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    Negative review while serving vehicle

    The argumentative nature was the red flag. Vetting customers is the most important part of the service advisers job. If you do the repairs i would demand cash payment in full to release the car.


    No it seems not. I talk to many business owners and it's the same story. People are now addicted to social media. I was at a grocery store yesterday and the cola guy was restocking the shelves while on the phone. He stopped stocking and started walking up and down the row talking about nasty sex to his buddy. Not the thing you want to hear while shopping.
  3. Work a deal with a local tow company. Pay them with credit card that earns airline miles.
  4. You just look them in the eye and say "Go ahead.....Make my day!"
  5. I take the customer to the private Attitude Adjustment room. I give them an offer they can't refuse.
  6. To show a customer obvious service needs on check in paves the way for immediate up sell.
  7. Don't forget to check the customers credit score. Just a simple check of Mileage based needs, Fluids,Filters,Lights, Brakes and Tire age/wear reveals alot. Always check fluid levels on check in. Many cars will come in with no oil reading on the stick.

    Best advertising methods

    Business is like fishing, One must always have a baited hook in the water. I have found that investing in my customer sales force pays the best dividends. Always give them them something good to talk about. All my good customers got a hand washed,vacuumed car, no squeaky door hinges, no empty fuel tanks or low fuel lights on, a $2.oo bill with a discount business card under the fuel filler lid. I "deliver" free hot wheels cars to the kids that come in with the parents while telling them how i serviced them. I send reminder post cards to the customer and their immediate neighbors.
  9. I prefer to own the shop and land.

    Robotic/Kiosk Service Adviser/Mechanic

    Google Audi ART and Auto Mechanic Robots. The Auto Mechanic Terminator is coming.
  11. Are you ready to have a Robotic Service Adviser/Mechanic helper in your shop? I think Audi has one in the works for their mechanics. Having a robot with immediate access to all service and repair information is the future.

    Need some advice

    I started with envelopes and a file folder. If you watch your pennies the dollars will take care of themselves. Then i married my accountant with great benefits;)
  13. An old employer used the time old method to obtain cars. He got permission to do tear down and inspection for report say for $500.00. Then when the customer declined to fix it he had the customer sign over the title instead of paying for the tear down and storage fees.