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  1. Not sure I can offer advice, but I can offer encouragement. Based on what you've said, this is a gift from heaven. Ultimately, if the stress doesn't kill you 😬, you will have a bigger shop to sell and would likely reap bigger rewards when you sell it. Ignoring capital costs, once you scale, your fixed costs won't increase significantly, which should help your bottom line. It seems that you'd be crazy not to accept this gift. I'm guessing you are not the type of guy that sits still for long? Am I right? Ready to retire? Likely you are still 50 at heart. Go for it! I
  2. @TheTrustedMechanic You raise valid concerns. I believe everyone should make their SMS decisions with these concerns (Data security, ownership and privacy) front and center. This is a complex topic and hard to describe succinctly, but I'll try. Not really possible to be succinct, so... Data Ownership and Privacy are contractual which are easily addressed if the SMS creator agrees. One must ask questions and verify that the contract matches the answers given. I use a cloud-based SMS. I own my data. I am not subject to data mining. Data Security is actually easier
  3. Yes it is. And, surprisingly, we're still using it daily.... because it's there.
  4. Wow, an Action Movie without the cost or hassle of hitting the theater. Thanks! Also, I'm sold. Usually the crummy batteries that I sell must be replaced immediately after exploding. Looks like the DieHards are reaching peak performance after exploding.
  5. We are upgrading this tool to the latest MaxiSys Ultra. This 2.5 year old Elite is looking for a new home. Has a current subscription and the hardware is under warranty as long as the subscription is maintained (renews in December). Only thing I know about is that the battery life has shortened since new. Scuffs in picture are on the screen protector that we never removed. Listing this one at $1849 shipped. I saw a similar one recently sell on Ebay for $2K. (NOTE: This unit is not a Chinese knock-off also seen on Ebay).
  6. I also use Protractor and I have mastered their custom reporting system, which can be cryptic. Happy to share tips / tricks if it would help. Work that pain out!
  7. I can't speak with great authority, maybe I can point you in a general direction. I purposely selected my RRR machine (CPS FX134a) because it uses ball valves instead of solenoid valves and is much less prone to sealant damage. Downside is there are way more techs that can repair Robinair machines than CPS. AirSept makes a filter, called RecycleGuard, that filters out sealants. One of these filters can be seen here: https://airsept.com/Products/Details/12 With sealants, there is a seal swelling kind and a hardening kind. I think, but don't know, that most sealants sold today ar
  8. I don't sell tires, but we inspect them, so I'm always recommending tire stores that I trust, 1-2 times daily. Just Tires (Goodyear rebranded) was my first recommendation. We no longer recommend Goodyear / JustTires. I threw away their business cards. My main give back to the community is being a proud supporter of our Police. Their work is invaluable and we depend on them. I give all Police Officers significant deep discounts on their personal vehicles. We have officers from many local police departments, Texas State Troopers, Texas Rangers, US Marshall's, and so on. The underco
  9. It's ok to consider cloud based systems. Internet availability has come a long way from it's beginnings and is almost as reliable as electricity and in some ways more reliable than electricity when considering concurrent mobile access. Cloud infrastructure has two weak points - each end. Typically, the cloud product is hosted in a professional data center with multiple ingress / egress points, so it has less chance of failure at the origination point. Then you have the "last mile"... your internet connection. It is most susceptible to a back-hoe digging or car wreck into a telephon
  10. I'm intrigued at the "return at least twice". We generally ask the to return a week or two later for a single leak check. I'm guessing that you are just giving it more time to manifest. If you do find a leak in one of these checks and let's say replace a high side line, do you charge for the recharge a 2nd time? We bill for the new work only. We generally don't if it's in our leak check window. If they have a known leak, and they don't fix it, then the next recharge is on the customer again. What it interesting is that this method of pressure leak checking, waiting to see if
  11. We charge a flat rate of $129.99 for Evac and Recharge, which includes a 2nd Evac and Recharge for any repairs. Many around us have pricing ranging from $49.99-$89, either with 1 lb 134a included or none included. Many seem to charge twice if repairs are needed. Our typical COGS for R134a is about $5-7. From memory, I think folks are selling 134a for $3-4/ounce, but my memory on this is iffy. Frankly, I chose the flat rate model to reduce the accounting of the 134a used and the variable price points. We document our findings, but don't adjust billing. We do have to communicate we
  12. Thanks for the update @rpllib I spoke with my CPA yesterday afternoon and we're doing the same. 100% will be spent on payroll. We're ok on headcount. My CPA is still thinking that the taxes noted here are not consistent with the initial PPP desire to help. There's a chance they may review it later as the final 2020 tax rules are prepared. But for now, as you noted, taxes are due. Bad news for my guys.... the gravy train dried up. Even still, I'm happy as we've made their lives better with some "found money" (bonuses).
  13. I'm finding it difficult to hit the 75% spending. Many of my employees have been getting overtime and bonuses and I've not dented the under-spend much given some mid-cycle-yet-normal turn-over. I call them tool bonuses and encourage them to buy that tool you wanted or needed. But, they are free to spend their money how they want. We do have a number of new tools now in the shop. As long as I'm not giving myself a bonus, bonuses already confirmed as ok, just minding the total salary cap per person. I didn't start hiring again until PPP, but then it's hard to hire on a short clock
  14. This might not be popular.... No masks required at our shop, nor are we wearing masks. We see about 40% of our customers coming in with masks and very few (1 per week maybe) ask for us to wear gloves. And many of those with masks will take them off or have them on incorrectly or take them off to talk, but wear them when not talking. Most wait in the waiting room, but we have a handful that are waiting outside. Give it a few more weeks and this will go away as the Texas sun pops out. We do have hand sanitizer on the counter and keep our waiting room clean, even before this virus. We

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