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  2. Waiting room has been locked since the end of March we are on a drop off only policy. Waiters on lof , A/C check ect. must go on walkabout. Even told office staff to skip getting mileage on check in. 0% push back from customers, glad we take their health seriously. We are in SW Florida
  3. Special Announcement Elite's September 10-12 Masters Service Advisor Training Program Will Be Presented Entirely Online! Only a Few Seats Left! To ensure that we're able to comply with social distancing and keep your advisors safe, our Masters Service Advisor Training Program starting September 10-12 will be presented entirely online! Your advisors will not only receive 100% of the training that we offer at the live 3-day course, but you'll be able to save on travel and hotel expenses, and your advisors won't have to spend any extra time out of the shop due to travel. Most importantly, after the initial 3 days of online training, your service advisors will still get the identical 6 months of sales coaching from Ratchet & Wrench All-Star Award winner Jen Monclus, which has been proven to increase sales by an AVERAGE of $10,750 per month after the training! There are only a few seats left, so to reserve your advisor's spot, just give us a call at 800-204-3548. For more info, feel free to visit our Masters Program web page.
  4. Superstar shop owner and Elite Business Development Coach Ed Cushman shares an excerpt from a book that will change the way you view leadership. For additional help building a more successful auto repair business, learn how you can team up with a superstar shop owner like Ed through Elite Top Shop 360: One on One Coaching View full article
  5. Superstar shop owner and Elite Business Development Coach Ed Cushman shares an excerpt from a book that will change the way you view leadership. For additional help building a more successful auto repair business, learn how you can team up with a superstar shop owner like Ed through Elite Top Shop 360: One on One Coaching
  6. If you have any shop management questions message me and i will be glad to help. Make your shop more productive with what you have. Selling diagnostic time is made extremely easy. Even over the phone to get them in your shop. Whatever the case my be that you need more of in this time off less just ask. Be glad to help. Thanks Dan Stevens
  7. In my 40 years as a shop owner, I have battled the age old dilemma: Is it my car count, my customer count or some other reason why some weeks I find it hard to hit my sales goal. It always comes down to production. Now that's really simplifying it, I know. But, when you look at the numbers, with the right jobs and a balanced schedule, the ARO goes way up and car counts become not as important as we thought. Another thing to consider, this is not 1995. Cars do not come in 5 to 6 times a year for an Oil Change Service. You are lucky to see some customers every 10,000 miles as they wait for that Oil Change Percentage light on their dashboard to tell them...NOW IT"S OK TO GO TO YOUR REPAIR SHOP. Isn't it funny how so many people will listen to the dash board light, and not you! Anyway, what are your thoughts. How do you reach your weekly sales goals and what KPI's are important to you?
  8. We too are not seeing many techs or service advisors looking for employment. Which is strange since the vast majority of techs that lost their jobs during the COVID-19 crisis were dealer techs and service advisors.
  9. As of the end of July, we are busy, and hitting the numbers we did last year. In fact, we ended June and July better than last year. I don't think we can make up for the losses we had in Feb, Mar and April for 2020, but all that really matters is realigning our goals and moving forward. From what I hear from on the streets, most repair shops are doing fine, collision shops are doing better and it's mixed with new car dealers. Traffic also seems to be almost back to normal. If we can ahead of this virus, we will be ok. As I stated before, my only fear is that many main street businesses such as restaurants, are still struggling along with some major industries, such as hotels and airlines. I would continue to be cautious, keep building up your reserve cash and be very careful how you spend your money in the near future.
  10. I started using Shop-Ware earlier this year and am very happy with them. They are responsive to suggestions and quick to respond if you have issues or questions. I would recommend them. I wouldn’t consider a management program that wasn’t cloud based. I’m an Apple person and so no worries what I log on with it’s going to work.
  11. I've used CCC One at a body shop and loved it once we figured out it's many complexities. More recently, I've used Shop-Ware at a service shop and really liked it. Not at first, but they've done an excellent job at releasing updates based on what shop owners are asking for and in the past year, it's grown into a great platform.
  12. This is the first time in 33 years that I didn't get one single applicant. Not even the usual unqualified people are trying.
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  14. The only people who have been applying at my shop are the people that did not qualify for unemployment because they were terminated with justification. Anyone I have spoken to that was laid off and eligible for unemployment is making too much to sit at home. In Colorado you just have to check a box on a computer every week, no need to submit any info proving your trying to get hired.
