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  1. I'd be curious about what your expectations are. What is it you want out of starting your own business? You stated making money for yourself rather than someone else. Have you written a business plan? Have you defined sales expectations? Net profit expectations? Most everyone here has not done this so it's easy for me to stand here and question you. If I had it to do over again I would define my expectations. You said your willing to work 70-80 hours a week.,,,,,,,for what? Think about it. Owning your own business is not about how hard you want to work but about working smarter. Matthew likes to talk about how important car count it....well...car count is great to have but if your not making money on those cars they are useless. How do you plan on charging? Do you know how to properly price out auto repair or do you charge what the guy down the street charges? Have you thought about the time it will take for administrative duties? Do you enjoy administrative duties?
  2. Joke of the Day

    Two pretzels were walking down the street........ one was assaulted
  3. Reflashing

    I feel there are many arguments of why IMO this is a poor long term solution. I am in the big city so unlike smaller markets where each has his niche here if given a chance, there are a lot who will take your lunch and eat it without care. 1) I wholeheartedly agree with you to be honest and up front with customers. What happens when you send customer to dealer? Does the customer come in and request reflash? If so, what happens if it does not solve problem? Does the dealer want to diag the problem first? Is the customer prepared to pay again? Or do you not charge diag time since you cant solve problem? Let's say dealer does diag, comes up with different outcome and it fixes the car, how does that reflect on your company? My first solution is to sub it to the dealer. Never send a customer to another for service, they might just find that the service is better and never return. If you think the only reason they come to you is cheaper you have little to offer on that alone. If you desire to discuss this further the second part is the technology side as well. To what level is the technical capability? HOw will it keep up if you dont learn to do what is becoming more and more run of the mill?
  4. They sell A LOT OF TIRES. it is a different business model that the repair model that sells tires. I am sure the kick backs they get are much deeper then ours. In addition to that they have such a narrow niche, they can have advantages we dont such as house brands made by the same manufacturers we represent. As far as "off shore" tires they have to cater to the whole market, you got to have a bottom to help bottom feeders
  5. Labor rate

    $120 Chicago suburbs. I can see $130 by the end of the year. I think in the near future we will be going thru a major industry change. I think labor rate will go up substantially.....like 30%. There is a major tech shortage out there and the ones who will win will be able to compensate their people properly and that's going to take a lot more $$$ and a change in how we currently compensate techs. (flat rate) Of all the industry speak I hear all shops including so called good ones are having difficult times finding employees. Business has been really really good....but we can't keep up.
  6. There is no rule, law or anything else that would limit you from charging for actual time. I know of a shop in Baton Rouge La that does just that. It separates him from the competition and he is very successful. But it's hard to be different, to lead the market and buck the trend. This statement makes absolutely no sense to me. We are in a service business, we do not sell commodity. This items you are describing are commodities/consumer goods. I need you to explain this thought...I cant get my head around it. I think expectations are ours to set. If you choose to live by unreasonable expectations or allow a customer to establish expectations you are at fault. I for one have always established expectations up front with my customers. I am a professional and I will guide this process. If you decide after I present my findings that you do not wish to proceed that is perfectly fine with me. I have explained the charges up front, I will collect for my time and expertise and you will drive a broken or poorly maintained car. While some of you post makes sense it leads me more to believe you've been beat up pretty badly and are venting. I hope it passes.
  7. I got my own branded flashlight

    I think you're nuts!! I think if I looked up ADD ADHD in the dictionary your picture would be there.....please.....don't take that the wrong way. I can appreciate your youthful enthusiasm but as I follow your posts your going off half cocked all the time. It's like you cant focus on one thing and you allow every thought that crosses your mind to become a reality. In one post you go from one shop to three, then back down to two, next your thinking about a tow truck.....discussing how to get proper gp and now selling trinkets....I get tired just reading your posts.....(they are interesting) I suppose one day when you're on the cover of fortune magazine I will be able to say I interacted with him on a message board for a while....good luck.
  8. Shop Advertising Ideas

