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  1. jeffa1958


  2. Since the dawn of time there have been people that are NOT my customers. There will continue to always be people that are not my customers. Concentrate on the ones that are. Not all of them are stupid with no basis for reality.
  3. I have found it isn’t the amount of the discount that matters to hagglers as long as it’s something. Taking $20 off a $500 dollar bill is enough to make them smile in most cases.
  4. I have found 14 days are required to really feel like I have left. I never call in or check cameras when I’m gone. If your people can’t take care of things for 14 days you are employing the wrong people. I have taken three one month long vacations, those were wonderful. You come back and everything looks and sounds different. After your back for a half day it feels like I never left, but my attitude is better for doing it. I get really bitchy if I don’t leave. February I spent 16 days in Palm Springs, CA. What a wonderful place.
  5. I will second checking your laws. If it is mandatory to attend I MUST pay them. I pay for classes. They know I want them to attend but it is not mandatory. I know if they don’t attend they are not serious about there career and act appropriately
  6. My shop just received a five star review. The person that wrote it states she came there after reading a horrible review about us. The review was placed on a private network for the University Hospitals and clinics. I could not respond to it there. They filed a complaint with BBB and I responded to the complaint there. A customer of mine was nice enough to put a link directing people to my response. Good customers are not stupid. Not sure I can say that about the bad ones. You don’t want to work for everyone.
  7. Time clock. Would never be without. Another of our antiquated systems that would be replaced with something more high tech if I wasn’t selling soon. Trust in 2018 is synonymous with screw me.
  8. I agree with junior. Principles are too expensive to fight for. You will not erase what has gone before. You just want to move on.
  9. As soon as someone mentions the words court or sue I tell them, "From this point on the only interaction we will be having is written." I will not accept your calls and there will be no verbal discourse. In court the only things that speak are paper, photographs and an ASE certification of the tech working on the car and or you the presenter of your side. When I invoke my written only policy you would be surprised how many people want to suck the words back into their mouths. In forty years I have been sued once. I was much younger then. The customer wanted me to not only refund his money for
  10. Interstate has removed their batteries and delivered a final screwing. We are being charged for 11 batteries when our sales in that period were 5. According to them this is possible because some of them had not been restocked. I have no way to prove it. My fault. Watch your counts.
  11. Just wanted to commiserate with you on helping people. Over the years I have attempted to help many people. My failures outweigh my successes by many. I still keep trying because I don’t want to miss the one that actually gets it. It was heartening for me to hear of your attempt to help someone and get burned by it. I thought I was just a fool. Maybe not?

    1. xrac


      I have tried to help a lot of people and mostly it turns out like that but no regrets. Unfortunately, I am too nice and too kind hearted for this business.

  12. In case anyone doesn’t know this. The Better Business Bureau is NOT A GOVERNMENT AGENCY. THEY HAVE NO POWER TO DO ANYTHING. They are a for profit non profit just like your non friends at AAA. Another fine institution out to fill their pockets.
  13. I tried repair pal for over a year. Brought in people we didn’t want as customers. Dropped them. No change in business except more money in checkbook. My old policy for over the phone estimates was to take down their information on a piece of paper and do nothing. If they called back and bitched they had not gotten their estimate I would apologize and make out the estimate and call them back. Now we do give the estimate but it is when we have the time. People go down the line in the “phone book” they have no idea the cost of estimates.
  14. My policy is: I will repair at no charge anything that myself or my employees break. I know that people make mistakes. I WILL NOT pay for damage not caused by myself or my employees. If the customer does not believe me when I tell them it is not our responsibility, my response is to go get it repaired elsewhere. Bring me a receipt from a repair shop (not your boyfriend or some guy in his garage) stating that we caused the damage and I will write you a check. I will and have bent over backwards to make people happy. If I reach a point where I realize I cannot make this person happy I stop. I ha

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