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  1. Are you looking for online or a tech school close by? Have a look at : https://www.autotrainingcentre.com/automotive-online-training/estimating-courses-online/
  2. Malls and shopping in general for the holidays is busy, we'll see what happens after xmas. Has anyone been to the post office lately? They are slammed and packages are arriving late. Big shift to online and shipping.
  3. Do you have a face mask required sign up at your shop or have you made one? I was browsing around and found these on Amazon:
  4. For anyone looking for service desk shields that are just pop up style, amazon has inexpensive ones:
  5. Congrats on the new shop! What did you decide to charge?
  6. In NY malls are staying closed from what it sounds like and they'll have to put in HEPA filtration systems. Most of these malls have anchor stores and they can open though if they have an outdoor entrance.
  7. Any luck? Buy a piece of property in a good area and put up a steel building! Hire some good techs and build it from scratch. Build where and how you want for the long term and own the property.
  8. Does it integrate with shop management systems like Mitchell, RO Writer, etc? I see by the video they login, what exactly is that and do you have a video of the user management or portal features? Is there a list of features?
  9. Looks like Florida is getting hit pretty hard but just talked to someone and they are saying its mostly gatherings in Miami and around UCF college bars
  10. Picked up a few zmodos on black friday. Also picked up a ring for the house. I have to say, I am impressed with the ring pro. Ended up getting a ring 2 on black friday for a relative's house, battery operated. works well.
  11. Interesting, used to buy diehard gold once in a while from sears back in the day. They don't do much these days except amazon tires...

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