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  • General Discussion

    • wet behind the ears techs hurting local business's
      The town I live in has a college in it that teaches auto, diesel. My dealings with most of the students over the years has been they don't have the sense to get out of their own way. These kids come in with hi hopes and big dreams of being the next Smokey yunick, Richard petty  or Don Garlits Most not all when they are through with schooling or somewhere in the middle decide they know it all there is to know so they open up a rented house one car garage in a neighbor hood which is illegal in my city. Then they hit the internet and any place they can post a flyer to let people know they do repairs better and CHEAPER than anyone else in the world. Most these young kids have never wrenched on a car in their life till now and as with most people today the word cheap is like cheese to a mouse they just cannot resist the deal until they get just what they paid for Cheap work. They can afford to give their work away because they have no bills to pay and most advertise they will put your brakes on for 50.00 dollars. Some even state they will do the work for X amount of dollars and you bring the parts well if the customers stop and think for a minute they are not saving much if anything at all. I am now 55 years old I have been at this since I was 2 helping my father off and on in the garage at home then at his business everyday after school and beyond until his passing 9 yrs. ago this April 2017 I still consider myself in a learning mode in life I never claim to know it all but this college in town leads these boys and girls to believe that they can go to any shop small or large and make top dollar right off the bat and never have to work their way up the ladder to get to the top. Most of these CHEAP shops close soon after they open or after the kids graduate school and they head back to where they came from or to bigger cities and then they leave you to deal with the customers who left you just because they thought they could get the same quality of service they got from you but at a cheaper price. But its like I have said many many times cheaper is not always better Kelly bluebook and the Nada are guides NOT GOSPEL on used car prices. I just wish this college would not fill these kids heads with top of the ladder dreams when most are not even ready to start the climb         
    • Evening Hours/Second Shift
      Does anyone here operate any evening hours or run two shifts?
      I use advance auto for my main supplier and they are giving me 15% off.  Does this sound about right ?
  • Regional Automotive Shop Management Discussions

    • Nys inspection to test window tint
      Just over the wire today is all nys inspection stations will be required to test window tint as part of the inspection starting Jan 1. Anything blocking more than 30% light fails. More equipment to buy, more time, not to mention how does the average shop deal with removing window tint? I'm not opposed to keeping police safe from thugs with limo tint on the drivers window but I feel that's the police's job not the "safety/emissions" inspector.
    • Some People Are Cut Out For This
      Wow, some people are really cut out for this. I've been doing it in my 2 bay shop since 09, and I think it's time to close the doors.
    • Anyone in the Triangle? NC
      Anyone here in the Triangle area in NC? I'd love to meet up and get coffee
  • Automotive Repair Shop Management

    • Funnel Marketing.
      Hello everyone! Today I am going to talk to you about Funnels.  Funnel? What is a Funnel you might be wondering. Well a digital marketing funnel is made up of 1. A traffic source, 2. Content or an ad, 3. a series of website pages that limit your customers actions, and 4. an Automated Email series. Funnels across all industries are replacing websites. Most 'typical' websites are more of just a gallery of photos displaying about your shop. Now I am not saying you do not need a website anymore, but when a user lands on a website the reason you have so many bounces is there is no direct call to action the user should be taking. With a funnel you take the lead to your page and have only 1 or 2 options that they can take this way there is no question on what they should do. I currently run funnels for my clients and you might think that I am exaggerating, but I promise you they are getting hundreds of new leads every month. My client Westside Auto Pros of Clive, IA got 200 leads in just 1 week. I have put together a video where I demonstrate exactly what I am doing for my clients. If you are interested I will provide a link at the end of this, also I have a promotion going right now where I am building auto repair shops their first funnel for free. Here is that link i promised http://bit.ly/2owUn1m
    • Yelp!
      Signed up for yelp a few months ago. I see alot of leads coming through Kukui and have sold ~10k or so through them. My biggest complaint currently is my SA's getting annoyed by the barrage of messages/calls from people wanting their 20" impala wheels powdercoated or their suburban seats reupholstered or a starter for a kia optima. About 1/30 leads are even worth answering. I suppose a lead is a lead at the end of the day. Were at the ~675/mo tier.   Whats everyones experiences... 
    • FLAT RATE AND OT Arizona Shop owners
      Arizona shop owners we just switched to flat rate for our technicians. We offer a 30 hour guarantee. My question is do you require technicians to clock in and clock out? Are we required to pay overtime for hours worked over 40 hours clocked even if they flagged less? Who did you consult about this? Our technicians like to work over 40 hours to get flag hours in should we not allow this? 
  • Automotive Repair & Technical Discussions

    • Dedicated alignment lift or 2 post with stands?
      Anyone using alignment stands on a 2 post lift? How are they for daily use?   I have a smaller shop with 2 techs and 3 bays, We have 2 lifts and 1 small "flat" bay. We are Japanese specialty shop that is growing and we were planning to add a new lift to the flat bay. The bay is not deep enough for a true 4 post alignment lift, so I was planning to purchase a new 2 post lift and add stands with an alignment machine in the near future. In searching for the right lift to be used with stands, I was just offered a used 2 post Hunter alignment rack that would fit in the bay for the same price as the 2 post with stands... and that really got me thinking...   We do an average of 25 cars a week on 2 makes and we are adding 3 more early this year (thus the need for another lift). We just started doing tires this past year and only sublet alignments when they are absolutely necessary. Our situation is pushing us towards needing an alignment machine in house, but we could use another lift for "over flow" just a much.     Knowing that we will be doing alignments out of necessity in the near future, I am leaning towards having a dedicated alignment lift. My questions are:   1. Does anyone regret purchasing their stands over an actual alignment lift? 2. Does anyone do "other" work on their alignment lift? 3. And how many alignments should I really expect?     If space were a major issue, what would you do? (Drive-on alignment lift -OR- 2 post lift with alignment stands?)
    • Shop Equipment Resources
      What is the best places you've found for shop equipment?   For me, I've found. 1.bestbuyautoequipment.com 2.gregsmithequipment.com   Sent from my SM-N900P using Tapatalk    
    • Hofmann vs Ravaglioli aligner
      Anybody out there have experience with the new generation of Hofmann or Ravaglioli aligners such as the ones in the links below? We've been using Hunter forever, but feel like it is time to ask ourselves if Hunter really is the best option or is it time to give something else a try. Any feedback on performance and service after the sale would be greatly appreciated.  https://ravamerica.com/automotive-alignment-equipment/vistar-td3000hp-tower-free-3d-alignment-system/   http://www.hofmann-usa.com/wa-geoliner-770.asp