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  1. @Brent J did you ever find the techs you were looking for? if did you ever try indeed or linkedin? If you create a company page on linked in your can post jobs I believe.
  2. Is anyone taking part in CTI or WTI training? Online or classroom? here's the website https://ctionline.com/
  3. Does anyone have the MaxiSys ADAS Calibration Tool? What did you pay? I see it on Amazon being sold by autel From he autel site: https://www.auteltech.com/autelcms/Automotive Diagnostic& Analysi/590.jhtml MaxiSys ADAS Calibration Tool Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) is becoming standard equipment on today’s new vehicles. These systems are designed to assist drivers to prevent collisions by displaying alerts, providing camera images or by taking instantaneous control of the vehicle. The Autel MaxiSys ADAS provides the original complete diagnostic functionality, comprehensive and precise ADAS calibration. With MaxiSys calibration tools and accurate software, Autel MaxiSys ADAS is an ideal calibration tool for collision repair, glass replacement and repair shops. Overview: Precise: crossbar's minor adjustment knob and laser positioning provide millimeter-level accuracy. Flexible: lift can be adjusted by power; pattern cloth and pattern board are portable and easy for storage. Integrated: modular frame assembled with accessory tools for calibration; pattern board holder, pattern cloth and pattern board are easy to move. Smart: calibration procedure; compatible use with leveling lift adjustment Accurate: regular updates of latest OE-level diagnostic and calibration software; correct calibration Intuitive: tutorial graphics and step-by-step instructions; Pre-Scan & Post-Scan Reports (ADAD module identification, Calibration) Complete: Wide vehicle coverage; Seven Calibration Functions; Fixed & Mobile Calibrations Potential usage: Glass Replacement, Specialty Repair, Collision Repair, Wheel Alignment Adjustable Calibration Frame and Tools The large automatic screw mechanism provides compatible use with vehicle leveling lifts by offering a taller than average extended adjustable height. Easily Interchangeable and flexible calibration components Precise fine-tuning hand knob and laser positioning for millimeter ruler accuracy Calibration Tooling Kit Easily Interchangeable Calibration Components Exceptional Vehicle Coverage Made of durable stain resistant material and easily cleaned. Easy to store and transport Calibration Software: Step-by-step instructions display exact OE-calibration specifications and videos Pre-SCAN and Post-SCAN diagnostic report directly presents the existing problems, diagnostic results and repair suggestions J2534 Maxiflash Elite for OE Level programming Faster 1.3GHz + 1.7GHz hexa-core processor, double the speed with our revolutionary multitask-capable Android Operating System AutoVIN / AutoSCAN all modules in all systems The best possible OE-level diagnostic coverage to offer complete ADAS and diagnostic solutions for smarter repair and calibration.
  4. Just getting an idea of what everyone is using for TPMS tools and sensors these days, anything new?
  5. So 8% is on all top line sales, correct? So if the shop generates 1M in sales, the service writer makes a gross 80k? How does the vacation fit in there? How is that and other time off paid? Depends on your sales, but 8% seems a little high. Why not lower the % and pay a salary plus a % of sales for days worked or the week.
  6. Specialization is good but typically it would be the "owner" who would be the specialist that starts a business around that specialty. Since you don't have that experience, I would find your specialist techs before moving this direction and just do general auto repair when starting out.
  7. What software are you using for invoicing where you have it integrated?
  8. What's everyone using and what do you prefer in terms of online parts ordering? Are you using something integrated into your shop software or a standalone website from napa, o'rielly, advance, autozone, or other local or regional parts supplier? What do you like about it? Using Napa Prolink and AdvancePro along with worldpac speedial
  9. So almost a year later since the last reply by @Old and Tired , what is everyone using for batteries currently?
  10. Oddly enough the high mileage synthetic blend is $1 more than full synthetic!
  11. That's a good point, similar to the steak at a restaurant example. When you go to a bar or restaurant, don't expect to get a 6 pack of bud light for $11.99. Expect to pay over $5 a bottle. Your not going to get that same price on the steak you would buy at the butcher's shop either...
  12. So I'm assuming you don;t have a merchant account now to accept payments, correct? Some banks have mobile payment systems, apps, etc. If you are looking for something simple to get started, have a look at : Paypal - https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/pay-with-app Stripe: https://stripe.com/payments/features Chase: https://merchantservices.chase.com/support/product-support/mobile

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