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  1. I use Protractor and do NOT have integrated CC processing. As a result, I pay an additional fee of $0 for this level of integration! You'll likely be better off without bundling as you can pick your CC vendor independent of the software. In turn, you lose software integration. If paperless is your goal, integration is better. When I post an invoice, I must manually enter the amount into the CC machine. Because they are separate, Protractor cannot store any return data from the machine. We use a signature capture pad on our computer to capture, in Protractor, signatures on our repair invoices, when required. It also captures Work Order Authorization signatures when required. If the CC slip needs to be signed, this is a separate step for the customer. Debits don't require any signature. I'm content with this lack of integration. Personally, I would like to have CC integration, but I value this at $1/month. Anything more than $15/year and I'm not interested. We make a very small number of mistakes manually entering the numbers. For CC provider costing comparisons, you can use a site such as: https://www.cardfellow.com/ If this helps you, for 2018, my transaction breakdown was: Debit: 40%, CC: 53%, Cash 7% by counts. By % of sales they were: Debit: 35%, CC: 59%, Cash: 6%. Fees for 2018 ended up at 1.7% of combined CC & Debit transactions. NOTE: My CC machine prompts for debit pin numbers by default, so it encourages more debit transactions. One more thing about integration. If your software is connected to the CC machine, then you will have a bit more difficult set of requirements for PCI Compliance. I have my CC machine on a VLAN (different IP subnet) all by itself. So, I do not need to certify my PC's as PCI compliant. PCI compliance is all about placing blame when something goes wrong. Lowest guy that's not PCI compliant gets blamed! Ask them about how the integration impacts your PCI compliance audit. They might still be able to be on separate networks, but it depends on implementation. (We're off topic re: Mitchell X-Charge)... May need to start a new thread to continue.
  2. Ever have one of those days??? That really odd problem that you don't know how to solve. There is a site that you can turn to for help.... https://www.reddit.com/r/AskAShittyMechanic/ Check it out and profit!
  3. Indeed, the corporate Goodyear stores are changing brand to JustTires. I've attached a recent picture of a local store. I think it should be opening pretty soon. @tyrguythought JustTires might be a retail sales front only, but it's a full-fledged tire store. The stores are being completely remodeled and are getting new tire equipment and will keep their alignment racks. Google maps shows the Goodyear locations as permanently closed. It appears that they've not rolled out their online presence just yet and no advertising yet either. https://www.justtires.com/ shows to be a Goodyear business, but there is only one store and it's in Waco. This store is selling more than just tires, so it's a bit confusing given their branding. I hear (rumors as I have no real info) that the Dallas stores will only be selling tires and performing alignments. They will not install adjustment parts on an alignment nor will they replace wear items such as control arms, struts, etc. The alignment will only adjust what is adjustable or they will refer them away. And a bit of a rant, a "customer" added one location to Google Maps and gave it a 1 star review! Likely this was for not being open when she tried to visit the old Goodyear location.
  4. As best I can tell, this is indeed happening. Sources are all unofficial, so reliability / quality of the information is suspect. With such a big change, I was sure that I would find news articles noting this. It looks like they are doing a good job of keeping it quiet for the big reveal. Once the employees were told that their jobs are being terminated or altered, the news started to leak out. Since hearing the news, I've popped in and spoken with some of the managers that I know in corporate stores. And, at least one has a sign posted on his front door for their remodel. They have already laid out severance plans to technicians and have dealers calling asking for technician referrals. They have a plan to refer out warranty work to nearby franchise stores. I don't see this being akin to the Just Tires concept as these are large 10-12 bay stores. Some stores have already received new equipment and some are expecting it soon. I don't see this as gloom and doom. It appears to be a business strategy change. I wish them well. My goal is simply staying abreast of what they are doing as it may impact our operation. I waited for a while after hearing of the changes before posting this because I'm not a reliable / in-the-know source. Now that it's an open secret.... and no information here, I'm sharing what I've heard.
  5. It seems that Goodyear corporate stores are changing their business model from Tire and Repair Service centers to strictly tires. The franchise stores are free to continue their old business model. Around here, the corporate stores are going to close down on January 27 for 2-3 weeks for a major remodel and possibly? rebranding. They will sell tires and do alignments, but will not be able to align if they need repair parts. I've not seen any official statements on this, so I don't really know more than the scuttlebutt. It looks like Hunter will have a great year this year as a result. I saw a brand new Hunter Revolution tire machine in one of the local stores already. I stand to benefit from this change as we may see some of their repair business. Since I don't sell tires, I'm not a Goodyear competitor, which allows them to safely refer repair business to us. Almost everyone else around here sells tires. We refer quite a few folks to tire-only stores, so Goodyear will now be on my referral list.
  6. I'm selling Interstate right now, on consignment, and I've had no issues with warranty returns. I wonder if the warranty issues noted above are from Distributors instead of Interstate directly. Clearly, some of you have had warranty rejections whereas, I've had none. Our warranty process: We test the batteries and if they fail, the test results are attached, but many times they get destroyed by the acid and are unreadable. The route drivers do not read the test results, nor do they retest the batteries when they pick them up. They are placed on the truck in a compartment with all other battery cores from other retailers, so there's no distinguishing who's core is who's at the factory for later testing. The warranty claim is processed on site by the driver. Maybe they have different warranty solutions in different regions. Can anyone comment on how their Interstate warranties are being processed? My challenge with Interstate has been with stocking levels and their inability to hot-shot batteries in <24 hours. If I don't have it in stock, then we source an AC Delco from a different supplier. I've recently upped my inventory to solve my own shortages problem. Currently, AC Delco is significantly higher, about $20 each, than it's Interstate peer (similar or (mostly) less warranty levels) and NAPA is about $25 each higher. Yesterday, I invited both AC Delco (distributor) and NAPA to pitch their battery programs again.
