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  1. tirengolf

    ATI Repair Shop Mastery

    I am glad I ask. thanks so much .DM
  2. How do most shops price OEM parts. There list to cost ratio is so low.
  3. Wheeling , Would you mind sharing with me who you are purchasing your Centric pads from. Thanks
  4. I have the hardest time identifying the good from the bad anymore. I have actually got some very aggressive dealership parts companies in my area, I have been buying factory alternators and AC compressors. I have heard they are now carrying 3 lines, Good Better Best. I guess the China guys will figure it out in the end but dang this has been a nightmare.
  5. Tyrguy, I was surprised ATD did not see this coming, they acted completely off guard. I saw where Moodys has a bleak forecast for ATD. I did get a email from Michelin addressing this issue. They said they would be picking up the lack of product for the others. This is going to be interesting. I would assume me and you will be next. They are all gearing up for direct sales to the customer, which I think will happen although my shop is living off those old good clients we have worked so hard for. I always remember 20 years ago when my dad was retiring he looked at us one day, pointed to a tire label and said that will be your competition before it is over, I am afraid he was correct !!!
  6. This a serious issue with me also. It has gotten so much worse the last 5 to 10 years. I installed 3 calipers on a 13 Accord, all 3 of them were leaking, they came from Oreillys. I am in the Panhandle of Florida and really do not have any other options for my parts. I was using World Pac some although when the change occurred they cut my salesman off and basically just told me to call the 800 number, then the freight was a issue. Any ideas od some good wholesale internet parts houses would be appreciated. I am afraid this is just the beginnings of these problems.
  7. Good morning, I received a call from a lady contacting me about a school in my area. I have never been to one of there training schools although I have heard of the company ATI. I am always open to anything that helps me increase my knowledge of our profession. The school is called ATI Shop Mastery, it looks new and there is not much info on the web about it. The price she offered me was net zero at the end of the day. Any info would surely be appreciated. David
  8. Hope everyone is having good week with great sales. I am in the process of renegotiating my employee’s uniform contract. It is sorta the same old thing start low then get higher. Could I get some feedback on how you guys are handling this. I have looked at buying uni’s for my guys. In my area it is expensive and they do not want to update my guys. Just lchecking some ideas . Thanks guys. David
  9. tirengolf

    Employee Theft

    I just felt I had a reason to tell this story if it helps 1 person in here. I was a frequent user of Auto shop Owner 2 years ago, I have been absent for a while dealing with another issue for the first time in my 40 years. I have been in the situation with a 16-year assistant manager who I would have trusted with my last dollar. I thought i ran a pretty tight organization, I am fortunate enough to have a brother who spent 25 years in the business do a lot of the hard CPA type stuff and works very closely with our CPA. Anyway, some issues came up on Quickbooks at the year-end my CPA was not ok with. He called my brother and looked at some of the data issues, my brother in turned told me we need to come back up here tonight and look at a few things. After doing audits for 1 year, long story short my trusted employee thought he had figured out a way to beat the system until it all collapsed on him. It has been the most trying 1.5 years of my life. After a 1 year investigation, they arrested him last week, 2 felony counts with more to come. Trusted employee, friend, church-going guy. Not a drinker or druggie, Law Enforcement says it is a disease, guys it is rampant in today's business world. What are people thinking today, the computer will catch you. If I could prevent just 1 guy from going through this it is worth my time to write this. It is hard to catch a guy that you trust like family, in a way it was bittersweet although the scheme and coverup is what just gets in my craw. I was not my computer program " Quickbooks" or anything like that it was just a good guy who turned bad. I beg you guys to watch everything and run the business like a big corporation. As we all know and here the trusting guy or gal is always the one to get you. It happened to me, we turning the page now. See ya
  10. tirengolf

    Need some advice

    Like they say don't look back, move forward. Good Job !!
  11. I have a couple young techs that have been with me for 4 to 6 years. I am in the Panhandle of Florida. I am looking for some training classes, other than the Snap-on, Napa pizza parties. I would like to get them away a few days for some knowledgeable with general info and basic training, I am just not aware of any in the Southeastern USA. Thanks Guys
  12. tirengolf

    Need some advice

    AS most already said, if nothing else at least put your insurance company on hold. I would have it towed to my shop if you felt like the customer was ok with it and not trying to make you rebuilt the 200k mile car. It should be obvious what happened. Sometimes the dealerships love to throw independents under the bus. If you think the customer is salvageable and reasonable about what to do. Want hurt to look at it. GoodLuck.
  13. tirengolf


    I am in the process of purchasing some new equipment. One of my vendors that I have bought from for years has a Teco tire machine, has anyone had a good or bad experience with this brand ?? I have narrowed my tire balancer down to Hunter. Any ideas out there on Teco
  14. tirengolf

    Military Discount

    New customer calls pricing tires and wheels, tight margin items. After we get to the closing of the sell they say, oh by the way, do you have military discounts. What would you offer.
  15. Customer gets my price down as low as I can go then they ask about a Military Discount. How do you guys/gals handle this. I usually sniff out the takers although these are nice people looking for the best price. I am sure this happens with others , I just have not found a way out. I usually compliment a oil change or a extra service although it always feels odd. Any ideas would be appreciated.