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  2. I think a lot of shops are falling behind very quickly. I will take the difficult cars, if they have symptoms we will figure it out. Yes, I might loose a few dollars along the way but I would rather do that and show the customer I am the shop to go to and keep my guys sharp. I am also getting in most cases paid along the way. The most important part of this is to let the customer decide how they wish to proceed and keep them in control of the dollars they spend. Stop, get more money until they don't wish to proceed. Keep in mind my shop is viewed as more of an upscale place, we do
  3. There is at least one very successful shop I know of who marks up parts minimally and charges for actual labor times taken. I would assume the rate is higher than the traditional model. The problem with allowing customers to bring in their own parts is parts quality period. They dont know what is good and what is not. If it becomes that big a problem offer to supply parts at near cost (obviously you could negotiate a little back end money) and just raise the labor rate to account for it. In the end, same dollars, same level of service just different model.
  4. I hate the idea. But, if it allows you to work on more profitable work and you have enough of it, I suppose it is ok. But........ Most of the time we cannot figure something out, it is due to a disappearing symptom or lack of information from the vehicle. These are the cars I am getting better at saying this is what we've done and these are the results. At this point I can guess or wait for the symptom to become more apparent but unless you want to spend more money I cannot go further. And then LET THEM make the decision. Most of the time they will come back after they experience it again
  5. `Scott This has been discussed and there are better ways to go about it. First off, sell tests not diagnosis. When you go to a Dr they test things...they evaluate the results of a test or tests and may come to a diagnosis or if the tests come back negative they dont....but they still charge. We, like you hold ourselves to a pretty high standard and sometimes will spend more than the allotted time...like you we are trying to figure out better ways to charge and present it so the customer gets value. When we present the customer with the initial testing fee we state we will stop and co
  6. First off I hope they were the right parts...actually fixed the problem. Secondly there is the aspect of a maintenance repair. Becky Witt often used this example. If a customer went out and bought all Honda parts for a timing belt/water pump replacement with the intent to do it themselves only to find out it was above them. Now, what? Junk parts... nope...that is most likely an exception to the rule. I think if I were to get that call I might just take my hourly overall gross profit average per hour from the last year and quote the job at that labor rate explaining how I came to that rate
  7. In my mind it is a straight forward situation where a vehicle owner is trying to circumvent the proper steps in solving an automotive problem most of the time in an attempt to save money. Asking "Do you want me to put on the part of fix the car" can be taken as a challenge and also arrogant. Obviously they want the car fixed and are hoping the part is the answer, if it doesn't they will try to hold you responsible. More importantly if you entertain this sort of thing you are giving up control. But they have no facts to work with. They have 3 different prices. If they do h
  8. When you allow consumers to dictate how you do business you loose. When they come in and say I want this done to my car the first question must be what are you trying to solve and the appropriate inspect/testing fee should be quoted. You may get push back but who the hell cares..Pass on it if they dont want you to be the professional.
  9. This is why these forums are quiet, not really active, and lame IMO. This is not about shops discussing issues and solutions or new ideas. Every post has some alleged Guru pushing their agenda so they can augment their social security income. They prey on the weakness of the inexperienced, new or struggling auto shop owner who needs car count with great ways to get cars in the door, and work the opportunity which usually ends up with high effort, high stress and little to no profits. If they really wanted to make money they would open up their own shops, prove the concepts by having milli
  10. The vendors who are my current suppliers are an AC Delco/Motocraft warehouse, World Pac and my local Bumper to Bumper store. I have no idea what is available to you locally but my thoughts are that you need to spend your time not attempting to fix manufacturing problems but spend it finding suppliers who can get you quality parts. Warranty? I am curious why discussion is what warranty a supplier has? Any supplier I have has some sort of program with a warranty attached. Bumper to Bumper has a 2 year nationwide warranty. Great if they break down more than 50 miles from me, but if they do not an
  11. As a technician you are great at solving problems. Now, put on the owner/manager hat and start solving business problems. We are always going to run into problems when dealing with aftermarket parts. What you learn and the decisions you make will cause a significantly different outcome. I am not a tech, never have been. As I read about the issues you describe I think of solving them differently. Dorman?? Junk...absolutely last option. AAP....deals in a lot of junk IMO. Time to find and create relationships with quality vendors. 3 month labor warranty at half price and ALL the paperwork t
  12. If I had to do it today I would figure out how to do it electronically but we have been doing it so long until I find a bullet proof way I will not change. Everyone walks in and punches in on a time card for work. That is how we capture available time. When they start working on a job they punch in on the written work order. When they are done or waiting they punch out. When the advisor is writing the ticket up they calculate the actual time and put it in the software. Sold time is calculated when the job is estimated. The guys/gals will be resistant at first but you have to sell them on

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