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  1. Don’t you just love the Geek who has researched everything on YouTube and has a solution all figured out. They go into great detail and the whole time you know it has nothing to do with what they have going on.
  2. One tool that I have found to be very useful is a Power train lift. I bought a used one at an on line bankruptcy auction more or less not knowing it's capabilities or usefulness. The one I purchased is a Norco USA Made 1,250 lbs. Power Train Lift which sells for about $2,500. I purchased it for about $400 and also purchased a new caster set for it. This tool makes it much easier to handle engines which have to be removed from the bottom. It is much safer than transmission jacks and jack stands. It is also very handy for transmissions, gasoline tanks, transfer cases, etc. or basically anything where there is significant weight. We now no longer have to empty a gas tank to drop it diwn. It turns some jobs into one man jobs instead of two or three men jobs. This lift makes the work safer, faster, and cuts down man power needs. Knowing what I know now I would have purchased one a long time ago.
  3. That is a great analogy. I will definitely be using this.
  4. Some of the 100k tires are lucky to get 50k.
  5. Goodyear Tires definitely will not last 8 years. Some will not last 6 years.
  6. Gonzo we had a zombie car. As I recall it was something like an 89 Jeep Cherokee stick shift. It needed an ECM and there must have not been very many 5 speed stick shifts made. This ECM was model year and manual shift specific. It was a no go zombie.
  7. Everybody knows that. Autozone has done diagnosed it for me.
  8. Shade tree mechanics and the Autozones of the world have made this difficult. Technology has outstripped the public's knowledge and created a gap between what they think we do and what actually has to be done
  9. Good News as far as I am concerned. This approach isn’t good for the consumer or our shops. Imagine doctors bidding on medical procedures.
  10. I would add that while you have beautiful photographs I find the print too small and too light colored. This could make it hard to read for some people. There is no place on the opening page to click to find your services or to book an appointment. I think it is hard to get a customer beyond your front page and they need something fast and easy to move forward. If we take them to too many pages to do anything we will lose them. I think a customer should be able to book an appointment or call us from the front page. Just my two cents that is worth one cent.
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