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  1. January and February are probably slow for everybody. We do an e-mail with a special on oil change with tire rotation and brake inspection. Then we also send out our rebate letters in February and still do our 3 step letter to new customers. and our monthly newsletter. You just have to keep on them. You just have to keep marketing to them all the time.
  2. Sounds like you did your homework. Good for you. I just have a couple questions. Does it integrate with Quick Books. Is it an everything solution. Does it start by writing the work order and or estimate to the end of a profit and loss and Balance sheet.


  4. We are AAA and we are with Unifirst, a provider of AAA. I had originally signed a 3 year lease with no auto renewal. Then I sent them a cancel letter within the time period. I checked with all the other companies for the new contract. Everyone before they came out, I informed them that no matter what, I was not signing a 2 or 3 year contract only a 1 year. Each one came out and pitched their company and how different they were. None of them would do that when it came down to it. I then called Unifirst and said I wouldn't cancel if they would do a 1 year and no auto renewal. They agreed on the price and and the increase year would be 5% at the end of 1st year if we continued.
  5. Old and tired. Thank you for answering on the above. What scan tools are you using. We have several. It seems we are spinning our wheels without getting any accomplishment. Are you doing European models. I assume you are staying away from Volvos since they are so priority???????
  6. As far as I know, we do not have anybody in the area. We do have some mobile mechanics, but they only do minor repairs as far as I know. Your way would be ideal. It would be something to look into. Thanks for answering.
  7. Thank you. Do you do a couple a month or more. It seems like it simplifies the system. When you have a car to be flashed, is there a waiting period before RAP gets to you?
  8. How many of you flash computers? We do and it has been a headache sometimes. There is a new program, or at least I just heard of it, Drew Technologies RAP. It is a kit that you pay a monthly fee. It has everything you need, including the battery tender. Then you pay $125.00 per flash. If there is a problem, they take care of it. My question is, If you have this equipment, how do you like it. and what do you charge the customer. Of course, it will now be in house. We have always charged like a fee for the flash and a hour of labor. Thank you for your information.
  9. System is the answer, always the same. We tag the car when it comes in and placed on the top left of the key rack. When the car is worked on, immediately roll down the window. When the car is finished the key goes on the other side of the key rack. If the car stays overnight and the car is inside, the key goes on the seat or ignition. Does this stop losing the key at least 99% Every once in a while a key goes home or ?????? It doesn't happen very often.
  10. update: We finally went to mediation and then court on May 11, 2018 The 3 people couldn't quite get their stories straight. The judge wouldn't let me use car fax as he said it was heresay. When he heard that we had given her everything she wanted back in December when she took us to the BBB, He asked what more could she want. We had spent multiple hours preparing, but wasn't necessary and the judge would not give us storage, but the whole thing is done, I hope. We had to give her a 30 day warranty on the engine and turbo. Thanks for all you comments and support PS I have a best friend from high school that has dementia and went on DUFRESNES FB and gave us a 2 rating. I called her husband, also a good friend from high school, and told him. She did this at 1:03 am. Also she will call in the middle of the night and tries to video chat. You never know what is going to happen
  11. We had been with the BBB since the 80's at 450 a year. Last year it went up to 850.00. I said no. The salesperson said we had been given a great deal, but now it was 850. We were A+ credited. We just had a lady take us to the BBB. 1st she wanted one thing and we agreed. Then she went back to the BBB with a 2nd request and we agreed. She is now taking us to small claims court. Go Figure
  12. We have unifirst now. We started out with 45.00 a week with 5% a year increase. Well into our 2nd year we are 73.45. Just ask them how they figure it. We have many problems with their drivers. They can't seem to keep employees. Half the time only part of the uniforms are brought. I don't see any difference in any of them. I did tell them I would not automatic renew and made them sign it.
  13. Thank you for your response. This is exactly what I have been saying. Nobody seems to understand. They keep saying it is Visa. I sent your response on to both companies without your name. Hope that is ok. I figured on a small month such as February, it made at least $400.00 different and that was on the low side.
  14. Up to a couple of months ago, we would ask each customer debit or credit. If they ran a debit, they put i their pin and there wasn't a signature line. If it ran it as a credit, they didn't have to put their pin in and they would sign. Why you ask if this such a big deal. It means about 400.00 more a month. A debit card no matter the amount of the sale, it was .25 if it was run as a credit it is a percentage such as 1.78% - 2.5% I have been on the phone to Key Bank and to 1st Data, emails and etc. Nobody knows anything about what could have happened except to say that is the way Visa wants it. I have said do you suppose there will be a class action. Just one more way to make money for our credit card charges. According to the people in charge nobody else has this problem but me. Funny thing Saturday I was at the plant store and I have a Visa Credit Card and it asked me debit or credit.
  15. Sadly, it has not been resolved. 1st she went to the BBB and we agreed with what she wanted. Then she decided to put another on the BBB and again we agreed. Finally the BBB closed the complaint. She then filed a small claims but she filed it in the wrong county. We finally go to mediation and court in the end of May. We replaced her engine with one that had 7000 miles less, did a timing belt for free. Now she want more money. We will see. We had many customers came in to keep us up to date.

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