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  1. Not as often either unless, but should be a prevetive maintenance service.
  2. I missed this topic, but that's pretty interesting that he did that.
  3. autoguy

    How Is Your Weather?

    I'm just glad it's gotten much warmer!
  4. I agree. In the end, you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with in business. Happy Easter.
  5. autoguy

    Recruiting Talent

  6. autoguy

    Newbie Saying Hello....

    Welcome aboard!
  7. autoguy

    My New Cell Phone

    That's pretty funny...
  8. autoguy

    Military Uses ATVs

    That's a cool photo!
  9. autoguy

    Best European Scan Tool?

    I saw the AUTOBOSS recently, otc tool similar to the Launch. Link: http://www.autoboss.net/en/pV30.asp Features: Live data graphic display Full component activation Read & change ECU coding Setting of adaptation values CANBUS function supported Internet update function HYUNDAI immobilizer Testing report saving function VOLKSWAGON immobilizer III Coding of the new control modules NISSAN idle speed self learning function Multi-language for international market demand Hand-held independent operation, supporting PC link
  10. I'll check it out on my droid!
  11. autoguy

    Mitchell CRM

    If you have a carquest that you buy from, you can use their auto alert program. www.cqautoalert.com