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  1. Some funny stuff on there!
  2. Any other parts integrations outside of partstech? Nexpart, IAP direct or any parts suppliers portals directly like worldpac? partstech is just a third party software that uses connectivity from systems like a nexpart or IAP to connect.
  3. autoguy

    Where to find mid-level techs?

    Saw this also, like the idea of referrals. Has anyone checked facebook careers? https://www.facebook.com/careers/
  4. autoguy

    New Shop Owner

    How's your new shop doing?
  5. autoguy

    Creating coupons/ Pictures

    You can use MS word also...see video
  6. autoguy

    New York Cost of Doing Business

    Everything keeps going up except the cost of parts which seems to be driven down by competition and availability online.
  7. autoguy

    BG Products

    Is everyone still using BG products?
  8. Autel has come out with some nice units lately, worth a check.
  9. With all the available wifi cameras these days, what is everyone using for shop security? Anyone using Nest, zmodo, d-link, arlo or other? There's a ton of them out there especially on amazon.
  10. Who's writing estimates and invoices? Mechanic(s)? Is this a one man shop? How many bays?
  11. autoguy

    Tire rotations & brake checks

    A year later, are you all still charging the same prices?
  12. autoguy

    Mental Health/Depression

    @defiancetire any updates on your situation? I saw your other topic on changing your business name, so just wondering how it's been going with you...
  13. autoguy

    How to charge for on-line help

    An additional line item for "Additional Resource Fee" or something similar is an interesting idea.
  14. autoguy

    Technician Training

    Good information, thanks.
  15. autoguy

    Additional Services?

    PM services are the way to go and money makers.