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  2. Credit processing fees?

    Who are you guys with where you get these great rates?
  3. wiTECH , Micropod ll upgrade ?

    Yes, you will need to replace your current dongle if its not a Micropod II with serial WSP-31560 or higher. We have been using a VCI Pod for the last few years on WiTech 1.0, but our license for WiTech 1.0 expired about 2 months ago, and they would not renew it. They said (and I knew it was a long-time coming) we needed to purchase a WiTech 2.0 subscription but the old VCI pod won't work, so you also see a new Micro Pod II to go with it. The reality of working on FCA vehicles that you NEED this tool if you want to be competent and confident in your repairs. We have a Snappy, Autel Elite, DRB3 physical and virtual at our disposal, but they aren't always able to get the job done. MicroPod II Pros - It is small and fast - No more stupid ethernet cord to connect. VCI pod was always clumsy. - Wireless / uses Wifi to connect (if you consider this a pro, I personally prefer wires under 10 feet long) MicroPod II Cons - It is required to continue diagnostics - Expensive and technically unnecessary since there is nothing wrong with the VCI pods, they should still work but FCA has final say. - Communicates to PC via Wifi, not bluetooth. There is a usb cable that only allows device setup, it won't work as a physical connection for diagnostics. - Turns old dongle into a doorstop you cannot use or sell. WiTech 2.0 Pros - It is FAST compared to Witech 1.0 - It's internet browser based instead of a desktop java program (I think 1.0 is java, cant remember now). - It shows vehicle flashes that are available in the network tree without having an active flash subscription WiTech 2.0 Cons - WiFi only connection. For test drives, you literally need to have a hotspot (phone or mobile hotspot) to keep doing diag. - Again, an unnecessary expense when the old program still worked. - FCA will continue to nickel and dime at every opportunity. Tool, Software, Key Codes, Flash capabilities, Info systems: All require separate transactions - Google authentication code needs to be entered twice every time you connect to the server. Hopefully that helps give you some more information. Ultimately, if you consider yourself a shop that is up on technology, you will have to pony up for the system.
  4. My problem with Advance is as follows: CarQuest was a great supplier with good parts, good pricing, knowledgeable staff and a clear indication that we, the professional repair industry, came before the errant walk in customer off the street. Advance partially took that away since their acquisition of CQ. I still deal with CQ but it is not the same and I feel that I am in bed with the enemy. Advance wants and needs all of us but still caters to the general public. Their pricing appears good when looking at profit margin until you take the time to compare and find out that they inflate both the cost and list prices above and beyond dealer pricing in many cases. My area is flooded with Advance radio spots touting free code checking, free electrical system testing, free battery installs and free wiper blade installation. Advance is no longer my supplier but instead they have knowingingly taken on the role of becoming my competition. When my competition offers free services and sells parts to walk in customers at or near my cost it becomes a major concern. Do yourself a favor and spend time reviewing and comparing cost and list pricing. To all of you guys that are Interstate dealers (include me in that list) - the radio spots offering free install of Interstate batteries at or near our cost is right around the corner.
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  6. Credit processing fees?

    My rate was 1.6-1.7% but I just switched processors and we're at 1-1.1%
  7. I never felt like we could justify their suggested list since it is quite high in my opinion.
  8. We having been selling Interstate batteries for quite a few years now. Occasionaly we have had one go bad but they seem to have good quality. My concern is how this will affect pricing on them. We have been using the suggested retail price on the Interstate price sheet.
  9. I actually get pretty good pricing on Oreilly's batteries. I always check the retail website and resell them for that price, plus install labor.
  10. For you guys installing Napa and O Reilly, do you Mark them up over what a walk In customer would pay for them in the store? What kind of margin are you able to get? We charge $30 to install most of the time. We include a thorough cleaning of terminals, BG treatment, and do not beat them on with a hammer. Do you guys install for free or charge?
  11. In this town we have: O'reilly Autozone Napa Auto Plus Parts Plus We pretty much have to deal with all of them or windup waiting on parts since we are a fairly small metropolitan area. We get hit with shipping by WorldPac because everything comes by UPS or Fed Ex. They do nit have delivery here
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  13. Goes to show there is more than one way to achieve an objective. Brains and creativity can go a long way to resolve some issues.
  14. In this town we have: Oreilly Autozone Napa Auto Plus Parts Plus (which just got converted to a CarQuest I see, I don't really buy there either). And Advance. I have no major issue with Advance in general - I just can't stand the commercial manager here. There's WAY too many options to deal with his condescending bs attitude. Even so, I do 15-20% of my business with Oreilly and the other 80% of my business with Worldpac. I just wish they'd get better about deliveries. IMC won't deliver here either, as much as I'm trying to convince them they should.
  15. Refusing to deal with Advance is a path that I think is justified howether it is getting more and more difficult. All of the NAPA stores in my area changed to CarQuest which in effect is Advance. This news concerning Interstate is very unfortunate. Depending how this shakes out I will probably be looking for another source for batteries.
  16. I recently sold my business, but ive been trying to sell it for about 2 years. Circumstances meant that I had to figure out how to sell it now, and still turn a profit...without having to resort to the dreaded auction scenario. The solution for me, sell the shop in two steps. I offered the main shop equipment and the client base at one price, then offered the remaining equipment as a separate sale. In other words, this way I could attract potential buyers who were looking to buy cheaper, only to find out they really needed to step up and buy everything else. It worked for me.
  17. Vision KC

