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    We bought 2 Fujitsu fi-6130 scanners about 8 years ago. We scan 100% of everything and have a 2tb drive in our server which is also backs up into the cloud. We currently have 51 gig's of data. Neither scanner have given us any issues. We created and use a windows folder system which works for us. I can retrieve any document from my computer, the scan computer or my bookkeepers computer. The advisors can look up old notes, invoices and parts receipts from their work stations. If we did not have this system we would have at least 10 filing cabinets. My bookkeeper scans for maybe 15-20 minutes a day when she finishes her paperwork. I would be happy to share more if needed.
  2. Yeah, but I can make Florida to the Bahamas and back a day trip.......
  3. I should have known you were a ragbagger I have a fuel habit I need to support...
  4. It appears as if I was not clear. 20% plus add backs equals 500k not 500k plus 20%. Got it on the profit on income taxes. Good luck in your search.
  5. My 20% net number is high? In most places I guess you're right. Interesting fomula and one that does not clearly make sense to me. Profit on income taxes??? I have heard 2-3 times EBItDA Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization. Using this formula and from what I've heard the bigger the organization the higher the multiplier. Take a company that is doing 2 mil at 20% net. That means 400k profit plus the addbacks which easily can be a total of 500k (most likely more). If that can be substantiated the purchase price should exceed 1.5 mil. agreed or am I still not thinking right? Ignore the attachment
  6. Define SDE. 2 million sales with 20% net = 400k plus add backs such as depreciation. 400k x 3 = 1.2 mil and that would be low considering what it takes to run at that level again IMO. Where do you get 400k - 600k purchase number?
  7. I agree with Anderson on this one. Shops that are doing 2 Mil are usually well run and have a good grasp on the numbers. To add to Anderson's questions what would you expect to pay for a business the generates 2 mil in gross sales and nets industry benchmark 20% ? Or are you looking for a shop that does 2 mil with almost no net and basing an offer on that and hoping to improve on it. I think if it's the latter it would be near impossible to find common ground. No one who has built sales to that level would agree there is not much value (IMO) but in reality there really is not much value only blue sky.
  8. BNI

    Since no one has responded I will toss in my $.02. I joined a BNI group about 15 years ago. The group remained as a group for a good 10 years in different forms. As you said, you are the easiest referral in the room because everyone has a car and they all want to be ACTIVE so to refer themselves to you is the cost of an oil change and they can come back saying how wonderful you are (whether they believe it true or not). Having been in business for over 30 years I thought I had my own referral group and would not be able to connect with that many. I ended up making a lot of very good customers and friends. That being said if you are not truly a genuine person (others in the group not you) people will see right through it and will not follow through with being referred or at least not have the built up trust one should have with a genuine referral. Even in a BNI group real referrals are done because someone believes in you. The best way to get this across from the referrer to the referral is in ones own words, not a script. While you need to have somewhat of an elevator speech when you first meet someone in a networking environment, I was always like Hi, I'm Dave, I fix cars. It always got a laugh and people found me approachable. Remember, as the car guy you are just a dumb mechanic anyhow....it's not like you are a real businessman. (perception) What was great was when they got to know me they realized I was one of the better business minds in the group. Good luck with it.
  9. Oil vendors & pricing?

    Jeffrey, I understand what you are saying. What you also have to recognize as a shop owner buying right allows proper pricing and proper profitability. While service is what we are all about and what differentiates us COGS is something that NEEDS to be monitored closely and as the owner you need to make sure you are not overpaying which will cause you to unnecessarily price too high. If you wish to use Amsoil and tout it's benefits thats fine. If you can buy it for $50 a gallon from Napa or order it shipped in for $30 a gallon would you care? I hope so! i did not see this as a cheap discussion as much as a COGS discussion. Whether you offer Amsoil or Full Synthetic oil really does not matter. While you have a one man operation and can educate one person at a time others have 10 or 20 man operations that cater to a much larger niche than you do and therefore may not be able to educate on the level you do and/or do not have the faith in the same products you do yet still wish to offer quality products.
  10. Oil vendors & pricing?

    Unfortunately I cannot identify with your issues. We are a much larger facility and I do not have the time to shop for specials at various stores. I recently fell out of contract with Valvoline and after reading posts by Anderson Auto and his strategy of inexpensive synthetic oil changes to drive car count, we decided to shop around to see if we could effectively bring down the price of a full synthetic oil change to increase value to our customers and then make the move to "5k service intervals" and then building a service package around them (LOF, rotate, inspection). There is a company out of Missouri called Keltners distribution who sells Dexos approved full synthetic oils for less than $2 per quart by the case. I used to order that in various weights by the pallet. I think minimum order is like $600. They sell a lot of other things that might make it doable for a smaller shop and you can mix and match. Recently we found a local supplier where we can buy dexos approved in bulk at $7.10 per gallon....so we no longer use or offer conventional oils. While we dont advertise cheap full synthetic oil changes we are exclusively using synthetics for only a couple of dollars more than we used to charge for conventional.
  11. Facebook group

    Alex, no one is directly soliciting me. Most of the current activity and involvement I see are comments by those who seek clients from this site and what they comment on/about are solicitous (is that a word???) in nature. That rubs me wrong....maybe its just me. is
  12. Facebook group

    Problem is this group has all but dried up and gone away except for the industry "gurus" who are...um....selling their wares. I hardly come here anymore and when I do it's just them fighting for any scraps that might be here.
  13. I have one of those complicated sites. www.wheelingautocenter.com I think the site has to have your contact info readily available, IT has to list what you do, It has to have a link to reviews, and it has to most importantly build an impression to the consumer. An impression either this is EXACTLY what I am looking for or just the opposite. I think real pictures are an important part of that. All you primary points of action need to be on the first page (appointment by web, phone call, contact info) and it HAS to be mobile friendly. I also think you have to have other pages for those who have questions or who like to do more research. The number of pages is not important but I think you need to have more than they want to go thru. Most will only look at one or two before making a decision but having more to choose from might create a more professional impression. Almost everyone uses the internet in some way to chose, fund or do business. Just sit and think about how you use your phone, computer and pad devices to research, locate, get directions or just find a phone number. To those that think it isnt needed either you are running a (really)small business or nearing retirement age.... IMHO Oh, one last thing. Most update their technology quite often(phones, ipads etc) dont you think there are valid reasons to keeping your website updated??? Spiders, load times?
  14. The $19.95 Oil Change Offer

    Complimentary alignment inspection with the purchase of tires... Has so much more value..... Free= Bad word Check=means its free Look= means its free JMHO
  15. Opening on Saturdays

    HA HA...I did.....didn't work for me. I have read about the type of schedule you run Anderson and other than you, I dont know of anyone who made it work. You have to dramatically increase car count when going from standard 5 day work week to 6 day rotating schedule and as you described, there are other challenges. My EX service manager decided to open full day Saturdays several years back in an effort to grow. Immediately I got notice from one tech who did not want to work Saturdays and that was the catalyst to him changing industries and careers. We added several lube techs and rotated our master/senior techs to one Saturday per month. At the time we had 3 advisors so one would work each Saturday with one senior tech, 2 apprentices and a car washer. It wasn't so bad but we had a lot of turnover with the car washers and apprentices. Also had a drop off of standards so in an effort to keep standards up, I found it much easier to manage 5 day a week all full time people and lose Saturdays. The final decision was when my service manager became my ex SM and I had to cover for his Saturdays...did it for a little while but it got old quick. So we closed again on Saturdays and became a 5 day a week shop again (added more loaners). We continue to grow although I suspect Anderson will outgrow us soon. I am becoming fat and happy.....