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  1. Auto Parts Banner Programs

    Aligning your automotive repair shop with major parts suppliers can help your business grow. Discussions about banner programs such as Tech-Net, Napa Car Care, and others.

  2. Auto Shop Franchises

    Auto shop franchise discussions including some of the nationals leaders suchs as Midas, Meineke, Aamco, Big O Tires, and Precision Tune.

  3. Shop Warranty Programs

    Auto shop nationwide warranty, tire warranty, labor warranty and other shop warranty discussions.


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    • Now here is solid advice...
    • If you can get away with charging $200.00 per oil change you would make some money. These guys are right too, what happens when you miss the coolant bucket and drop coolant or any other hazard chemical in the street, on their drive way, at the parking lot where they work?  Also can you get insured being mobile? What would your garage keepers policy look like? My policy replaces the car if we cause a total loss, and covers their medical up to 2 million.
    • We might be the only ones to have a different outlook on this... but in general... when the "product" is free... you're probably the product. I think what amazes me more about this is that CARFAX is directly competing with the SMS products that it has relied on for years to provide them with information.  Which brings about a different set of questions.  How will any SMS continue to export information to CARFAX knowing they are actively trying to take their customers away? I know of another large scale company in this industry that was once threatened with, "Do not put this product in the market or we will remove you from all of the shops that use our product with access to your daily business...". To clarify our stance on the "free" version of what we offer.  The free version won't always be free.  It's being used at this time to entice shops to try the product and upgrade.  But once we reach a certain amount of subscribers, the free plan will likely cease to exist for anyone who didn't sign up and use it while it was available.  We have plans to replace it with a low cost entry price that will still make sense.
    • Well said!  In my opinion, you hit the nail on the head!  Great comments!  
    • My entire concept of this business changed the day I was forced to move the first time, about 8 years ago.  I learned that every tradesman gets paid, but us.  That was the day I decided that things have to change if I wanted to achieve success.  To give this some context, we have new lifts and equipment installed in a building we moved into across town.  While having some problems with the heating unit, which was brand new at the time, I was billed something along the lines of $225 for the first hour and then $1xx for each subsequent hour (forgot exact number but it's not necessary for the lesson I learned here). When I asked about what I thought was exuberant pricing, the explanation given to me was... "My guys need t want to come into work in the morning, in order to do that I have to properly motivate them.  In order to properly motivate them I need to pay them.  In addition to paying them... I need to make a profit." Regardless of how wrong he was in this scenario, because we were discussing new units that broke.... he was right about one thing.  That's the price that his business needed to thrive, not survive.   It lead me to embarking on a journey of asking a lot of tradesman what they charged and about their business.  The most successful ones, with the most overhead... didn't play games.  They had serious prices, because they had serious responsibilities to adhere to. Most of the ones that didn't, had little to no overhead.  Once I decided what kind of business I wanted to run... the rest started to follow suit.
    • When zoning laws start getting strictly enforced... or worse yet... some poor guy gets hurt doing a job in a corporate parking lot... Things will change because that's what it takes for things to change, someone getting hurt and someone getting sued. If there are any mobile guys reading this, I just want you to know that this isn't personal.  But when I applied for my business license in my town... I was explicitly told that I would be given citations for working on the street in the area in front of my business.  So it burns me a little to pay taxes, be legal and get these kind of limitations thrown at me and have to adhere to them.  I wouldn't even work outside, because it's just not what we do.  But to have that limitation thrown at me and have it become a business model all around the country... seems like a point waiting for friction.  
    • There are many corporate offices in my area and many have huge multi-level parking decks. I recently found out that someone is performing repairs in one of the corporate office parking decks. Oil change, light bulb, belt, hose, wiper blades etc... No lift, no heat, no a/c but they are out of the rain and sun. They started doing wash, wax, detailing but they apparently have now expanded their operation to include repairs. Local zoning should hopefully put an end to it. I don’t appreciate having a mobile tech operating in my area with no “brick & mortar” overhead but they are crossing the line when they set up a quasi shop in a corporate office building that is zoned office research. This can’t be the only place operating like this so everyone should be aware of the possibility. 

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