    Only in my own feeble mind. LOL
  18. I imagine that the batteries sold through Advance will have some dual branding. Will make it harder to sell Interstate as a premium product. The customer service and quality of Interstate caused us to switch to NAPA a number of years back and we have not looked back.
  19. Credit processing fees?

    Mine has stayed between 1.6 and about 1.8 for over six years. That is why I don’t look to change. Every other processor I have used played games. Some of them were out right thieves.
  20. Vision KC

    GOnzo you sound like an important guy.
  21. Jiffy Lube

    Most consumers do not understand that the quality of the workers and knowledge of automobiles is probably lower at the quick lubes than anywhere else. However, for many consumers all the information they are getting about their cars are coming from these places. Do you think that most if these places have much understanding of VVT systems, BCM issues, PCM issues, etc. how many times have you been told that the guy at xxxx lLube told me xxxxx which was totally erroneous. Do you think very many master techs want to work at a Jiffy Lube? The whole concept of a quickie service on a vehicle is flawed in my opinion.
  22. Vision KC

    I've got two invites to Vision this year. The usual from the magazine company, which I'll be hanging around the booth a lot (that's where you're most likely to find me) and the tech college I've been teaching at. They're new at this "convention" stuff and the college is very small, but their trying to make it work. I'm going to introduce them around and see if I can get them up to speed on today's technology and bring in some better testing equipment such as Consulab trainers and stuff like that. Should be a hoot. OH, and the magazine company is working really hard to get rooms at the convention center this year so we don't have to drive all over town like we have in the past. LOL Looking forward to meeting everyone. Some of the places you'll find me: In the convention center at the Babcox magazine booth, the AVI booth, MotorAge and the ASE booth (if they are going to be there. ASE got a bit pissy the last year or two because Vision wasn't going to give them a free booth anymore) and at the Bar area. (that's where everybody hangs out)
  23. Jiffy Lube

    I call them 'Iffy Lube'. Had one in Saratoga Springs, NY across from the Ford/Mazda/Subaru dealership I worked at. At least once a month we'd be doing a motor, trans or front diff that they ruined.
  24. Damn. I've had great luck with Advance batteries in the past. However, I've been using O'reilly batteries in customer cars for about the past year without issue so far. Really only because I refuse to buy from the Advance in this town.
  25. The $19.95 Oil Change Offer

    If you have un marked spray bottles in your shop you best nip that in the bud ASAP. OSHA does not take kindly to unmarked spray bottles in the shop.
  26. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018

    Great post Harry! I've been telling shop owners this for years - just get out from behind the wrenches and talk to your customers. It always results in more business and (better yet) you learn about the little things that may need to improved in your business. There's isn't a marketing course that can teach you what your customers can. After all, "Better" doesn't have a finish line - we can all get better... all the time. Thanks for sharing your comments - you're right on the money! Hope this helps! Matthew Lee "The Car Count Fixer" Get "The Official Guide to Auto Service Marketing" 2018 State of The Auto Repair Industry Report! Get in NOW!
  27. Well so much for that good run. Anyone thinking of switching brands?
  28. Credit processing fees?

    They tell me my rate is 1.75 to 2.5. It usually averages a little over 2. I've been through one lying company after another and even had my name forged. The thing that finally helped me was when my bank kept bugging me to use them they stuck to their rate for the first few months. Then they kept bumping it up. I never cancelled my old processor so when I caught them bumping it I just started using my old company again. Then the bank would call me asking why Im not using them. I just told them the truth. We fought. Alot. All I can say is dont cancell the old company and let them fight over you.
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