actually had to go out online and find resumes and start calling guys. I found a guy rather quickly. It seems like lot of techs are upset with the politics of where they are, so if you can give them a pleasant place to work at, they will come and take a pay cut to do it. I also have job seekers show up on occasion so I always have them fill out an application and chat them up just in case I need someone in a pinch. In February my lube tech quit abruptly (story for another day) and I had a new guy start the next day. In fact, my lube tech who quit stopped by last week looking for his job back. Apparently, his new place of employment isn't quite as pleasant to work at.
  18. It's a house brand oil from our local supplier, Allied Oil. It's Dexos approved, but we don't have to pay for the brand name. Very few customers know or care, and if they do we are glad to install whatever oil they want, but certainly not for 29.95. The filter is also a house brand from Factory Motor Parts. Super cheap, and hasn't given me a bit of trouble for over 4 years using them. Again, if someone cares, we'll be happy to upgrade the filter as well, for a price. We are certainly doing well with this. I did just short of 2 Million last year (as in 1.5 days business short) and as of today I'm up 17.89% over last year. The second half of last year was really strong, so I suspect that gain over last year will shrink a bit, but I expect to end the year at 2.2 and a 20% net. That said, oil change marketing does produce a fair number of "one and done" customers. Quite often they will spend money fixing other things they need on that first visit, but you may never see them again. It's just a part of the model. A lot of guys couldn't sleep at night knowing they're going to have 100 customers fall into the Lost Customer category in a given month. I just roll with it and keep pounding the marketing. We're certainly doing things to try reducing the outflow, but it will always be there to some extent.
  19. I have a customer that is working in terryburg Ohio that is having issues with his Toyota pickup. Hard to diagnose over phone and looking for a shop in the area. Has codes for mass airflow sensor and tranny is acting up. We replaced transmission a few months ago and it's still under warranty. He replaces mass sensor and problem got worse. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  20. Last week
  21. What are you paying for the oil? Oil filter? Sounds like you are doing well but........
  22. I've worked for two major retailers. One known for higher prices and low volume. They had around 50% margin but would lose money on clearance items everywhere except the department that I was in charge of and the auto repair facility. The other is known for low prices and had a 20% margin or less, and made up for it in volume. They didn't lose money in any department.
  23. I had a customer come in, a young high school kid with his first car, his parents had bought him a used camry, which in my opinion was an excellent choice. He complained of a small clunk when turning. Right away I thought swaybar bushings, I've owned two camrys from that generation and know them inside and out. I take it for a test drive and start to hear the clunk and feel a tiny amount of play in the wheel, now i'm thinking tierod ends, they were pretty durable on the camrys but they do go bad. Less than an 1/8th mile down the road the steering shaft disconnects and I loose all steering input. I bring it to a stop and manage to get it to the side of the road by going back and forth like austin powers. It ended up that the bolt holding the universal joint to the lower shaft had backed out. That could have easily ended tragically for this young man, and that lesson taught me to take no chances and investigate everything no matter how little, it could save someones life.
  24. okay, okay lol, everyone has their own opinion like they say opinions are like assholes everyone has one.. LOL.. but that being said this is just like anything else in the world.. it is divided. There are democrats, republicans etc.. some like Trump some don't. Some people like a nice T-bone steak some like a nice salad, just because someones opinion is not the same as someone else's it doesn't mean you or they are wrong.. for anything ever to take place people need to work together. Debating things is usually how things get hashed out. Although hashing things out we need to understand someone else's opinion and listen to them with a level head so we can come to a bipartisan conclusion ..
  25. Really? I had actually started to type out a response, but decided that due to your tone it was just going to turn into a urination contest with no real point. If you think that after your rant directed at me, my telling you to relax is an attack, you've got much bigger problems than I thought. Thin skinned perhaps? In the mean time I'll continue to wish for a good solution to the technician licensing issue without being at risk of govt regulators finding an ever increasing need to justify their existence. Have a great afternoon. I know I am.
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