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Auto Body Shop Discussions

Auto body shop discussion forum. Business and general topics relating to the automotive collision industry.


  1. Auto Body Marketing

    The auto body shop business has seen great changes throughout the years. How are auto body shop owners marketing their businesses to keep pace with technology and the fierce competition today? What steps are being taken to secure your future?

  2. Insurance Companies

    With the high cost of labor, equipment, training and other rising costs, how are auto body shops coping and dealing with insurance companies?

  3. Parts, Paints, & Supplies

    The debate rages on and we would like to hear from auto body shop owners on how they feel about using aftermarket parts and original factory parts. Do aftermarket parts compromise your work? Are all factory parts better, or is it hype? What paints and supplies do you use?

  4. Auto Body Shop Efficiency

    With the ever increasing challenges auto body shops face these days; efficiency plays an important part to insuring a successful business. What are auto body shop owners doing to increase efficiency and productivity; whether through business management systems, investing in new technology, training, etc?