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  1. CARMandP


  2. Hey the state shows up for me this week and made me pay money I didn't have so I layed off my employees and possibly more. It could be worse...
  3. I haven enjoyed his "free" stuff for years but never made the plunge to see if its worth paying for.
  4. Yep...haven't refinanced my house yet because I can't but I understand every one of those...have debated a bunch of times closing the shop and if I didn't owe so much money I probably would have this year...
  5. I got mine. I will read it this weekend. Looking forward to the new information.
  6. Tool truck guys. I have a good personal relationship with both my Snapon and Cornwell drivers. They know the techs who job hop and also have a pretty good idea who is good and who isn't.
  7. So sorry for your loss. We all wish we had a friend like that. Friends like that are few and far between.
  8. I don't think it will affect the pay of the experienced techs but how many of us will do without the entry level guy or the cleanup guy and force the rest of the people to do more work?
  9. We have added Bolt On Technology to our Mitchell1. Very happy so far. Still learning the program.
  10. The last two negative reviews I got were because 1) the customer failed to include important information on why we were doing the "easy" valve adjustment and 2) one I turned away because I didn't have the tools to properly diagnose his intermittent rear wheel speed sensor on his newer car. Both of them have been useless young punks to which makes it even harder to respond to the stupidity.
  11. I did an oil change on a Rav4 and put the wrong filter on it. The different was 1mm in the hole diameter. Lasted about 2 months until it blew the filter off and the girl driving ran it till it quit because she didn't know that that red light that looked like a water can meant....Yes I ate that $2000 job. All the profit and some for that month...
  12. I went through a divorce last year and almost lost my business because what was happening to me wasn't something I wanted or saw coming. I am glad that even though he wasn't really good for my business I had a service writer who had been through the same thing about 5 years ago and kept the business going. Those type things you can't escape. Like was mentioned above, its impossible some times to leave those things at the door. Of course now I am getting to completely start over at 40 yrs old in almost every area of my life, except I starting 100k in the hole. lol
  13. I don't want to say it but this month is shaping up to be the best one of the year. Of course when your way behind on your bills all it does is pay the one that is yelling the loudest...lol
  14. We use universal in 99% of our vehicles. Only ones that don't are the ones that customers request something else.

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