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Anyone have a repair plate ?


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I have maybe two cars in my shop a year without license plates on them - meaning 99% of my in-shop vehicles are registered to the owners. I couldn't justify $5k on that little prospect of business. Do you take in that many unregistered vehicles? 

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I'm also here in Michigan and my Insurance Company really balked at my shop having two "In-Transit Repair Plates" a few years ago (wanted over $1000.00 to cover the second one) so I just have one now.  It is more or less included in my Shop Liability / Garage-keepers Coverage.  Every now and then (5 or 6 times a year) someone will tow in a car that hasn't run in a year or two for us to revive.  This plate allows me to legally Road Test that vehicle before the customer renews the plates...  My guess would be that since I see some of my peers driving around with one of these plates on their daily driver (not really LEGAL!) some Insurance companies have figured it out.

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