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  1. This news is good and bad. It means the government is in all of our pockets more. However, it means that the brick and mortar stores have a little more level playing field.
  2. Well hopefully Interstate came to their senses. I think that it would have degraded the brand.
  3. xrac

    Tire prices

    Here is the email I received: Valued Customer, We are excited to welcome you to TireHub, a new national tire distributor founded by two names you know well — Bridgestone and Goodyear. TireHub delivers the full passenger and light truck tire portfolios of Bridgestone and Goodyear to tire and automotive retailers. TireHub is committed to setting a new standard of excellence for tire distribution in the U.S., and we’ll do it by focusing on the needs of our customers. Thank you for your time as a Bridgestone TWW customer. Your business helped that business grow and made it possible to form this exciting joint venture. Now TireHub is honored to have the opportunity to earn your business as well. TireHub was created for tire experts by tire experts, and we can’t wait to show you what that means for your business. On July 3rd, Bridgestone TWW will officially become TireHub. As a valued customer, our goal is to make the transition to TireHub as easy as possible so you are able to say "YES" to your customers who ask for tires from Bridgestone and Goodyear. We want to give you a head start by giving you early access to TireHub Now, TireHub’s online ordering portal. TireHub Now is your online connection to TireHub. We built this website with feedback from customers to make searching, ordering, tracking and paying simple. Once you are signed up, you can access your new TireHub Now account and explore the new website. Please note that you will not be able to place an order until July 3rd and that inventory data will not be accurate until July 3rd. Start by clicking the registration button below in this email. Once you click the registration button: - You will be directed to an email confirmation page where you will click "Submit". - You will then receive an email from [email protected] to this same address. (if you don’t see the email quickly, check your spam folder) - In that email will be a link to create your new password. - Once your password is confirmed you can go to now.TireHub.com and login with the email address that you received this email at, and your nel
  4. This will help our local tire sales because on places like Tire Easy there was no sales tax. Fortunately, Tire Rack is in Indiana so sales taxes weren’t an issue except with border state purchases of KY and IL. They could have tires shipped to the house and bring to us for install.
  5. xrac

    Need some advice

    Another option would have been to see if you could find an engine where it was at a salvage yard that installs engine. That is sometimes the cheapest option.
  6. xrac

    Joke of the Day

    SUPERSEX A little old lady who had lost her marbles was running up and down the halls in a nursing home. As she ran, she would flip up the hem of her nightgown and say "Supersex." She ran up to an elderly man in a wheelchair, flipping her gown at him, she said, "Supersex." He sat silently for a moment or two and finally answered, "I'll take the soup."
  7. To our men and women in uniform, past, present, and future, God bless you and thank you. To those in uniform serving today and to those who have served in the past, we honor you today and every day. Home of the free because of the brave. To all who have put their lives on the line in defense of the free, thank you.
  8. I just helped your review score. I find most of my 1 stars are totally undeserved and come from scumbags and people who want something for nothing.
  9. xrac

    Tire prices

    Michelin is a big brand at Sams and Costco.
  10. xrac

    Tire prices

    Losing a sale to the big box store is not as bad as losing a sale to the tire store up the street. The big box store won't tell them they need brakes or that they have a bad ball joint and they can't do an alignment. The big box store can't even replace a broken wheel stud. Those places are only for a certain type of customer and as a general rule I do not think that customer does the best job of keeping up with vehicle maintenance.
  11. Let me share a great story. The year was 1820 and Peter Richley was a grateful man. He had survived one of the strangest and most harrowing events known to mankind. The ship which he had been traveling on sank. He was rescued. By some strange twist of circumstance, however, this ship sank. He was rescued again. But, this third ship sank likewise. He was rescued for a third time. Yet, his fourth ship of passage soon sank. And unbelievably, he was rescued for a fourth time, but this fifth ship sank as well. It would have been laughable had it not been so serious. On the high seas, however, he floated with the serene confidence that somehow God did not want him to die. And sure enough, as if on cue, another ship came by and answered his call for help. This ocean liner, The City of Leeds, was named after it’s British city of orgin. It was bound from England to Australia and traveled the same sea lane as Peter Richley’s downed ships. The crew of The City of Leeds hoisted Peter aboard. Dry clothing was provided to Peter. The ship’s doctor gave him a cursory exam, pronounced him fit, and then asked an unusual favor. “There’s a lady on board who booked passage to Australia,” the doctor explained. “She’s looking for her son who disappeared years ago. She’s dying and she’s asking to see her son. She knows everybody on board and since you’re the only newcomer, would you pretend to be her son?” Peter agreed. After all, his life had now been saved for the fifth time. He followed the doctor below deck and entered into a cabin. There on a small bed lay a frail woman with silvered-hair. She was obviously suffering from a very high fever. Deliriously, she was crying out. “Please God. Let me see my son before I die. I must see my son!” The ship’s doctor gently pushed the young man toward the bed. Soon, however, Peter Richley began sobbing. For lying there on that bed was the reason that he couldn’t seem to die. Here was the lifeline that had kept him from drowning five times. For lying on that bed was none other than Sarah Richley—who had prayed for ten years to reconciled to her son, Peter. The ship’s doctor stood in amazement as the young man fell down by the bed and embraced the sick woman. “I’m here mom! I’m here. It’s me!” Within days the fever had subsided and his mother awakened to find an answered prayer seated on the edge of her bed. (This story was told by western writer Louis L’Amour in an interview he gave. This story bears out the saying, “truth is stranger than fiction.” In researching the Louis L’Amour website there were additional references that bear out this story to be a true story.)
  12. xrac


    Being BBB accredited only means you paid them money. BBB is one of the biggest rackets around. WE have a A+ BBB rating which only means that if they get a complaint on us we will respond. Never have I been a member or will I ever be one. Notice they don't give anybody a bad rating unless the business is bankrupt or there has been government legal action against them. Save your money.
  13. xrac

    Tire prices

    Sometimes but not very often. There are always a few items that are mark downs or loss leaders. Most of the tires I sell are very competitively priced. Some of them will beat the socks off of what the others are offering. A lot of the low prices shown on their website is stuff that are a week or more out on delivery. Most of what I sell is available same day or next day. If you have this situation on most of what you sell you do not have good wholesale pricing. Who are your wholesale suppliers?