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    The other day, a local fellow shop owner, was complaining to me that his plumber just charged him $225 labor for a house call. My response was, "And why do you have an issue with that?" I know this plumber; he is very successful, in high demand in the area, does great work and provides a VALUBALE service. Does this sound familiar? You bet....sounds like you and your business!!! When the day comes that all of us truly know what we are worth and charge for it, that will be the day when all us raise the level of the auto industry, begin to attract more people to us, pay our employees better, build for our future and go home with the pay we deserve. I know this is going to cause controversy....so let's start the conversation.
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    I tried a partnership once and it did not work out well. One person will want more of something, control, money, time off ect. Buy them both out. If you can not afford that move on.
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    We use Uber all time. $5 or $10 is a whole lot better than an extra employee, car, insurance, gas.....
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    After 25 years of wrenching I have built quite a diverse set of hand tools and equipment including programming and key making. The way I like to bring my young techs up is to let them use my tools when they assist me on my jobs and through this process they discover the value of name brand tools and learn what they borrow the most. This helps them make well informed purchases. I insist that they do not buy anything they haven’t borrowed yet.
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    Hi everyone, did any of the shops that started the CARFAX Service Shop program ever read the TERMS ?????? ( https://service.carfax.com/csn/csnTerms ) So, basically, they are collecting VIN & Email ( meaning they can target the vehicle make/model/year/valu etc AND customer contact -email )..... they can sell this info to competition ; especially to brand specific shops!!!! or dealerships !!!!! on top of it ... they can STOP The free service ANYTIME they like, and keep using all the data they gathered! anyone else see a problem with all this and other stupid clauses ( ie : no jury , no class action ..) ??? CARFAX® Service Network.pdf
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    My entire concept of this business changed the day I was forced to move the first time, about 8 years ago. I learned that every tradesman gets paid, but us. That was the day I decided that things have to change if I wanted to achieve success. To give this some context, we have new lifts and equipment installed in a building we moved into across town. While having some problems with the heating unit, which was brand new at the time, I was billed something along the lines of $225 for the first hour and then $1xx for each subsequent hour (forgot exact number but it's not necessary for the lesson I learned here). When I asked about what I thought was exuberant pricing, the explanation given to me was... "My guys need t want to come into work in the morning, in order to do that I have to properly motivate them. In order to properly motivate them I need to pay them. In addition to paying them... I need to make a profit." Regardless of how wrong he was in this scenario, because we were discussing new units that broke.... he was right about one thing. That's the price that his business needed to thrive, not survive. It lead me to embarking on a journey of asking a lot of tradesman what they charged and about their business. The most successful ones, with the most overhead... didn't play games. They had serious prices, because they had serious responsibilities to adhere to. Most of the ones that didn't, had little to no overhead. Once I decided what kind of business I wanted to run... the rest started to follow suit.
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    Just realized this was about business coaching and not shop training. I'll leave it but have nothing to add about business coaching that hasn't already been mentioned. The most underutilized and underrated service to training while working is Identifix. Identifix is often used as a short cut method and when used improperly... it will lead to technicians starting to get lazy and develop bad habits. However, a few years back we adapted our Identifix strategy and instead of relying on short cuts, we rely on them to educate us in matters we don't know much about. The shop logic we have adapted here is: Everyone gets a certain amount of time to try and figure a problem out Within that time frame, certain basics are expected to have been completed. Things like - full code scans, freeze frame data evaluation when available, bulletin search for customer concern, and some form of basic diagnosis based on the repair information the code indicates. If no luck, we open up an Identifix ticket, we get 2 free per month... but in addition to that, we pay $37 for each additional call. Those $37 pay for themselves in gold and while we use them as necessary... we use them A LOT less as we interview the Identifix "fixer" a lot better than we ever did in the past. When we open the ticket, we relay all of our information to the Identifix Hotline. When their expert calls back, he will have usually taken a few minutes to understand where we are in our diagnosis and when he gives us information... it's either to correct us in a wrong path... or to have us continue down that path to further examine data and variables. The most important question we ALWAYS ASK to the hotline is "WHY?". Why are you having us do "X"? They will usually have a great explanation based on their years of specific vehicle experience that will help us better understand the vehicle logic we are dealing with. We document EVERYTHING in our shop management system, including all communication back and forth with the Hotline In 50% of the instances we actually uncover and determine root causes on our own, after Identifix helped us understand the logic we were dealing with through their experience. What has this done for us? Problems vehicles that would take weeks to determine root causes, have been greatly reduced to a couple days in over 80% of the scenarios we encounter now. We still occasionally hit roadblocks and when we do, we follow the same process forward. It still works great, but we have a major headache and it takes time to resolve them. We accurately track all of our time through our SMS and we bill accurately for diagnosis and have a really solid rate of resolving problems well over 95% of the time now. We are also fortunate enough to have a local vendor host learning classes each Spring & Fall in a variety of topics. To say that these two combined strategies have improved our business, reduced headaches and expanded profitability... isn't an understatement. It's how things work for us now and we couldn't be happier that we changed out mentality from shortcut to education opportunity. We have no relationship with Identifix other than paying for their service like everyone else. This is a completely unbiased post on how we maximize our use of Identifix. To put their service in perspective... we even acquired a dash harness from a 2014 Silverado with some modules... and had them help us get it working on a bench.
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    We use Uber almost daily. They consistently arrive in less than 5 minutes, deliver good service, and for less than I can run a vehicle for, let alone a vehicle AND an employee. I'm glad I don't have to do it for a living--talk about a razor thin margin!
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    As we celebrate July 4th with family, friends and barbecues, let us remember and reflect on the meaning of this day; Independence Day. The day that represents the Declaration of Independence and the birth of the United States of America as an independent nation.
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    I just say here, let me take care of it and use the app myself.
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    @Joe Marconi here's a pretty good article from last year in tire review that lays out some points and things to think about: Setting Your Auto Shop Up for Your Retirement
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    A woman called her dentist the other day and asked how much would a root canal cost. Her dentist replied, “Sure, hold on, let me look that up. Ok, that’ll be around $1400 for that job. Would you like to come in and have that root canal done?” Ridiculous scenario, you’re thinking? I agree! A dentist would never give a price over the phone without first examining the patient. Why do some shops continue to give prices over the phone? Even something as simple as a wheel alignment price can lead the customer and you in the wrong direction. Do you really know the car needs an alignment? Pricing over the phone is the same as giving them a diagnosis. When a customer calls for a price on a water pump and you give a price, you are saying to them, “Yes, it IS the water pump and here’s the price. And then you get the car in the bay and it needs hoses, a thermostat, and the radiator is leaking, not the pump. Giving prices over the phone also tells the caller to please judge you on price alone; a road I refuse to go down. I know this is going to push a lot of buttons today, but my tip today is to resist giving prices over the phone. Get the car into you bay, perform the inspection and/or the proper testing and then when you know what the problem is, sell the job. We are professionals, no different than the Dentist. Your thoughts?
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    I use Mitchell also. I dont find myself lowering, more often raising the price. If I find my matrix is far below recommended list I will raise the price. It is all about profit per ro/ hour/ day/ week. I used to find myself lowering prices because i thought it was to high or was afraid the customer would balk at the job. Then a wise old shop owner pointed something out to me. If the customer cant afford a $200 repair odds are they cant afford the $175 either. We have to be profitable or we wont be here next month. Just my $2.98 (2 cents with inflation and health care tax)

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