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  1. Brianp


  2. Depending on what area they are moving to we are about 100 miles north. We do have a few that commute for service but it may be better to find someone local.
  3. We get one hour per a wheel for most brake jobs also.
  4. There are a number of vehicles that the brake rotors don't just slide off to replace. How can you justify to your customer you are doing the best for them by selling them new rotors when these can really be resurfaced. Say they ask why do they need to be replaced. Your honest answer would have to be because we do not have the equipment to resurface them on the vehicle. We do not see a lot of comebacks for vibration or noise (less the 1%). If your answer is quality of new brake rotors warp easier then that's all the more reason to resurface the OE rotors do to the quality difference betw
  5. I guess I just do not experience this. We can turn the brake rotors with no issues. The procut is a great product.
  6. I had similar quality issues with a local supplier. It happened to be mostly on starters also. I let them know of the quality issues. They said no one else in town is complaining. They did not address my concerns and we buy some were else. I do not like to have to do a job twice. It happens from time to time but to me quality is the key. I want my customers trust and feel like I will do what is needed to earn that. We do not install customer provided parts unless its a wiper blade, bulb or maybe a hard to find part on a classic car. As far as parts matrix goes well every shops overhead
  7. We have a on car lathe and a bench lathe. We are on our second on car pro cut. I do not think we could make it with out the on car lathe. Saves a lot of time and the finish is great. I cannot count the times we have gotten warped new rotors out of the box. Plus the expense for rotors for every vehicle does not make sense to me. I do not think I have seen a brake job for $200 even with out replacing the brake rotors for a very long time.
  8. I dont know of any managment system that integrates with an alignment machine. The alignment machine manufacture would need to contract witht he managment system manufactures. Snapon may with mitchell since they are one and the same. I have found mitchell to be the best overall in my opinion.
  9. We have used bg products for over 15 years. we do all there services and also own all the machines. Great product and service.
  10. We use test strips. We usually try to bundle the fluid flush with a brake job but it does not always work that way.
  11. We raised last year due to some price increases we saw. Cost of living went up and so we gave raises also. Our buisness has not suffered at all in fact the last few years have been as prosperous as ever.
  12. Nice way to handle it but yes times have changed for sure
  13. Im curious also. I say it but am not sure about the batteries.
  14. I do not like pressure selling. Do they need the tbelt. Absolutely I fell you just do the best you can to help them understand the need for it and the cost involved if it does break. If they do not have the 4 they dont have the $. Scare tactics and pressure are things I refuse to do. I have no issues sleeping at night and looking ppl in the eyes knowing I did what I felt was right.
  15. I always pull out before they pick up I do a quick visual whne pulling a new car in and when its doen to make sure its ok.

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