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  1. Scott's Specialties

    Here's what I see on that search term for page 1 Google. I do see your sites on page 2:
  2. Scott's Specialties

    Sounds good, I look forward to hearing about your results. If you remove those slant pages, i would still redirect the domains to your main site pages so that anything you do get will get redirected.
  3. You are on a great start! Good luck with your shop and let me know how you are making out. After you make some updates to your site, jump back into this topic and I'll be glad to take a look again. ☺️
  4. Scott's Specialties

    So first off, I applaud your efforts because it takes a lot to do this and you have a good handle on troubleshooting your results and a good grasp of how organic search works. As far as the slant slides, they are ok as along as they aren't duplicating content and in most cases a one pager doesn't get the weight of a 5-10 page site because of the content. Domain redirects in my opinion are not worth much because Google will index the final destination on the site you redirect to and that will be duplicate content from the domain you are redirecting from. There are mixed feelings on keyword rich domain names where some feel they don;t hold the weight they used to and well optimized and unique content page is better. Some still feel that keyword rich domains are the way to go. I think it doesn't hurt but in the end content is king. http://audirepairrockville.com/ redirects to http://www.scottsautomotivemd.com/audi/ so you really are only getting indexed for http://www.scottsautomotivemd.com/audi/ and when I search for "audi repair rockville md" none of your sites come up in Google on the first page. My recommendation would be to heavily optimize this page for audi which I don't really see anywhere: http://www.scottsautomotivemd.com/audi/. It's currently listing text for volvo on the page and nothing about audi. List out Audi multiple times along with models and services and go from there. Same thing with http://www.scottsautomotivemd.com/bmw/ it's not optimized at all for BMW, it's like a duplicate page with volvo info. Mercedes, VW, and Mini pages on http://www.scottsautomotivemd.com as well. Make it unique and custom content to that manufacturer and you'll get higher rankings. Do the same for your other manufacturer pages and I think you'll see some more clicks. A few other tips: 1. Have Kukui or your host switch to SSL(https) and redirect all http pages to https. Make sure an htaccess redirect is in place. If using webmaster tools in google and bing, update your site to https 2. Have them also create a sitemap for your pages and add it to webmaster tools in google and bing if one doesn't already exist. 3. If you are going to keep those additional domains, consider small (unique) sites for each, 3-5 pages. In the footer of each website, have links to each of the sites so that they link to each other. These sites could be informational with service tips and other content with an appointment for service redirect to your main site. But adding content that is as unique as possible is key to having them picked up by search engines and indexed. Remember, a redirected domain a user would have to type the domain in the address bar because more than likely they will not find it in organic search. With all of your sites, link them from other sites like facebook, twitter, local business listings, etc. External links help with ranking. It's hard to really see where you are with SEO without analytics, so you may know some of this already...Hope this helps and keep me posted on how it goes. Good case study on having additional websites!
  5. Congrats on the new shop! Looks like you are running a wordpress site, which is good and gives you an admin panel to customize content. You still have a lot to work on in terms of content and when you do that, make sure your page titles don't read "auto repair website" but instead auto repair for the area (town/city) you are in or targeting. On large screens and desktops, your header and main navigation bar is floating, which is ok but you've got some image overlap at the bottom and its a bit confusing. You may want to take a look at that and when you scroll, maybe fix your logo to the navigation bar so you are always branding. You site is mobile-friendly, but you seem to have the some header/main navigation overlap which I would take a look at. Your header cuts off your address also on your blogs page and I would consider a link to a map and clickable phone number to your shop. Wordpress has a lot of great plugins and tools but you need to keep the script updated. You can also optimize for search engines with plugins, but think about the sections you want to add and create keyword rich content. Maybe add a services page with some sub-pages, and unless you are planning to write a blog or articles for your customers, I would remove that page. Overall, good start if you are doing this on your own. If not, get your designer/webmaster to complete it and come back and I'll take a look again. It looks like it's not quite finished. 😁
  6. I often use GTmetrix to evaluate speed and optimization opportunities. This really comes to play for shops who are using wordpress, as its a script that utilizes a database, so optimizing output is essential for user experience. Static pages should be cached and there are things you can do to increase page load times. Remember, you may have high internet speeds and see your site load faster because your browser has cached your page, but do new visitors get the same experience? Take a 5 minute check to see. https://gtmetrix.com/
  7. I've started a shop website group and everyone is welcome to join, if you like. If you post your site in my group, I will look it over and offer feedback. πŸ‘
  8. Facebook group

    Initially I was not for leaving this link up to a facebook group, but if it can help shop owners I am ok with it. We obviously would like community interactions to stay on our platform here, but do recognize that shops may need multiple support group channels πŸ˜‰
  9. Elf on the Shelf comes to our daughters right around now!
  10. Google has a great tool that allows you to check the mobile "friendliness" of your website. Just enter your website url at Google dedicated page: https://search.google.com/test/mobile-friendly You should get something like: If you don't, time to look into updating your website 😁
  11. Account Notifications Management

    As a member of AutoShopOwner, you can manage the types of notifications that we provide you for when things happen here, either via email or when you login and view your notifications list (the bell icon). For instance, when you start a new topic in a forum or reply to an existing topic, you are automatically subscribed to receive a notification when new content is posted. That can happen by email or not, depends on how you want to receive it. To get to your notifications management section, first go to Account Settings Then go to Notification Settings There you will see some your current preference settings for overall delivery method, follow preference, browser notifications, etc. Scroll down and you'll see individual notification settings where you can pick and choose how you are notified. For email, an email is sent every time that action takes place based on your delivery method above. For Notification List, every time an action takes place, it will be listed in your notifications panel under the little bell icon. One more setting we have is for our weekly newsletter, which includes a list of topics and activity from the week. You can opt in and out from your account settings as well. If you haven't taken a look at your settings yet, we encourage you to check it out. πŸ˜ƒ
  12. CHAT Back Online

    We had a third party server issue with our chat that has been corrected now. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  13. We've added a tab for HOME in our main menu when logged in, which takes you to our home page and same place you would get to by clicking our logo. To make things a bit easier to navigate, we've included 2 rows of Quick Links to help you find important sections and for new members that are learning our site. πŸ˜€
  14. Yes both unread content and fluid forum view default to the most recent activity and will show you the topics that have the most recent posts at the top. You can sort it anyway you like because the unread content link is essentially an activity stream. You can create your own activity stream and sort it the way you want as mentioned above. Below is a screenshot of the fluid forum view and by default it loads forum topics with the most recent replies. I highlighted the time stamps to show. I would try this view out as it's very close to what you are looking for and you can filter out the forums you don't want to see topics from as well.