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  1. I do not see that you have much to lose since you are single. I say go for it.
  2. Definitely a subject that many of us need to seriously consider.
  3. I have always used some Carquest starters and alternators. We have experienced a high failure rate recently and have concluded that we will not use those again.
  4. Joke of the Day

    Do you have a phone like this? https://youtu.be/kyisfzUT7Ys
  5. They do but they also sell alot of cheap chinese stuff as well. Just looked at a popular size and saw Sentry, Arizonian, GT Radial, Kuhmol, Falken, etc. All low end stuff. They aslo have some name brands but some of those are like the Walmart name brands. Manufactured for them to who knows what standard. I find often when pricing against them that they are selling their second line heads up against the mine as a brand for brand pricing when it is not the same stuff.
  6. Discount tire doesn't pay near minimum wage.
  7. Maybe he is a parts swopper not a technician.
  8. https://www.chicksontheright.com/peyton-manning-retirement-home-best-thing-youll-see-day/
  9. I wouldn't want to be selling used tire in New Jersey. Here the used tire guys sell some real junk.
  10. For years we didn't charge and then I switched to charging a nominal amount. Finally, about three years ago we switched to charging 5% up to $35 maximum. What I found out was the biggest problem in charging shop supplies was me not my customers and that for years I had been giving away money.
  11. We charge for shop supplies and maybe once per year someone says something. The only ones who ever complain are cheapskates.
  12. What does it cost?
  13. Yelp!

    Wow! What a rip off. I haven't heard much of a recommendation for Yelp on this forum.
  14. One of our techs had a heater core to do in a Hoarder vehicle when he heard a rustling sound. It was maggots inside a fast food bag.