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  1. I had a couple of shops and sold out a while back and my weekly income was at least 4 times what I see the current franchising doing. Wondering what each of your bays is supposed to do per week? I'll post the data collected once I gather everything and put it all together. Charles
  2. I hate to say it but sometimes you just have to write it off as a lesson learned. If they vehicle came in to be repaired and it left with the same issue then they have a legit gripe. Reasons like this are exactly why I charge diag time and take the time needed to make sure I can repair it and repair it correctly. Sucks, but it's happened to us all.
  3. I do not think there is an owner here that would not gladly pay a new tech $25/hour if they were worth it. Why on earth would I pay some kid from school $25/hour when all he does it have me diag the issue, come to me 10 times during the repair to ask what's next and then screw it up in the end anyway?
  4. Why would you charge yourself for your hourly guy fixing company vehicles?
  5. NOT AT ALL! I did this for a couple years and it's so lop sided and frustrating for the tiny bit of cash it brings in.
  6. We run them on with a gun then torque every after we lower it down, my guys are fantastic about it.
  7. This is one reason we charge for any diagnostic work period. As long as they pay our rate, the rest is up to them, of course we try and keep the work here but at least we're never out time/money.
  8. Seems as though you guys are trying to say technicians cant be businessman also? If there are 2 separate shops both with knowledgeable businessman owners and one has been a tech and one not, I'll put my money and statistics on the tech own shop any day. Right now I'm at a Midas with a non mechanic franchise owner and I see the complete opposite of what you're saying xrac, he doesn't understand why spending 1k on software updates is needed.
  9. Basing mine of past and current experience of businesses I have purchased and currently work with. This business is not, nor will it ever be "cookie cutter" so unless you came up through the ranks it will be much tougher on non-mechanic owners. Just because xrac is doing fine really means nothing in regards to who will struggle more in this business. What you're talking about is delegating and having the right people doing the "business" side of things. Like I said, this is just from my personal experience and I've had a lot of it when it comes to dealing with failing shops. There are hun
  10. The whole, "Hey, we're from google and can get you on the front page for a low monthly cost of xxx.xx", then you find out they are not from google and they have done nothing for you.
  11. I believe that non-mechanic owners have 10x the struggle to succeed. I'd stick with what you're good at.
  12. I do not get the point of the video, I learned nothing...?

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