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  1. Technician Training

    Check out some of the instructor led training at CTI http://ctionline.com/index.php/cti-instructor-led-class-schedule.html Also WTI http://www.worldpac.com/training/classes/technical/
  2. That's a great tip! https://moz.com/blog/boost-conversions-with-google-posts
  3. @autobodyguys Nice layout! Looks like you are using a wordpress theme commonly used to build sites which is good. I would consider moving your domain to https:// at some point and checking your slider images for clarity on larger screens. The car image for instance, its stretched beyond its dimensions causing it to be slightly grainy on larger desktop screens, which you can solve by using a larger image for desktop and smaller image for mobile or resizing correctly. Personally, I'm not a fan of using white text with shadowing on white background like in your logo because it gets lost a bit, but that may be just me. πŸ˜‹ Maybe put a background on the "collision repair" text within the logo image like you have it on your building: Your slider image text should be moved higher because its at the bottom of the screen on desktops (checked in Chrome browser). You should put that higher towards the middle of the page view. This is on a quick look of course...😁 You can run a SEO test here: https://seositecheckup.com, you'll find a few things like image alt tags and page caching to improve speed as opportunities.
  4. Most websites and website designers these days follow the guideline of 160 characters when writing website page meta descriptions. When they are longer, Google just truncates them to 160...well until December 2017 when Google decided to accept that number to be around 300 with some recommending to make it 320. If your web designer wrote your website page descriptions shorter, you aren't taking advantage of the description tag to better your SEO and possibly your click-through rate. It's time to look at your website pages to be sure. Feel free to join and post in my group and we'll take a peak for you. Good read: https://www.compose.agency/insights/meta-description-length-2018
  5. There is an ongoing topic you may want to check out:
  6. NEW from NE

    Welcome to AutoShopOwner! Bumping this topic for you...πŸ˜‰
  7. If anyone is looking for the article @autorepairuniversity mentioned, I believe it's this one by @Elite Worldwide Inc.
  8. New Shop Owner

    Welcome to AutoShopOwner!
  9. LOL...somehow facebook makes their 16B a year!
  10. Yes they are tracking us, but we know this, right? I was with a group of people very recently, and they were all thinking about getting off their facebook accounts because of the latest backlash around facebook and their data. The hashtag #DeleteFacebook has picked up some steam and media outlets are all talking about it. Almost as if they didn't know that Facebook was collecting all of their data and when they accessed their facebook app on their phone or mobile device, facebook was tracking a lot more. That's the trade-off for using their free service. Facebook gets loads of data, shows you targeted ads, and is able to monetize that data. Google does the same, its all about the data and parsing that data for profit. Even when you delete your data, is it really gone? So the question is, will this hurt facebook? Memberships from the younger generation are declining already, as they flock to snapchat and instagram, so now with a concern of, "what is facebook doing with my information out there", is this a problem for them? Maybe not, we'll have to wait and see. Facebook is part of so many people's daily lives, so it will be interesting to see where this all goes and if it affects them. Facebook will not last forever because it simply isn't "cool" to the younger generation. It'll probably change and let's not forget that they own Instagram, WhatsApp and a bunch of other companies. Tip...if you don't want your data tracked, shut off your settings in your facebook account, your apps, and your phone privacy settings. There are many tutorials online that can help you. πŸ™‚
  11. If you are looking for website services, an update to your existing website, or a new website for your shop, please visit us and request a free quote. We can also help you bring your website up to date, make changes if your current webmaster is unavailable, increase your search engine rankings, and integrate 3rd party web software into your website.
  12. @Martin I like that you've added Whatsapp as a contact method. On a quick look and not a huge deal, you've got some styling issues in your footer with your links and a little red box coming up on chrome: Looking at your footer area code, that red box is where your contact form response would be placed. You are using the latest version of wordpress which is good and this is just a template/css fix your designer can make. I would think about moving to https:// you are currently on http://. I would also make your youtube and facebook links larger, they get lost a bit. @risingsunmotors, nice website. Maybe think about contacting Net driven and moving over to https. @Mosher Looks good, clean design. πŸ‘ Did you use a third party site like WIX or something like that?
  13. RPM Logo Black.png

    Nice logo!
  14. Free webinar for all members hosted by @Ron Ipach from Captain Car Count! As you already know, finding good, qualified technicians isn’t as easy as it was in years past. Gone are the days of simply placing a few ads online or in the newspaper help-wanted section. When you combine the fact that more shops than ever are in the hunt for qualified applicants, with the ever-shrinking pool of technicians to draw from, it’s no wonder so many shop owners are frustrated with their search. Attracting good technicians today requires a radically different approach, and on this highly informative online training event, Ron Ipach, president of Repair Shop Coach, will walk you through the same strategies that his clients are using to attract lots of highly qualified to their shops on a consistent basis. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Time slots vary and are held weekly: Please reach out to @Ron Ipach for additional information.
  15. Sounds like you have the bundle. Do you have manager and prodemand/ondemand for repair? If so they sell the TeamWorks package at $229 plus $15 per additional user. Manager is $119 separate and Prodemand is $169 separate according to their website.