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  1. @tyrguy you can take a look at our member map here: https://www.autoshopowner.com/membermap/ just zoom in to get closer in.
  2. Alex


  3. Here's the direct url if anyone is looking https://bay-master.com/advanced
  4. @JustTheBest I created this new topic from the post you made in my topic regarding posting your website. I'd like to keep that topic central to members posting their websites and other members offering assistance. This is a good topic and your video is great, but in the future, please start a new topic. Thanks.
  5. @NATURE I edited your topic title a bit, hopefully you'll get some responses from members who can help you out. 😉
  6. @JimShelly I edited your topic title to be a little more specific to what you are asking. Hopefully you'll get some info from other members who have used or moved from bay-master. There are a few topics about bay-master on this forum: https://www.autoshopowner.com/search/?q=baymaster 😁
  7. Our shop owner glossary of terms has been updated. This goes back many years from when we first started ASO. Thank you to @Joe Marconi for putting this together over a decade ago. 😀 If you have any suggestions of terms to be added for reference, please post in this topic.
  8. @BNC173 I edited your title a bit to be more descriptive and moved your topic to Credit Cards, Payments, Financing 😀
  9. How was your overall shop performance in 2018 vs 2017? Please take a moment to vote in our poll. Feel free to discuss results in this topic or start a new topic in Business Talk - How's your shop doing?
  10. If you are looking for an inexpensive option, I like zmodo for the price and features. The meshare app is pretty good. I use the cameras at my house. The ones below are outdoor but can be used inside, have 1080p and night vision. At $400 for 8 cameras with repeater, hard drive and NVR, its a good deal. This is on amazon. The indoor ones are good and have an intercom feature where you can speak into it. Here's a mix of 4 outdoor and 2 indoor:
  11. Hi Alex! Wanted to send you a message... and a pop up showed up saying "Your inbox is full. You must delete some messages before you can send any more." How do I do that?? Can you help? Feel free to email me at [email protected] 

    Thanks! Matthew

    1. Alex


      You have a pending renewal to your sponsor membership. Once you renew, you will go back to unlimited storage.

    2. Alex


      Thanks, all set!

  12. Topic moved to our new forum - Buying a Repair Shop, Partnerships, Business Deals

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