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  1. We do A/C work. We have not invested in the new machine for 1234YF. I understand some cars have been using it since 2015. We have turned down a few and sent elsewhere. What are everybody thoughts as when it should be purchased. We charge $225.00 for evac and recharge with dye, checking for leaks etc. Customers are informed ahead of time, if they don't do the required fix, it will still cost them the $225.00. Our shop is in Portland Oregon city of riots.
  2. Joe, We have been open all during covid as we are essential. We went to 5 days a week instead of six days. Last year was a good year, but February this year 2021 was the worst. Then came March 2021 and it was our best month ever. Go figure. April came in as gang busters. We kept up with all our marketing during covid, nothing stopped. New customers, newsletters, old customers, e-mails, thank you and rebates. LOANERS (4) were the best thing of all. Without them, we would have been dead. Our office is so small, that we have it locked and do all through the Espresso window. For p
  3. UPDATE TO TEXTING: We did our 1st mass text blast ever. WOW! We did it to our regular customer base. The phone started ringing right away.
  4. Questions to everybody. Who is mass texting their customers? What company are you using? Cost? Complaints.? We do use e-mailing with over 50% opening. With the covid-19 we want to let all our customers know we are open, we are essential company and how we are doing business now? Keeping them informed. weekly.
  5. We charge up front 60-260 for a check engine light. If you believe in your techs and they know how to diag this will come across to customers. Lots of times we can diag for less, but you don't want to keep calling your customer and asking for more diag time. Our Service writer explains this is how our techs get paid and that is the hardest part of any job is the diag. If asked if that goes in our the repair, our answer is no. Customers can tell when you are sure of what you are doing or if you are really scared to ask for the diag. We do between 7 and 10 per week. Based on your labor ho
  6. I believe in taking care of my employees. I was gone most of last month and they took care of business. They have to make at least on dealer parts ranges from 35 -54%. Parts houses from from 45-65% My ase master techs make flat 35-38% flat hour, Lube techs 15-20 hourly with 5% commission. I have always wanted a beautiful building with lots of parking. We have a remodelled old 2 bay shop. We have no lunch room, but the employees have been with me a long time. We have a running bonus from 50 - 500 per month per employee. We all work together. Not to say that it can change at any tim
  7. In your reply, you said you felt 8% was too high. This is normal for our area. He makes around 90k with bonus. My question was how everybody else figures when their SW is off for several days and somebody else service writes and there are carry over sales or pre sold sales sold by #1 Sw. The way we are now doing it is He still gets all the sales but his days off goes against his vacation days. If he is on vacation for a week. Then those sales would not be his. Just wondering how people that are on % sales figure their payroll when he is gone just a couple days
  8. Our Service writer is paid 8% on all sales.  When he is off for 2 days, we have another hourly person that service writes.   My question is we pay the SW that was off for 2 days 8% on all sales, but take them as vacation days.  The person filling in (he does a great job) pay him the difference if he was service writing and would be commission.    Looking to see if somebody has a better solution.  If the regular SW is on vacation, I can figure the sales from his last day till he comes back.  That is not a problem  
  9. January and February are probably slow for everybody. We do an e-mail with a special on oil change with tire rotation and brake inspection. Then we also send out our rebate letters in February and still do our 3 step letter to new customers. and our monthly newsletter. You just have to keep on them. You just have to keep marketing to them all the time.
  10. Sounds like you did your homework. Good for you. I just have a couple questions. Does it integrate with Quick Books. Is it an everything solution. Does it start by writing the work order and or estimate to the end of a profit and loss and Balance sheet.


  12. We are AAA and we are with Unifirst, a provider of AAA. I had originally signed a 3 year lease with no auto renewal. Then I sent them a cancel letter within the time period. I checked with all the other companies for the new contract. Everyone before they came out, I informed them that no matter what, I was not signing a 2 or 3 year contract only a 1 year. Each one came out and pitched their company and how different they were. None of them would do that when it came down to it. I then called Unifirst and said I wouldn't cancel if they would do a 1 year and no auto renewal. They agre
  13. Old and tired. Thank you for answering on the above. What scan tools are you using. We have several. It seems we are spinning our wheels without getting any accomplishment. Are you doing European models. I assume you are staying away from Volvos since they are so priority???????
  14. As far as I know, we do not have anybody in the area. We do have some mobile mechanics, but they only do minor repairs as far as I know. Your way would be ideal. It would be something to look into. Thanks for answering.
  15. Thank you. Do you do a couple a month or more. It seems like it simplifies the system. When you have a car to be flashed, is there a waiting period before RAP gets to you?

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