    There are 2 types of marketing. Retention and acquisition. By what you wrote, you are doing neither. This is great news because retention marketing is cheap and very effective. Those 3500 names in your database can be marketed to and you could get an instant shot of business but more importantly if done right, you will be consistently busy. If you've done little or non to this point you basically are waiting for those people to recognize they need something and then seek out the solution. If you wait for that they may not select you. Fist thing I would do is define your recommended service intervals. Someone here posted something about what they follow. Do you truly believe in 3k oil changes? 5k? Different? Or is it something different for each customer? whatever, just figure out a way to define an interval and then notate it. Depending on the software you use there are added software which will track daily mileage and create stickers for next service based on the criteria you set. Now track it. Figure out how to contact you customer and tell them they are due for service. YOU GREATLY IMPROVE YOUR CHANCES FOR THEM TO RETURN IF YOU PROPERLY IDENTIFY WHEN SERVICE IS NEEDED AND CONTACT THEM AT THAT TIME. Too complicated? Just looking for a silver bullet? The next suggestion depends on how you want to market. You could just send out cards reminding your database that you are there, ready to handle their needs. You could follow Anderson and put together an oil change special he is very successful at that. You could put a seasonal special. Either way, those are cheap and effective ways to do it. If you do hire a CRM company they can over do it. It is also costly for what you can do yourself. I personally believe you need to really get involved in it before you randomly hire a company to do it for you. The education will allow you to guide the direction once it becomes a common, ongoing occurrence.
  9. Gross Profit

    While many trainers slice the pie differently the numbers at the end still come out the same. You should be tracking gp on all income sources. Parts @50% minimum, I think 55 should be the target. Labor at 70%, tires at 30% and sublet @50%. Blended you should end up at 60% overall at a minimum. From what I've seen tire gp is one of the harder ones to maintain unless you include the backside money. We have consistently achieved 62%average gp for years and years so it is attainable.
  10. Short staffed

    ahhhh the golden rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. brilliant ideas there.....walk through another's service dept passing out business cards. I can't think of a better way to say "hi, I'm a slime ball" I wonder what kind of person you might attract. And at training??? It's bad enough that shops arent sending their techs to training but to now have to worry about someone poaching them? I suspect you and your shop would build quite the reputation.
  11. Sub Labor

    In my shop bodywork and interior work are not sublet. The complexity of body work along with insurance company involvement make it too difficult. Interior work allows for too much personal opinion on the finished product. For all the other sublet (glass ,trans work, machine shop work) we pretty much can nail down a price before service or once the vehicle problem has been diagnosed and give a final price to our customer. Trans work is the easiest example for me so....we let people know we have a trans re-builder. Why go with us instead of directly to him. You have a relationship with us, as we do with him. You may have one or two trans failures in a lifetime. We rebuild 10 per year (insert number). This allows us to control the situation better for instance he offers a 12/12 warranty. For us he honors our 36/36 warranty (value). We also ensure the job is done to our standards when the vehicle is brought back to our shop. The volume we do allows for us to get better warranty and better pricing than he can give to the public. For glass work we bring in a glass company, same thing, we do volume which gives us better pricing as well as more leverage if something is not right. For our customer it is more convenient to bring the car to one place and get it all done even if it does cost them a few more dollars. They are comfortable with us and are willing to pay us to take care of it.
  12. The $19.95 Oil Change Offer

    If you've already set up this level of tracking one more piece of data would take nothing to retrieve. What I am hearing you say is as long as the results support my position it is good enough....
  13. The $19.95 Oil Change Offer

    Many years ago I used to spout off about 60/40/20 and why do I need to track any more than that. A wise shop owner instructed me that one day I might need to be able 'diagnose" an issue with my company if things weren't as good..he was right...maybe you should be tracking where new customers come from.
  14. The $19.95 Oil Change Offer

    The one thing I hated about RLO's tracking was when a shop would issue a coupon and then track the returns without separating acquisition from retention for just that piece. I suspect knowing you are a disciple is that you track it this was as well. For the month of June what were your new vs returning and their avg tickets?
  15. Sub Labor

    And still served your customer and made a few dollars. As it should be?