  7. I have a mobile tech that comes to the shop for some programming. We pay $104 for simple jobs and $130 for more complex ones and no monthly fees. I mark these up handsomely and charge for diagnosis too. Granted I have to have the car in the shop ready for him when he comes and have to schedule an appointment, but it seems not much different from RAP except maybe they can schedule it sooner. Also, my techs don't need to assist with the programming. They just need to be on standby to retest and confirm that the customer complaint is indeed solved afterwards.
  8. Aside from many of the Indians and random others not wanting to pay for diagnostics, I've seen quite a different and interesting reaction from the young very-pretty girls. "What do you mean I have to pay?" They have such a confused look on their face before they leave.
  9. I've been checking every once in a while to see when these batteries might show up in the local store. Checking today, I found this announcement saying that the deal fell apart: http://www.counterman.com/advance-auto-parts-interstate-batteries-deal-is-off/
  10. I'm using Protractor. They do frequent updates and have been quick to fix things that break which are serious in nature. You can't call tech support, but they do call me back if the issue is too complex to reply/resolve via email. I especially like their reporting system. It's pretty thorough and you can customize them as well. Most of the challenges that I have with it are in the accounting section and the inability to correct all the errors that I routinely make! (there are work arounds, but I'd prefer actual corrections) I got started by watching all of their training videos and practicing in their demo system. Anyway, let me know if I can help you answer any questions.
  11. Wow. You see potential in people often that goes wasted and in this case destroyed. Can you elaborate on how he did it? I'm especially curious on how it went undetected and how you will be monitoring it going forward. It had to be big for the CPA to be the first to pick up on it.
  12. Wow. I can see that this would be very confusing to your customers. When I looked at it, I only see the XOXO brand. Your mark is much smaller by comparison and is a less prominent position. Who's the KING and who's the PAWN on this page? They are not helping you to brand your shop and service, but more focused on their own brand it would seem.
  13. Thank you for the feedback. We're largely on the same page. What got me worried about this initially is that we had someone that we expected to negotiate and he failed to play his part correctly. That left him paying too much. I didn't have a pre-made plan for this scenario. Next time, we might find better parts pricing at a different supplier and pass the savings on to him at checkout. Sometimes, for fun and with the right person, we negotiate to a number that they agree on, let's say $800 and end with "OK, $795 for you", but this is dicey as it could restart the negotiation. But if it works, they feel even better and we're all very happy! Unfortunately, the only way I see to handle negotiation is thru cultural screening practices. Most other folks don't negotiate and we don't need the dance to be complicated for the majority. But if non-negotiating folks are considering a big job, then we'll look for ways to help them commit to the work, such as if you do all of this today, we'll round it down to X. While we are doing this, I don't think it is WRONG as our goal is to charge them equally. But negotiations are messy, so there's a good chance that they end up paying more. We need our bottom offer to be our standard price or more. The hard part in this whole thing is discerning the "consumers" from the customers. I have no interest in being the lowest price merchant and let these folks leave. Conversely, you will be treated fairly, charged fairly and hopefully leave happy. There are crooks only a few miles away from me that will gladly start off for less. If negotiating captures a customer, good. If it captures a problem consumer.... Mr. Mackey says "That's baaaddd".
  14. I don't ask any questions at all. My CC terminal is my best friend. I'm using the FD130 terminal with a remote keypad. If the card does both Debit and Credit, then it will automatically prompt the customer for a PIN number. They have to ask me how to run it as credit (so that I can tell them to push the X button to skip Debit and run as credit). If they don't respond to the machine automatically, I simply say: It's waiting for your pin (secretly hoping that they will punch it in). Both January and February were 41% debit transactions by counts and about 40% by amount. Frankly, I'm surprised by the number of folks that use debit. It is very likely that the terminal can be programmed with different behaviors or if not, it might be time for an upgrade. The folks that I got my terminal from were super-helpful with the terminal and programming (they aren't the CC provider). Maybe you can ask if yours can be programmed with different behavior.
  15. After looking at the ICCU shop in Mumbai India, it made me wonder how the Indians deal with Indian negotiation tactics? I need a good strategy. My shop is among a large Indian population and it seems that they all want to negotiate pricing. So much so that if one doesn't try to negotiate, it throws us off our game! There are few ways to deal with this: 1) Stand firm, 2) Have a pre-made coupon that we can use to move the price a fixed amount, 3) Negotiate, 4) Prepare for the negotiation with inflated pricing, then negotiate and settle on a job price (that is often more than the non-negotiated price). We do #2 and #4 regularly, with a little #1 and no unprepared negotiations (#3). When we are negotiating, it's always out on the shop floor so that it can be a private conversation. They always seem to feel better when they "get a deal"! Any better methods or practices?

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