  15. Any plan to pay a worker more money to stay home than what they normally would earn for working is a plan destined for unintended consequences and grossly unfair to everyone who goes to work every day. The excuse for wanting to stay home is fear of contracting Covid and there are certainly workers who have underlying heath conditions that predispose them to a poorer outcome should they contract it. How can anyone justify rewarding people who decide to stay home? If you fail to go to work for a justified reason you should receive benefits that are based on your current earnings (which the government has access to). Assuming you are afraid but otherwise healthy the benefit should be reduced for the following reasons: Since you are staying home you have no gas, tolls or bridge expenses. If you are staying home you have no child care expenses. Entertainment expenses should be zero since you are afraid to go to work you should also be afraid to expose yourself to what little entertainment we now have. Cell phones, cable tv (in particular all premium channels) are not essential and should be cancelled. Steaks, shrimp and lobster needs to be quickly replaced with rice, hot dogs and beans. The landscaper, window cleaner, painter etc. needs to be cancelled since you are home and have more than enough time to complete those tasks yourself.
  16. I have been with BayMaster since it was a DOS program!!! Amazing support, has stayed current with integration, texting, emails and postcard marketing. Wish they had better tutorials on their advanced features but I know that they are working on it! Great team, especially Tina!
  17. It's ok to consider cloud based systems. Internet availability has come a long way from it's beginnings and is almost as reliable as electricity and in some ways more reliable than electricity when considering concurrent mobile access. Cloud infrastructure has two weak points - each end. Typically, the cloud product is hosted in a professional data center with multiple ingress / egress points, so it has less chance of failure at the origination point. Then you have the "last mile"... your internet connection. It is most susceptible to a back-hoe digging or car wreck into a telephone pole or something taking out your connection. You can get a router that automatically switches from land-line internet to mobile internet upon land-line failure to help alleviate this issue. Just make sure that you DON'T have, let's say, AT&T, as your land-line AND your mobile carrier. Maybe AT&T for landline and Sprint, etc. for mobile and you gain excellent last-mile redundancy. Finally, there is one more worry point and that is the SMS Service Provider's commitment to uptime. In other words, how well do they manage their product / service offering? If they are always on call, able to respond to outages, then you are good. If you get one with weak back-end support, you could have an extended outage with no local control. You are at their mercy. Investigate their support commitment prior to purchase, known as Uptime SLA. Cloud-based SMS's, due to their unique design, have ways to recover back-end service failures quite quickly that keeps downtime short. They can survive hardware failures on the fly, whereas, your local hardware failure might stop you for hours or days. You technically have more control over your local hardware. But is it better? For US based companies, also ask who owns your data in the cloud. Most SMS's automatically grant it to you in your license agreement, but it's not to be assumed. The SMS that I use is cloud based. We have had a number of outages, but most were short-lived... 2-15 minutes. I've had the last mile collapse on me for the entire day and we reverted to mobile internet to survive, but my Credit Card terminal refuses to go mobile for security reasons (it requires a static IP address), so we revert to paper credit card collections when on mobile internet. AT&T had a fire in the local substation about 1 year back that took our (and most of Dallas) main internet connection down. Cloud advantages are: No Hardware to manage. They backup their data daily or in realtime. Access from anywhere. Typically, you get more frequent software updates because it's easier for them to deploy internally vs externally. Trivia: I personally backup my SMS data monthly, because: 1) It's good practice, OR 2) I don't trust computers, OR 3) both. I have Quickbooks running on a single server in my office and don't use the cloud version QB Online. I can use remote desktop to login if needed, but rarely do. Sadly, my QB data get's backed up less than it should. If I do a large batch of work, I'll do a backup, but there's no schedule. When I do back it up, the files are stored in 3 different locations. Backup complacency is a good enough reason to consider cloud. It's someone else's job and likely they've automated it.
  18. One of my employees son was working as a dish washer. When the virus hit he was getting almost $900 on unemployment take home pay per week which is more than any of my employees typical take home. Doesn't make a lot of sense but no one ever said that our Washington politicians have much sense. They have no trouble giving away our money.
  19. NEWS BREAK: Workers at a Mavis Discount Tire shop falsified records to make it look as if they completed brake work on a limousine before it crashed and killed 20 in Schoharie, New York, last year, when in actuality the work was never performed, according to the shop's former manager. Below is a link to the article: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2019/10/09/new-york-limo-crash-mavis-discount-tire-shop-falsified-brake-records/3920945002/
  20. Technicians have been working very hard during tough times the past few months. And I am not just referring to maintaining production levels. The emotional strain is also a factor. They have been true heroes and have not let up with their commitment to their jobs, the companies they work for and the people they help each day. We need to recognize what they do and say thank you to our techs and let them know how much we appreciate what they do each and every day.
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