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  • General Discussion

    • Farmers are hacking their tractors so th…
      Farmers are hacking their tractors so they can actually fix them    
    • Paying Flag Rate
      Hello All,   I am going to hire on a new technician in a few weeks here and it will be the first time I am considering paying them flag hours. I have adp payroll processing so they take care of all the taxes and things of that sort for all the employees that are hourly. With flag rate hours, how are the taxes taken out for this particular type of wages for the technicians weekly check? I would appreciate all the insight I can get that way when the time comes I am very prepared.   Thanks again for your help   Henry
    • Has AutoShopOwner Helped You?
      If our community here at AutoShopOwner has helped you in your business or in another way, please share with a post in this topic. There is nothing better than word of mouth and testimonials, some of which I'd like to post on our main page (coming soon). 🙂
  • Regional Automotive Shop Management Discussions

    • Nys inspection to test window tint
      Just over the wire today is all nys inspection stations will be required to test window tint as part of the inspection starting Jan 1. Anything blocking more than 30% light fails. More equipment to buy, more time, not to mention how does the average shop deal with removing window tint? I'm not opposed to keeping police safe from thugs with limo tint on the drivers window but I feel that's the police's job not the "safety/emissions" inspector.
    • Some People Are Cut Out For This
      Wow, some people are really cut out for this. I've been doing it in my 2 bay shop since 09, and I think it's time to close the doors.
    • Anyone in the Triangle? NC
      Anyone here in the Triangle area in NC? I'd love to meet up and get coffee
  • Automotive Repair Shop Management

    • Anyone tried Groupon?
      Hello all,   I was looking for some feedback from shop owners who have used Groupon before. What are your thoughts? Lately it has been pretty slow and we are looking for ways to advertise online and through social media. Please share any insights on what you have done in the past and if the Groupon investment has worked for you and your business.   Thanks,   Nick
    • Headlight Restoration
      Curios to hear what other shops are doing for headlight restoration services. We used to just wet sand then polish with a bottle of some turtle wax headlight cleaner. They looked great when we finished, but the problem was it didn't last. We then started using a product called Light Rite. It takes much longer to use this product since you are having to tape off a good bit of the surrounding area when you spray on the clear coat. It looks great most of the time, but we've had issues with it flaking later one, or not going on real evenly. It's also difficult to charge enough and still come out ahead time-wise.    So I'm curious, what is everyone else doing and what are you charging? What kind of warranty are you offering on the service? I'm to the point that today I told the guys we are not selling the service anymore until we find a better way.
    • Need some advice
      Hey everyone, I am one year into my business, Yet have no idea how much money im making! Im good at the working on cars, and doing jobs correctly but when it comes down to keeping track of every penny, Im a big slacker. Well This year is time for some change, I wanna know!   How do you guys keep track of everything? I used snap on manager se, But the numbers never match my bank accounts etc..And theres no way to keep track of expenses such as utilities, etc..Also how do you keep track of consumables like brake cleaners, wheel weights etc?   Im at a total loss.
  • Automotive Repair & Technical Discussions

    • Hofmann vs Ravaglioli aligner
      Anybody out there have experience with the new generation of Hofmann or Ravaglioli aligners such as the ones in the links below? We've been using Hunter forever, but feel like it is time to ask ourselves if Hunter really is the best option or is it time to give something else a try. Any feedback on performance and service after the sale would be greatly appreciated.
    • Dedicated alignment lift or 2 post with stands?
      Anyone using alignment stands on a 2 post lift? How are they for daily use?   I have a smaller shop with 2 techs and 3 bays, We have 2 lifts and 1 small "flat" bay. We are Japanese specialty shop that is growing and we were planning to add a new lift to the flat bay. The bay is not deep enough for a true 4 post alignment lift, so I was planning to purchase a new 2 post lift and add stands with an alignment machine in the near future. In searching for the right lift to be used with stands, I was just offered a used 2 post Hunter alignment rack that would fit in the bay for the same price as the 2 post with stands... and that really got me thinking...   We do an average of 25 cars a week on 2 makes and we are adding 3 more early this year (thus the need for another lift). We just started doing tires this past year and only sublet alignments when they are absolutely necessary. Our situation is pushing us towards needing an alignment machine in house, but we could use another lift for "over flow" just a much.     Knowing that we will be doing alignments out of necessity in the near future, I am leaning towards having a dedicated alignment lift. My questions are:   1. Does anyone regret purchasing their stands over an actual alignment lift? 2. Does anyone do "other" work on their alignment lift? 3. And how many alignments should I really expect?     If space were a major issue, what would you do? (Drive-on alignment lift -OR- 2 post lift with alignment stands?)
    • 2012 Wrangler - Parasitic Draw
      I have a Jeep in from a NEW customer. Battery dead this morning. Was towed in and had 6 volts. Put jump pack on and it started right up. New battery and alternator in December. Car is drawing 3.7 amps I pull the radio fuse and it drops to 1.7 amps. Is 1.7 normal? Still seems high to me. Perhaps 2 draws? Also, I am not totally happy with the alt output.   2012 Wrangler w/ 3.6l. 95k miles