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  2. Get one of these: https://www.amazon.com/Acroprint-Self-Contained-Automatic-Biometric-Fingerprint/dp/B00WT4ENI0 We use this in our shop. Works well. You need something though to prevent issues with your state's hour and wage dept and Dept of Labor.
  3. A course at the local community college would have alleviated much of the heart ache. Plus a new wife and "friends."
  4. Yes, every shop has had this happen. My guess, they had more money but not for you. No good deed goes unpunished.
  5. Are you guys paying flag hours or clock hours?
  6. I would like to send a couple of my guys to one these management schools. Can I get more info what these initials mean and how to get hold of them"
  7. Let him go and start looking again. Enough. Don't agonize over it.
  8. We tried to use GE Credit 3 years ago, but the people who needed it didn't qualify. Of the half of dozen or so we tried only 1 actually qualified.
  9. I am a little leery about this also per SMMotors comments. I agree that it is not my decision to release info about my customers' cars. I have asked shops that do release info and none of them has received authorization to release information to carfax or anyone else from their customers.
  10. You're going live this Monday, it's a little late to ask for input. I personally think that unless they are paying for the access, I would send them on their way. I agree with Alfred. I don't believe going with Carfax is coming out of the stone age. It is going to middle ages as an indentured servant.

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