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  2. I'm just curious what other shop owners charge for shop supply fees. In the past, I've heard various responses; some charge a percentage of the total bill (parts and labor), some charge just a percentage of labor, others charge a flat fee. We've tried a low flat fee in the past but that doesn't prove to even make a dent towards covering the cost of shop supplies. We switched to a small percentage and found that we netted about the same because the quantity of large $ tickets balanced out with the quantity of low $ tickets. Looking to make another change that will prove worthwhile but wanted to get some feedback first. We're in the Eastern PA area. Thanks so much.
  3. Well in fairness, I should say our pay is "commensurate with experience". If a guy is asking for let's say $27/hour and the skills and experience he has are worth it, we'll pay it. I guess it just depends on what the candidate is bringing to the table, however we're open to at least considering any salary a candidate is looking for. Honestly we just can't seem to find anyone qualified. The ones that do apply have less experience, licenses, etc than we want, and the qualified ones that have come through seem to be looking for "managerial" type positions. They clearly want something different than we want. We can't seem to find the person in the middle.
  4. I'm just curious but I'd like to know how others are finding mechanics to hire? What types of media or job advertising? Online versus print? Schools, etc...? I'm located in Montgomery County, PA and we're having the most difficult time finding qualified help. We ask our tool guys, sales reps, etc and advertise on online job boards - but we find the pickins are slim. It's not a money issue; we're willing to pay top dollar for those that are worth it, we just can find any that are even close. We have a fairly full crew but we have room for 1 more and finding this last piece to the puzzle has been proving to be exhausting. We either find those without much experience or those that have plenty of experience but set in their ways & unwilling to learn new ways... Any ideas that might prove helpful would be much appreciated..! Thanks!

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