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  1. I've been working by myself since this all started. My main tech has underlying health issues so he's collecting and happy and I'm busy as a bee doing repair work. The auctions aren't running normally so the car sales are in the tank I literally have one vehicle on the lot for sale.
  2. During the 1918 Flu pandemic historians said it took people 3-4 years to get back to "normal". I am staying positive but I'm concerned. I think if everyone goes back to work in a few months it will be a miracle. I'm thinking 12-18 months minimum. I'm hoping that there will be school in September but I'm not even too sure about that at this point.
  3. I'm glad you kept him. I understand what running a business is about but people aren't tools that can be thrown away when they become obsolete. I'm sure your customers notice the same mechanic there for 20 years how would you explain it to them he stopped making you rich so you let him go.
  4. A few days makes a difference. We got all our work done that was here and I closed the shop today. It hurts me, I enjoy working. I enjoy talking to people. I like steady income. But I couldn't sleep the last couple nights worrying what if? So that's that I paid my help a couple weeks time off and I got enough groceries for a couple weeks so I'm just going to chill out and do nothing and just hope we get this thing under control quickly.
  5. We charge by the job but we do breakdown parts and labor on the ro. Once in a while someone will question the markup I reply "the Amazon price is if you do it yourself" end of story we don't put in your parts I need to buy groceries like everyone else. Some people complain about the 8.5% sales tax i tell them to call Albany it's not up for discussion. I suppose we could just raise the labor rate to compensate but I'm afraid its going to be a race to the bottom once everyone starts wholesaling parts
  6. Read my negative fb or Google reviews they are all because I charged someone to "just look" at their car. That's why people are shy to do it. I charge for diagnosis. My doctor charges me for it. My dentist charges me for it. My electrician charges me for it. Every professional on earth charges for their expertise. I do the same. Toughen up folks.
  7. The people that ask the labor rate are not normally good customers. We price by the job brake pads and rotors $335 plus tax for most cars just an Example but that's all they want to know how much to get my car fixed. Tell someone its $90/hr next thing you know they show up with half the bolts taken out and parts in the trunk "imma pay you 30 mins to put it together right now quick" so I just price the job so we can pay everyone to work another day.
  8. With everything closed some folks take advantage of the extra time to get their car fixed. We've been busy the last couple weeks but I expect everyone will stop spending money and going out very soon. I must say that this year has been the slowest on record since we opened in 2010. I just paid the lowest tire bill I've ever had in 10 years. Maybe it was fear of the virus in January and February who knows but we didnt sell very many tires this quarter that's for sure.
  9. Thank you Joe for the well written post. I have weighed the option to close as I'm sure many of you have. Here are my thoughts; I am fortunate enough to be able to go a few months without worrying about the financial repercussions but I do worry about my customers. My shop is in a rural isolated area and I would feel terrible not helping people that need emergency services. We fix flat tires and broken cars every day. We aren't doing upgrades we are getting cars back on the road. I certainly clean the counter more frequently but life goes on for us.
  10. Carfax lies and says they are calling from Mitchell they need to update your system. Liars. Once you catch them in that lie they go over the benefits of being affiliated with carfax. I an very clear with them that if I'm supplying them with saleable information I want a discount on carfax reports. Like a co-op system. Carfax doesn't see it that way, they want to take from us and give back nothing. They give me nothing I give them nothing, that's how it works in my world.
  11. I like to say online parts are for do it yourselfers. You can do it yourself cheaper than we charge. There's no sense in denying it.
  12. alfredauto


  13. We use the cheapest autel code readers and plug into identifix or sure trac then test the old fashioned way. I own a Maxisys elite and it works well for bidirectional testing and the coding. We’ve used about every scanner out there these tool trucks try to sell magic but there’s no avoiding hands on component testing.
  14. We had a good local company, then they sold us to a bigger chain that showed up 3 weeks then fired us because we don't spend enough. Now we DIY.
  15. I bought one when it first came out for mechanics (it's been around the auto body scene forever I guess) and after wearing it out I bought another one. It doesn't replace the torch, your not cutting bolts off with it but to loosen up sway bar nuts and gas tank straps it's perfect.

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