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I have been doing some research on telephone systems for my shop. My 3 phone lines with a on-hold program is running over 250 a month. I have looked at some VOIP systems, I really think I am spending to much on phones at this point. I think I could buy 3 new cell phones or just forward all calls to me and my employees cell phones. Anyone have any ideas how to keep this rather simple, I still want to stay a little on the personal side, I feel like that is important in my business.Technology is changing so fast it is scary. I can exit my phone contract at this point. One other issue is the phone number to our location has been used since 1961. I sure do not want to change that. Thanks for any help. I have not been around the forum much lately, my father is having a few minor medical issue's , although he is getting back in the swing. On more small procedure this week and maybe we can get back to the forum some. Again thanks for any opinions, i am always up to a better mousetrap.



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