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  1. I was browsing Amazon looking for something had no idea that they have privately branded motor oil now. What caught my eye was the 5W-30 full synthetic dexos 5 quart jug at $17 for high mileage cars. Thought it was interesting. Wonder who makes it for them. So I did a little research online and found this youtube review Here's another:
  2. autoguy


  3. Just curious if anyone if anyone is using Cintas for shop uniforms and if you like their service. Are you getting rags from them also? What's the typical cost?
  4. What is everyone using for brake pads and rotors these days?
  5. Here's pretty good example of a matrix https://blog.csiaccounting.com/matrix-pricing-for-auto-repair-shops-template
  6. They have a nice public facing video right on their website front page. Was curious so I took a look.
  7. Any other parts integrations outside of partstech? Nexpart, IAP direct or any parts suppliers portals directly like worldpac? partstech is just a third party software that uses connectivity from systems like a nexpart or IAP to connect.
  8. Saw this also, like the idea of referrals. Has anyone checked facebook careers? https://www.facebook.com/careers/
  9. How's your new shop doing?
  10. Everything keeps going up except the cost of parts which seems to be driven down by competition and availability online.
  11. Is everyone still using BG products?
  12. Autel has come out with some nice units lately, worth a check.

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