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  2. I am old school and completely agree you. Once its an accident, twice its carelessness and three times your out. Now this on major part breakage, something that could have easily been avoided if they were paying attention to the job at hand. On small things a good stern talking to usually gets them in line. We install lots of high dollar aftermarket parts, that usually dont carry a long term warranty. So that has to be factored in the equation.
  3. What is a fair percentage to pay a salesman? Do you base if off the profit of the job or on the total sale? I have a a great guy that is bringing in new clients and work and I want to reward him for the efforts, but I dont want to overpay him that new work becomes less profitable that its not worth doing. I hope this makes sense. So if anybody has some insight please share!
  4. That is true but so many people dont adhere to that. The customers we come across usually have no loyalty. They will go from shop to shop to get the best deal possible. Alot want to bring their own parts! I tell them that the labor cost is higher if they do and its not by book time its by actual time and there is no warranty. If that part breaks they have to pay me to fix it again, or take to somewhere else, that usually stops that kind of nonsense.
  5. I have to agree with ncautoshop, offroad and diesel work is not as financially rewarding as it used to be. The internet has a lot to do with it. Too much info is now out there about how to repair your own stuff and the prices on parts on the net make it really hard to turn a profit. Offroaders are the worst. They all think they can fix themselves, till they scew it up and bring you a basket case and expect it to be fixed for that same price you quoted them when they came by for an extimate,or even cheaper now that they have already "done half the work" by tearing it apart for you. SMH. We ar
  6. Travis appreciate the offer, but thank god its over and behind us now. He was hiding behind his army training but he was really totally incompetent. Every vehicle he touched came back for one reason or another. We had to eat a lot of crow to salvage our reputation, but it's all good now.
  7. So glad to hear there are others out there lie me! Its a tough business, but one I like. We have also diversified to include the general repair work too. In this economy you just dont have a choice. I agree with RHC320 and AX Mike you have to price for profit and do top quality work. But you have to take the regular jobs sometimes to pay the bills. Great to hear from everyone, keep those comments coming! TEXAS TRUCK PERFORMANCE Joe Pazdera
  8. NO!! thats one of the biggest issues, it was not a head job, just injectors, EGR cooler and oil cooler= Bulletproof kit. Why he was all the way into the HPOP is still a mystery to me, we finally found the internal leak is was the STC fitting, it was not tight and the O ring was damaged. Our best guess is when he was installing the injectors, the rail didn't go on smoothly and he used force to make it fit and thats when the head got damaged. We thought we were going to have to pull the motor but we found the broken part of the head lodged in between a spring and the landing, Thank God for that
  9. It was on a F350 6.0 Diesel. The question is what didn't he damage...I have about $1000.00 in parts so far, if it wouldn't fit the right way he would just bend or tweak it till it did, before we found the broken off part in the head now the entire engine has to come out (that means pull the cab=20+ hours) and be completely gone through till we find that broken piece of the head, inside the motor somewhere and hope it has not caused major damage, and the motor also now has an internal oil leak, probably from a cut O ring on either an injector or an oil tube under the HPOP. This just keeps get
  10. That really sucks to hear that I cant go after him, but at least I can warn other shops about him. You know you try live an honest and good life, be kind and friendly and this is what you get for your trouble. You hire a person to do a job and pay them to do that job, you don' expect to have to go and hold their hand every step of the way. Hmmm maybe I will find him in a dark alley and explain the facts to him a little more clearly....SO FRUSTRATED!!! I guess the worst part is that I had a sign he wasn't any good the week before, but since we are so busy, I ignored the warning and gave him
  11. I have a question, I hired a guy to work for me that was supposed to have diesel repair certification. I put him on a few simple jobs the first week to test him, he did fine. I then put him on a harder job, this job labor hours booked at 22, should have it done in two days tops. Well after he was still working on it on day three I had my shop manager start to watch him more closely. When he still was not finished on day five for multiple issues that had to be redone twice and they still were not right, I let him go. I then put my best tech on it to get it buttoned up. After a few hours he ca
  12. In our industry (high performance parts and installs) we have found that just the opposite is true. Our sales increase dramatically as the fuel prices increase. I have spoken about this to others in our business and they also see the same results.
  13. Yes its sad, that the honest worker can't afford to stay in business because of all of the dishonest moochers out there that work the system and make it so hard for us to make a living!
  14. I am in the same boat as you are Jeff, hardly ever get sick couldn't tell you the last time I went to a doctor! But I am getting older now, so healthcare is becoming a concern of mine now but the prices of insurance are just plain ridiculous! Also from what I have read if you don't have at least 10 employees you are not required to have insurance for them.
  15. George, thanks for the reply. I just became a Mitchell user, signed up last week. I like that idea, going to give it a try. When you say that the office person double checks them before they are separated, How are the "seperated" by vendor, date, customer??? Please elaborate

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