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  1. Snap On is my go to. If there is a PID or command missing I grab the Autel. Between the two I have very few gaps. I like the Snap On way better than any other tool I've used and I don't like the Autel very much but it is necessary sometimes.
  2. When It's time to replace mine I'm going to go with a Quincy QP 7.5 MAX vertical single phase. When I was doing research this came up as a top contender, though that was awhile ago.
  3. I'm at $99.00 in Southeastern Wisconsin. The average independent shop is at around $105.00, Places like Firestone are at $130.00 and the dealers are up to around $150.00. I have been considering raising my rate for a while.
  4. When customers balk at a diagnostic fee, I just tell them the diagnosis is usually the most time consuming part of the job. I use the analogy that if the car was brought in for an evap leak and I spend the time to smoke test it and find a leaking gas cap, I still need to be paid for the diagnostic time not just the time it takes to replace the gas cap. I charge an hour for driveability and electrical diagnosis($99.00) and a half hour for other stuff. If someone doesn't want to pay the fee, they're probably going to be a pain in the butt about the repair cost as well.
  5. 3.5% is exorbitant. If you chose to go this way it would be better to charge a 2% credit card fee on the RO just like hazardous materials and shop supplies.
  6. Sorry for the confusion. Total fees will never be lower than around 1.80% as you have to pay the mandatory interchange fee. The .05% we're talking about is the fee the processor charges on top of the interchange. I'm not sure if naming the company I'm now using breaks any forum rules but I wouldn't yet anyway. I haven't been using them a month yet and we'll see if reality stacks up to the sales pitch.
  7. I think credit card processing is becoming highly competitive. Your situation sounds exactly like mine, I was paying 0.25% and I just signed up with a new processor at 0.05%. My new processor seems to be signing up everyone in town and I think there is a mad rush to be the first to sign people up at this new rate so that if they are making less per customer, at least they'll have more customers to offset this loss. One thing I will say is that I won't sign a contract. Obviously you have to sign up for the service but my rate is locked in as long as I stay with them and I can get out anytim
  8. Thanks for the replies. I just ordered some Pastelube 2400 from gwrauto.com and he's throwing in some Ceramlube 2800, which the Permatex stuff is based on.
  9. I do use sil-glyde on all the rubber parts but wanted something a little more robust for the metal parts that trap salt water and corrode. I'm looking at Jet-Lube Marine Moly 65005 or MolyKote 3400A.
  10. What are you guys using as lubrication between the abutment shims and the caliper bracket. I live in the rust belt and the main cause of premature brake pad wear here is frozen pads. I was using a cold galvanize corrosion inhibitor spray but it didn't work well at all(maybe a year). Now I'm using green grease, and it has been working better but I'm starting to see cars coming back with sticking pads after like 2 years. MOPAR 04796269 works really well but it costs more then caviar. Just curious if there is something affordable out there that won't have me reaching for the file every brake
  11. NATURE


  12. Thanks for all the responses. I went with the local guy(Capital Bankcard), though Elevon was my second choice. For those of you doing high volume(over 10K/month), you might want to look into Fattmerchant. Flat monthly subscription of $99 + 8 cents per transaction + direct cost of interchange One time cost of $250 for counter terminal No contracts, no fees to cancel
  13. Thanks for the responses. I'm using Shopkey right now but I don't really like it. I preferred Alldata for management software but I do like Mitchell's labor time guide better. I'm thinking about going back to Alldata, or something else and getting a separate labor time guide like real -time. My local processor is offering 1.5 to 1.8% including transaction fee and $11 a month. He does several automotive shops around here and these are the fees they are seeing. From your responses it looks like this may be a good deal.
  14. Hey everyone. I'm planning on opening in about 3 weeks and am looking for a credit card processing company. Are there any geared for our type of business? Does anyone recommend Intuit for it's ease of integration with Quickbooks? I'll be doing around $10,000 a month in CC payments averaging $200.00 per RO. Payments are predominately Visa or Mastercard swiped. A very small percentage of Amex, Discover or over the phone. If there is a company name that a lot of you experienced members would recommend, I would like to hear it.
  15. I found this site by accident and have been really impressed with the information it contains. I've been a tech for around 28 years, the first 19 at new car stores and the last 9 at a used car store. I am in the process of purchasing the store and I know this site will greatly help me to succeed . This is a 3 bay shop in Southeastern Wisconsin and I've been the sole service employee during my time here. I believe this to be a great opportunity in that the location is excellent and the previous owner is going to continue his business here not only providing me with rent, but service work as

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