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  2. Interesting that no one has brought up the subject of parts availability. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if we start seeing spot shortages of parts in a matter of days, not weeks, and I fully anticipate that if we "flipped the switch" tomorrow and informed the world that it was okay to come out and play, that it would take many, many months for repair parts and tire inventory to return to normal. I'm anticipating a storage lot FULL of vehicles awaiting alternators, tensioners, water pumps, front end and brake components, PCM's, you name it. We don't make anything here anymore in our beloved country. We sold our soul to the devil years ago and now we are going to reap the "rewards". Too bad we have helped develop the economies of our adversaries on the other side of the world rather than our struggling neighbors here in our own hemisphere. You know, the hard working people who share our values (or what USED to be our values--hard work, sacrifice, providing a better future for our children, etc.), worship the same God, and speak the same language? Alright, alright, at least it's Latin based but you take my point. Forgive my rant, I'm just afraid of the debt TSUNAMI that is headed our way and the way in which those who wish us ill are going to take advantage of our greed and short-sightedness. Hold onto your butts, it's going to be a bumpy ride. Just my dos centavos worth.
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  4. I just wanted to share my experience today. I took the advice and emailed all of the documents for the SBA Disaster loan to [email protected] . I received an automated reply : Automatic reply: Small Business Disaster Loan Application Thank you for reaching out to the U.S. Small Business Administration Disaster Assistance Customer Service Center. If you are attempting to submit an application for an Economic Injury Disaster Loan as a result of COVID-19, please visit our new streamlined application page and apply at https://covid19relief.sba.gov/. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach back out to us via email, or call our Customer Service Center at (800) 659-2955. Individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing may call (800) 877-8339. Thank you in advance for your patience, SBA’s Disaster Assistance Customer Service Center I went to the link above and is was automated application (all questions that were on the paper form were asked). Once completed I received the following. I just wanted to share my experience! Thank you for all of your support!
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  6. @bantar Thank you so much for this information! It is greatly appreciated and I will email and mail the documents requested asap! I did breathe a bit easier after reading the post you shared concerning the approval. Again, thank you so much for your time to share!
  7. I do remember reading that some businesses are already engaged and making progress, but I don't remember the specifics. Here's another resource that is chock full of information from other small businesses of all types. Check it out: https://www.reddit.com/r/smallbusiness/ I did at least find someone who has completed the process: When the Disaster loan website started, the process included creating an account, then providing all documents. Later, the business would receive an email with some confirmation that it was received. I guess this was overwhelming. They've changed it to download the applications and submit it "blindly" by uploading your documents. The latter process is not sending out emails. Someone posted a note about not using the blind upload process, but instead suggests mailing documents to [email protected] : It may not really be necessary to panic because one person answering the phones at SBA didn't understand how the blind upload queue is being handled / processed. All in all, things are moving so fast, that clarity and surety are both lacking.
  8. We have been looking into PPP loans and unemployment. I am a one man shop. Information for both as refers to the CARES act is limited. I've been told by my accountant that PPP will not cover self employed owners just employees salaries. Not sure that is true, But we have decided to close temporarily and apply for unemployment. Government has not released all information yet and my state won't let me apply for either yet. Juan. I feel your pain. Like you hoping for better days soon. See you on the other side brothers !
  9. Good day! We had to close, we are in mandatory shelter at home by the County for the next 14 days, ( March 28th to April 8th). Not many cases of coronavirus down here, but there are about 7 cases in Brownsville,TX. 6 are trip related and the other it's under investigation. School is out and a lot of places are closed. ...For us, a shop going on it's 7th year mark, we started the year with our sales at hi. In January we increased our sales by 27% & February by 22%. Things went down by Mid March, when all of this started. We're going to wait till April 8th and hope for the best and go back at it... In this particular area, we are at the peak, hopefully, Things will start going back to normal. I can cover the expenses for this April, but coming May it's a different ball game.. Regards Juan Pablo(JP) Sepulveda
  10. We are experiencing what others have posted here in Richmond, VA. (Midlothian). I submitted all of the documents for the SBA Disaster loan Thursday (3/26/20). We have not heard back yet. I am curious has anyone else applied and how long did it take to receive a response?
  11. The PPP is a better loan if you are qualified to get it. (government is making qualification easy) Part or all of the loan can be forgiven if the monies are spent on qualified spending.
