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Automotive Repair Shop Management


  1. Marketing, Advertising, & Promoting

    Automotive Repair Shop marketing, advertising, and promoting your business. Includes print, digital, email, and social network marketing.

  2. Customer Experience & Reviews

    How was your customer's experience? Customer online reviews including good and bad, consumer complaints, and general customer service discussion. 

  3. Running The Shop

    Managing your shop includes making sure its operating well. This can also include the building, equipment, facilities, vehicles, maintaining your bays and overall shop operations.

  4. Workflow, Procedures, Shop Forms

    Automotive repair shop workflow management, procedure, productivity, quality control, systems & shop forms you use. To generate profitable sales and consistent quality customer service, you need to be in control and have in place specific systems and procedures.

  5. Dealing With Competition

    Knowing who your competitors are and working through competition in your market. Get help with building a strong competitive strategy.

  6. Pricing, Discounts, Labor Rate

    Parts matrix, shop labor rate, add-ons, and maintaining the correct pricing strategy to ensure your shop is profitable. Discounts, coupons, and specials.

  7. Invoices & Estimates

    Writing up estimates and converting estimates to invoices. General customer invoicing discussions. 

  8. Accounting, Profitability, & Payroll

    A sale must bring profit, if it doesn’t It’s a loss. Accounting is a major part of any business. Are you in control of your accounting and profitability? Are you controlling your payroll to be profitable?

  9. Credit Cards, Payments, Financing

    Credit cards accepted, merchant accounts, customer financing and receiving payments towards work performed.

  10. Expense Management, Rent, Taxes

    Shop expense management expenses. Includes most general expenses, rent, mortgage, taxes, and other expenditures that do not have a dedicated forum. 

  11. Human Resources, Employees

    Automotive repair shop topics on human resource, payroll, employee hiring and terminations,  team building, healthcare and training. State Laws are all different, please check your state laws for specific guidelines.

  12. Education & Training

    Education and Training your technicians, service writers, and other employees is an important part of making sure your staff is well equipped to service today's customers. Technical, sales, business and general shop automotive education topics.

  13. Shop Insurance, Certifications, Laws, Legal

    Discussions about shop insurance, certifications, state and federal laws, regulations, and general regulatory and legal issues.

  14. Management Software, Web Sites & Internet

    Discussions about automotive shop management systems, software, websites, the internet, online purchasing, how-to, etc.


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    • Hi bantar! Thanks for that clarification. I figured that's what you meant. What I really like is the fact that you've got various strategies - all working together. I think you said 4 campaigns! The only thing I would suggest is, trying different types of offers.  I explain that stuff in my free course, How to Double Your Car Count in 89 Days.  Good luck! Hope this helps!   Matthew "The Car Count Fixer" P.S.: Join the conversation at YouTube.com/CarCountHackers - Like & Follow Car Count Hackers on Facebook
    • If the 3.5% is too high for the consumer, then they can use their debit card for Zero fees.  It's the consumer's  choice. 
    • 3.5% is exorbitant.  If you chose to go this way it would be better to charge a 2% credit card fee on the RO just like hazardous materials and shop supplies.
    • Integrated ordering within your POS is the way to go.   Check availability and pricing online.  Get online ordering rebates.  When we order online, my PO is automatically filled out for me, so that when I receive the parts, there's no additional typing to do.    If I have to pick up the phone to order, we have to manually type the description, part numbers, pricing, core, etc in.   Very error prone.    Frankly, I order less from WorldPac because of it's poor integration with my POS.   It takes longer to use WorldPac, so it is shunned.   Now, it is technically integrated, but it pops up their SpeedDial interface.   I make my selections and they are sent back to the POS, and ordered online from the POS, but this is clunky.   Moral of the story:  Best Integration, with the parts that I NEED, gets the most business.   However, NEED trumps speed.   I rarely price-shop even though I can as I take a more relationship-based approach with my suppliers.
    • I understand your concern.  This is the best legal way for a merchant to eliminate their credit card fees forever, while providing the consumer a choice whether they pay a surcharge (using a credit card) or not (using a debit card).  I realize that this solution is not for everybody, but it does provide a way for the merchant to keep more money and provide the consumer a choice rather than a mandate.
    • When I said: I intended to say....    I've not tried "doing nothing", so I have no way to compare "nothing" with what I'm doing.   I believe that doing nothing would be bad and therefore don't have plans to test it.
    • As a consumer, this is a non-starter for me.   As a business owner, I would not be charging my customers 3.5%, but would absorb this cost as we do today.     Now, my credit card costs have just risen.   I don't see this as a positive. 

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