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  1. autoguy

    Technician Training

    Good information, thanks.
  2. PM services are the way to go and money makers.
  3. autoguy

    Tires - are we competitive or low?

    I don't see any road hazard, anyone doing anything or charging for road hazard? This is where the big tire stores make money.
  4. autoguy

    Employee Uniforms

    @tirengolf Were you able to renegotiate? Who is your uniform supplier?
  5. autoguy

    Customer's buying their own parts

    I like it 👍
  6. autoguy

    Parts ordering

    The only thing I've seen out there to check from multiple suppliers at once is RO writer smart ecat.
  7. autoguy

    Customer's buying their own parts

    This is getting much more pronounced with the online auto parts stores selling parts cheap to everyone.
  8. You can look at indeed resumes https://resumes.indeed.com/
  9. Doesn't look like repair jungle made it...🤣 saw this video on youtube from back in 2014
  10. autoguy

    Anyone tried Groupon?

    For those that have used groupon, what have you put on there, an oil change as a lost leader or other service? I see some examples currently https://www.groupon.com/local/oil-change and the avg seems to be around $19 or so.
  11. For anyone looking for web based, this topic is a good read,. there is a comparison the last post
  12. @meowpox I checked out your website and it looks very clean. Your front page has no information about your business at all. Do you ever get customer asking what you do? Looks like you sell merchandise, do you fix cars also?
  13. @wilfredo celedon looks like your website is built by mopro. How much did it or does it cost you?
  14. Yes diagnostic time is a must. It costs money to have equipment, scan tools and updates to those scan tools and software. Customer don't always understand that.