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  1. Wow! Go for you! I hear this more and more across the country as an Elite business coach.
  2. It's no secret that prices are going up around us. From food, gas, insurance, taxes, etc. This is another reason to sit down and crunch your numbers. Review your expenses line by line and see what increases you have had in the past few months, and the past year or so. Then, make price increases in labor and other areas to ensure you are profitable. The long-term success of your business depends on it. What have you seen in your area with regard to increase in expenses?
  3. Frank, $10.00 is a great start! Just do the math to make sure, and if it is too low, raise slowly. There are shops that are adding a few dollars per month until they reach their desired labor rate goal. By the way, it's different around the country. In areas of New York, we I am from, we are seeing labor rates above $150 and higher, because of how much they are paying their techs. Good luck!
  4. With any increase in prices, move slow and incrementally. This gives your customers and employees time to adjust. And of course, where possible be competitive, but I totally agree with you, we cannot keep absorbing price increases on our end. More and more shop owners are thinking like you, and it's time for a change among our industry. And I applaud your increase of $20 per hour! We need to see more of this around the country.
  5. Think you're too young to start planning for retirement? Think again! How many times have we heard about a shop owner that had an unfortunate accident, serious illness or even worse, death? Make it one of your goals to starting planning for your exit, and for life after auto repair, no matter how young you are. Create your exit strategy. Speak with an attorney, a financial advisor, a business coach. Make sure that not only you, but your family, will be taken care of should something catastrophic happens. Life sometimes throughs us a curve ball. Be prepared!
  6. One of the thing that has been brought to the forefront during this employee-shortage era, is the fact that we need to increase the pay salaries of the average technician and service advisor. In my opinion, we need to increase the pay for entry level people also. Other industries have done, we must also. If we are to attract quality people and retain who we have employed, we need to address this issue now.
  7. For the first time in a VERY LONG time, I see a lot of positive news with regard to labor rates. More and more shop owners and managers are crunching their numbers and increasing their labor rates to better ensure their companies achieves a profit and also to be able to pay their employees what they deserve. Profit is needed in order to build for the future and to be able to attract quality people. I really think that this is perhaps the best time in our recent history to revisit your labor rates and bottom line and adjust your rates accordingly. Have you adjusted your labo
  8. This topic has been addressed before, but it's timeless in its importance. Doctors, dentists, nail spas, hair dressers, pet groomers, boiler service companies, and chimney cleaning service companies all have one thing in common. They all book the next visit or service. Want to increase future sales and smooth out the highs and lows in your schedule? Then remind each customer at care delivery of their next Oil Service and any other services that are coming due soon. Put the customer's visit in your calendar and have a process that reaches out to them when their visit is due.
  9. With all the talk these days about finding and hiring employees, it's so important that you hold on to the employees you have right now. You may not know it, but there are probably dealers and other repair shops recruiting your employees right now as your read this post! Set up time to sit down with all your employees, as a group and one-on-one. Find out more about them, their needs, their goals and what's important to them. Make sure you pay program is in line with their needs and provides for their family. It's not all about money, but we need to take care of the basic ne
  10. Labor rates are going up across many industries, not just automotive repair. Most shop owners and managers realize that being profitable and being able to afford to pay employees decent salary is key to the long-term health of the business. In my opinion, we still need to move the needle up with regard to labor rates, but we are finally seeing a move in the right direction. With that said, a business is strongest and has the greatest potential when it's foundation is built with the right people, the right leadership and the right culture. Great comments everyone!
  11. Have you contacted lift companies such as Hunter, Rotary, to see if they have any options? Alignments should be done on a drive-on rack. I don't think a drive on scissor lift takes up more space than a conventional above ground. Good luck, and I like your thinking. In house alignments are more productive, reduces over-head costs and keeps the quality under your control.
  12. Do customers really have clear expectations when they arrive at your shop? Think about it. Who is responsible for setting clear expectations? Consumers may have a preconceived idea about what to expect, but when it comes down to what or who sets the expectation, it's the shop's responsibility. Great customer service is created by the shop and its people. The consumer will judge that experience, but they don't create it, you do. We may think that the consumer will tell us what they expect from us. I think it's the opposite. Henry Ford once said: “If I had asked people what
  13. I agree. All too often diag testing fees are not adequate enough for the time, the training and the equipment needed in today's world.
  14. Me too! It's time. We really need to get back to normal. The mental health of the country is important too.

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