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  1. CarER


  2. I have not had any experience with Yodle, but Lighthouse360 basically uses Bolt-On technology products. So, why not just go straight to Bolt-On instead, if that's what you're looking for.
  3. Joe and Xrac, who is, for you guys, a good DIFM supplier?
  4. I was on the phone with my Carquest/Advance parts guy today and he knows how much their "diagnostics" affects us as shops and how much it annoys me. So he mentions to me that yesterday, they received an email from corporate stating that June 1st, all Advance stores may no longer perform free code scans for customers. I thought this was a pretty big deal, if it is true, for us independent shops. Hopefully this is correct and will be coming to all Advance/Carquest stores. He said judging by the email, it's not just our regional stores but all stores. Maybe we can keep things changing
  5. Welcome to the forum! If I may make a suggestion: make sure that you and your son get started on getting your shop name out onto Google and the internet. The internet is my number one in terms of revenue it brings in. I just happened to search your shop and nothing really came up. 1. Make sure your claim your Google page, free. 2. Make a yelp page, it's also free. 3. You may also want to place your business in the free online directories. Make sure the name, address and phone number match the one on your Google and Yelp pages. 4. Budget permitting, get a website made, or make it yoursel
  6. I will just ask them straight up: "Hey Mrs. Jones, I see that you had our recommendations done elsewhere. Just so that I can improve my business, do you mind if I ask why you had them done somewhere else and not through us?" Just about everyone I've asked doesn't mind giving me an answer. I've see answers ranging from "I couldn't afford it" (maybe I forgot to explain financing options) "You were too expensive" (maybe I forgot to bring up the value that we provide with our services) etc... Either way, it provides valuable insight.
  7. I'm a millennial shop owner. My father helped start the business but I'm the sole proprietor. However, we still butt heads sometimes on things like marketing and operations.
  8. Yelp also works very well for us. That being said, we are in a town with a very large college student population. They love Yelp.
  9. Thanks Jeff, That makes my life a lot easier. Now I can keep track of growth, woohoo!
  10. Good afternoon everyone, I had a quick question for all of the Mitchell 1 SE users out there. I've been trying to look for a way to track the amount of new customers that come into the shop. Either by day, or weekly. I have yet to find a way to do that. Is there a way? Thanks in advance!
  11. Like I said, I used them for my website. I'm no longer with them. They handled my website. For the first few months, everything went great. I was climbing in rankings, appointments were being made on the website, etc... About 6-7 months down the road, I noticed we started dropping and dropping until we weren't even on the first page anymore. After reaching out to them a few times, I decided to go with another company.
  12. What exactly do you mean by internet advertising. I have used them before for my website.
  13. Thanks for the tip! Last year my brother fell victim to that exact same scam - out of $9000...
  14. Hey all! So I've owned my shop for just about 3 years now. And this has never happened to me in those 3 years or ever, but I guess there really is a first time for everything... A customer came in with an Infiniti G35 coupe. He stated that his 3rd brake light wasn't working. We dug into it and found that the 3rd brake light was malfunctioning. It's a LED light, so we went ahead and ordered one. Customer price for just the light was $246.57. He gave us the go-ahead and we got it completed this morning. When he came for it in the afternoon, he said: "Can I have the receipt for the li
  15. I've seen this one multiple times, but it still gets me every time!

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