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  1. I've increased my labor rate by $20/hr yesterday. The main reason for doing this is to pay the best technicians what they are worth and maybe a bit more than that. Related, but a whole different beast is that I'm about to significantly increase my Quick Lube pricing. This one will be harder to implement as it's somewhat of a commodity with many other nearby competitors that may or may not follow. I've absorbed many COGS price increases without increasing the oil pricing in 4 years. My strategy is to let gasoline pricing hit $3/gallon (not there yet here in Texas... about $2.75/g
  2. We certainly send people to the dealer for Warranty work, recalls and difficult jobs that need one-off specialty tools. I've generally felt uneasy doing the latter, but I like how you framed this.... "Let that frustration and expense be associated with the dealer as opposed to me." Thanks! We're still a startup, wrapping up year 4 in a few more months. As a manager, I've always believed that great people, hopefully people way smarter and more talented than me, are the key to success in any field. I've been in shops with these such tenured folks and was trying to figur
  3. I looked at your website to see what's there...... but there's nothing to see.
  4. Well, I've done a bit more digging. I had my tool guy reach out to RobinAir to check on those items in the video above. They only have one machine in the US that supports this connection and it's not a popular item. Further, the H2N2 Forming gas is also readily available in Europe, in disposable cans, but less so here. You can purchase it in a 300 CCF cylinder from AirGas as a special order. This size would be an Inheritable supply. However, I overlooked a 6th method for leak detection: 6) Shop Air and Soapy Water 150 PSI of shop air and soapy water looking for bubbles
  5. There should be nothing illegal with the use of nitrogen. (Non-auto) HVAC professionals flood their systems with nitrogen when the braze the lines. They too utilize multiple methods of leak testing. I've been looking at the testing aspect. What is clear is that pressure leaks are costly. I've found a few primary solutions: 1) Nitrogen Testing with an ultrasonic leak detector NOTE: When nitrogen is used, it is Dry Nitrogen. I called my AirGas supplier and they keep getting requests for it, but don't stock it or he doesn't know about it. I have another supply house th
  6. We're still waiting. We only turned away 6 jobs last year. When it makes sense, I'm ready to buy the machine. It might be this year, and if not, definitely next year. Do you have a nitrogen setup (gas and nitrogen leak detector) to pressure test the AC systems now? For us, we could afford to recharge a system if it left with an undetected pressure leak (aka return for a dye check). With the cost of 1224yf, we will need a different model of operation. We need to find the pressure leaks via nitrogen and bill for the refrigerant each time it is installed. We don't charge by the
  7. I was recently kicked off of Google My Business.... twice. They delisted me ("... your Business Profile on Google has been suspended because it was flagged for suspicious activity.") and then invited me to reapply ("If you’re sure your profile is compliant, submit it for reinstatement and our team will review your request as quickly as possible."). No reason was given. Both times, this happened the day after I responded to a batch of reviews. Other than review responses, I don't make changes to GMB. When you are kicked off, you cannot be found with Local Searches! All reviews are go
  8. Not sure if I have this right, but I read this as.... to remain competitive, I must consider other shops in the area with lower prices. We can be at the top with pricing, but not way over the top (of the median area pricing). The median price needs to go up; otherwise, we suffer. Did you know that large apartment complexes update their pricing as often as daily? They will survey prices in a 10 mile radius and compare their rates against their comparable class (A, B, C, D). Smaller operators will not have the resources to do such dynamic updates, so their pricing may change less freq
  9. I received an email today from a Consumer stating "Your price is too high, so hell with you sir!" in response a marketing email inviting him back for his next service. My initial reaction was uh-oh, quickly followed by "Why am I not hearing more pricing complaints?". This is quite interesting as we were in a discussion last week, talking about our prices being too low. We are priced competitively in the market, but with a higher service level, likely, we should be able to earn more with a higher pricing. I remember reading somewhere that if you don't have enough complaints of your p
  10. Not sure I can offer advice, but I can offer encouragement. Based on what you've said, this is a gift from heaven. Ultimately, if the stress doesn't kill you 😬, you will have a bigger shop to sell and would likely reap bigger rewards when you sell it. Ignoring capital costs, once you scale, your fixed costs won't increase significantly, which should help your bottom line. It seems that you'd be crazy not to accept this gift. I'm guessing you are not the type of guy that sits still for long? Am I right? Ready to retire? Likely you are still 50 at heart. Go for it! I
  11. @TheTrustedMechanic You raise valid concerns. I believe everyone should make their SMS decisions with these concerns (Data security, ownership and privacy) front and center. This is a complex topic and hard to describe succinctly, but I'll try. Not really possible to be succinct, so... Data Ownership and Privacy are contractual which are easily addressed if the SMS creator agrees. One must ask questions and verify that the contract matches the answers given. I use a cloud-based SMS. I own my data. I am not subject to data mining. Data Security is actually easier
  12. Yes it is. And, surprisingly, we're still using it daily.... because it's there.
  13. Wow, an Action Movie without the cost or hassle of hitting the theater. Thanks! Also, I'm sold. Usually the crummy batteries that I sell must be replaced immediately after exploding. Looks like the DieHards are reaching peak performance after exploding.
  14. We are upgrading this tool to the latest MaxiSys Ultra. This 2.5 year old Elite is looking for a new home. Has a current subscription and the hardware is under warranty as long as the subscription is maintained (renews in December). Only thing I know about is that the battery life has shortened since new. Scuffs in picture are on the screen protector that we never removed. Listing this one at $1849 shipped. I saw a similar one recently sell on Ebay for $2K. (NOTE: This unit is not a Chinese knock-off also seen on Ebay).

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