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  1. We see the opposite. We were up only 5% over 2019 but 2019 was a rocking year and 2020 was even better. We did 1.7 mil with only 5 techs. Car count around 400 per month. This year we are 15% bottom line to date over last year. I see a bright future this year too as long as our government does not screw us all.
  2. Gary Childs

    Gary Childs

  3. Very well said Martin. We have the same standards here at my shop. My wife always tells me "you know every one around here" when we are out due to the many people that always stop us to say hello. My tech's are always singing out in the shop and when they don't the customers ask why. A good clean friendly environment makes everyone smile, looks good and is safer. We are up 9% over last year and have always grown every year for the 17 years we have been here. I do really think one of the best things a shop can do is how they treat a customer when something goes wrong or the dreaded "Come Back".
  4. How the insurrance companys have got away with this is body shops depend 90% on insurrance jobs and they can dictate what they will pay to get those companys to try to steer work to there body shop. We do not have to much isurance work come in but when it does I always prepare before hand and go very high with all the quotes and play there game to met a middle road. I'll look in all 3 major times books and use the highest etc. Seams to work out most the time. Service contract companys on the other hand are mostly snakes and we deal with them the same way and see what they will pay. If they do
  5. Nice artical Gonzo. As a Master ASE tech for 27 years now I can say I am very proud to wear the badge and show all my customers I care! I personly think all techs should be required by law to be certified.
  6. Great story Gonzo! You do have a way of telling it like it is for sure. I had 2 this week that made me shake my head and laugh. I had a male customer about 45 years old come in with a grinding sound from the rear, he told me he was sure it had nothing to do with the power train because he had "The Whole Power Train" resently replaced at the dealership under warranty. I could not help myself and and had to ask him if they also replaced the caboose! He shook his head yes. The next day a young lady called me and said her undercarriage was dragging on the ground and that her husband du
  7. I pretty much follow the same things posted here, don't like it when the customer wants to suppy there parts and tell them the same things, wrong diag, warranty problems, fit and quialty etc. Of corse we have all heard the same thing "I thought I could do the job but." One time a customer came in and said her husband bought the brakes 2 months ago and still hasn't got toinstalling them, can we help? Her rear pads were metal to metal so long the fins in the rotors were showing. Also one thing that no one has address here is state laws on parts we install, some states have a min gaurenty on all
  8. Good advise. We have a policy that any comeback gets priority #1 right away too no matter how busy we are. How you treat a problem right away shows the customer we care!
  9. And I thought it was just my shop that the wacky ones come too. You hit this one on the nail, when something like this happens to me and they walk out I KNOW I am better off. We all know how these type of things can take that ugly turn. Not worth it to deal with. By the way I got your book in the mail this week, "loose nut" is a great read every shop owner can relate too for sure. Now if you can get Joe Blow to read it maybe our lives will be a little better. LOL.
  10. Very Good Advice for sure. Thank you. We had the same problems and are just getting it worked out, we had one real rotten apply that is now gone. The guys in the shop are started singing out loud to the radio agian, thats a nice sign to me.
  11. Very nicely done Gonzo. I too love when the local "Chepo" parts stores that read codes and send them on thier way knowing what the whole problem is. Makes our lives so much easyer when they provide was with thier findings doesn't it. LOL U.S. Marine huh, I knew there was something I liked about you. Semper Fi brother, myself also.
  12. You forgot about the noise my car makes thing. And when does it make this noise. "I don't know". Then what kind of noise is it, "I don't know". Does it make this noise at idle or going down the road? "I don't know". Do you want to go for a ride with me so we can hear the noise. "No I'm late for work so you will just have to figure it out and I hope it is not going to cost much". I just want to tell them let me get the long plyers I have that I can pull miricales out of by butt with. Customers you got to love them.
  13. Thanks. I feel welcome already. I like oyur web site by the way, nice neat layout. You do it your self?
  14. Hello Joe, We are in Saratoga Springs NY, I have 4 techs me and the wife and 8000 sq feet. I found out about you and this web site from the "Shop Owner" mag. Very good artical on your business and the way you do business. I hold many of the very same values on the way we treat customers here too. Works very well treating people like family. Looking forward to exchanging ideas with all here.

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