  12. We are about 1 hour from New York City. People here are being extremely cautious. My business is down 90% or more. Joe was mentioning the PPP Loan. Waiting for the details to come out on that. Sounds like the PPP will help a lot of shops make it through a couple tough months.
  13. Hi Joe! Our Auto Body Shop in Valencia remains open as normal time (8-6 pm). We have less no. of workers due to Covid-19. And yeah it affects customers badly. We totally concern over social distancing and takes special care while working. We do have follow up customers via call when repair work is done. Our Shop Location: Valencia - Network Auto Body INC 24854 Avenue Rockefeller Valencia, CA, 91355
  14. Yes Frank. I agree. I have been in business 40 years. Never before have I asked for helped or expected it. This is different. When Churches are closed, you know these are different times. Stay safe.
  15. Tomorrow I will talk to my Banker and Accountant and will try to start a SBA Loan process. Do not have a choice at this point.
  16. Just be sure you are taking all the proper steps to make sure you are in compliance with the laws around texting your customers as it relates to “marketing”.
  17. ... and if you are remaining open - communicate that with your customers! Above that, tell them what you're doing - tell them the steps you're taking to make it safe for them. Yes, this will pass. But the problem is you need to communicate this message now! If you're looking for what to say, I just released a video that details what Car Count Hackers are doing - and they're getting calls and thanks and return text messages too! Oh, some are even booking appointments - because let's face it - the virus doesn't know when your car is due for service! Hope this helps! Matthew "The Car Count FIxer" P.S.: Join me on YouTube at Car Count Hackers! FREE Help to grow your Car Count, Income and Profit! P.P.S.: Like and Follow Car Count Hackers on Facebook P.P.P.S: Start texting your customers TOMORROW - GET A FREE 7 DAY TRIAL NOW!
  18. Hi DUFRESNES and all! You're 100% correct! What's important is that you actually took the steps to reach out and contact customers! Your response is pretty much the same as my group of car count hackers experienced when they did this. I detail it all in this video and you're welcome to grab a pad and pen and copy down the notice used. If you're a shop owner and you're not using text messaging, you can start tomorrow! We're offering a 100% totally FREE 7 DAY TRIAL on the GO-MO TEXT PLATFORM NOW! (Note the site still says 14 day trial - but because we've been overwhelmed with requests, we've been forced to shorten it to a 7 day trial - but it's 100% FREE!) Hope this helps! Matthew "The Car Count FIxer" P.S.: Join me on YouTube at Car Count Hackers! FREE Help to grow your Car Count, Income and Profit! P.P.S.: ** FREE DOWNLOAD - My Kick-Butt Offers P.P.P.S.: Start TEXTING TOMORROW for FREE 7 DAY TRIAL
  19. Agreed Joe. The most important part is communication. Get in touch with your customer. Let them know you are thinking about them. Let them know you care. And yes, (if you are) let them know you're open and available for them. My group of car count hackers have all reached out and have gone as far as telling customer what they're doing. I detailed it all in this video, and you're welcome to take notes and use the exact wording that I detail in the video. Stay safe. Keep calm. We ARE in this together! Hope this helps! Matthew "The Car Count Fixer"
  20. Contact your Accountant and bank. FInd out about the Payroll Protection Program and the SBA Disaster Relief Fund.
  21. Whatever your normal advertising and marketing strategy is, now is the time to tone down call to action advertising and promotions and communicate your brand to your community. In times of crisis, it’s crucial that your customers and community know what you stand for and there to help if at all possible. Contact your customers by phone, email, text, etc. Not to sell them anything, but to ask if they are ok. Let them know that you are thinking about them. Connect with them emotionally, like a friend or family member would. For many shops across this great nation, there will be significant sales drops. With the new financial package, there will be help on the way. Contact your accountant, payroll company, financial advisor, bank rep and find out about the help that is coming your way. We will get through this together.
  22. I've spoken with Mark this week and if anyone is looking for assistance with the application process, you can give Mark a call and have him go through how he can help.
  23. I've been using "My Shop Manager" and it's been great for our business. It also has digital vehicle inspections that seem to work well. Also, with the slowdown from COVID 19 and me having to let my two employees take time off, I contacted them to suspend service for a month or two. They were quick to get back to me and allow us to keep service in order to contact customers and whatnot, but not charge me for this coming month. They are in the fight to help get through this crisis right along with the shops. I really appreciated that from them.
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