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  1. I no lomger have a shop and the one I did have was totally different from yours. I just thought for anyone on here to help they needed more info on what it was exactly you were going to be doing. I hope someone can give you a better idea on what your looking for.
  2. I cannot believe anyone can give you an educated guess with this as there is just too much information missing. But I could be wrong.
  3. weighit


  4. Recently moved to a new town, about 30,000 here and with the surounding towns about 100,000 folks. There are many radio stations I can listen to but have narrowed in on a conservitive one that is all talk radio. Many local businesses advertise in 30 second spots. I have had the pleasure of meeting some of these business owners and letthem know I heard their spot. I then ask how the radio is doing for their business? Everyone said they are or have seen a tremoundous increase in business and for the cost they are paying per month is a no brainer. The one fellow gets other local business owners t
  5. I always looked at as they are working for and with me, they make me a good living, giving up profit for an employee was a no brainer. They got cost on parts, they did their own labor without my paying them, so off the clock. All family members got a cost plus on parts and 25% off labor. And they got scheduled as to not disrupt the normal business we had. Helping employees was what helped me keep a crew together for years. I learned a long time go it was very expensive to hire and train a new person, much cheaper to keep good guys happy.
  6. I know this fellow, Keith, he has helped untold new business owners with his videos dealing with landscaping and other small businesses. Really a nice fellow and wants others to learn from his mistakes. Have never seen a body shop owner or service center owner ever talk this way and try to help the 'new guy' start up.
  7. Years ago I woirked for Hertz Rent-a-Car and the whole management team was sent to a seminar for 2 days to learn to do exactly as your describing. I know it changed my attitude and outlook as a manager and it did make a difference in my groups work output. We seemed to 'click' as a team in a short period of time after that 2 day work shop. When I left Hertz I made it a practice to carry that new learning on to my own businesses.
  8. I'm sure we would all toss out a figure now, but back when I was young and knew everything, no way would I think I could learn anything from some old guy!! Its amazing how smart we get as we grow older.....
  9. Why would you not pay the employee for doing his civic duty when called by the courts to do Jury Duty. The jurist is paid a daily rate from the court but it is not much, here it is about $35 for the day. That is a far cry from what most employees make a day and in some cases they pay mileage from the center of your town to the court. Telling the judge that my boss won't pay me while I'm here in court won't get that person released. You think your employee WANTS to be in court? I think not. Not his fault he/she got selected to report. It only happened one time to one of my guys and I paid the d
  10. Wow I was generous I guess. Each employee got 1 weeks average pay paid in check with taxes paid one week before Christmas. I didn't have anyone with less than 5 years working for me so didn't have to worry about figuring out what the 'new' guy should get. I looked at it like these guys work hard for me, make me a really decent income and I wanted them to stay working for me.The money would not change my life style one bit, but they could use the added money and besides, it felt good to shake their hands and say Merry Christmas!
  11. Unfortunately Mr. Trump was not my first or second choice, but I now support him as a better choice than anyone else running. I look at what he has exposed as the corrupt news media that I have for years said were not giving real information. He is not a politician and thus has some baggage that some real politician would not have, knowing they wanted to be in the political world. But he seems to get things done and know what it takes to run a business, so he is getting my vote. Worst case he is a flop and we boot him out in 4 years.
  12. Many years ago I was hired as the service manager of a Toyota dealership that had 7 techs. I was hired to replace the last fellow that could not get the sales number up after a couple of years. Things flat lined and even with the many additional sales of vehicles, the service department was stagnent. Did not take long to figure out the problem, one tech, actually the best tech in the shop that got many of the best jobs had the worst attitude of anyone I ever met. His being grumpy caused the other fellows to always be on guard and in my opinion they all held back. I told the owner I was going t
  13. How about looking in another state? Sometimes hunting out of your own area might pay off. Once i was working in Detroit and someone in Chicago contacted me. He paid for me to fly in for an interview, offered at least 10% more than I was making, would pay for the movers to move me and gave a $1,000.00 advancement check towards the cost of deposits on the new apartment. That was to be repaid over the course of the fisrt year. He said he was having a hard time finding qualified applicants in that area and was willing to pay for help outside his area. Of the 20 or so mechanics I bet 5 or 6 were fr
  14. I just tried to get on your web site, got the message "This web page not availible" that is not a good sign.
  15. The meeting with my insurance agent when i had my shop was like an hour long. He asked me 100 questions, he wanted to know everything about the business, the sales, the highest amount of vehicles that may be in the shop at the worst possible time. He wanted to make sure should that once in a life time event happen, I was covered and not left hanging exposed. Overall I had the final say on what and how much, but he started out letting me know where we could, should and should not cut coverages. He gave me the blue print as it were that I then could compare with other insurance companies. For 12

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