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  1. http://www.wcax.com/story/32218137/vt-mechanic-takes-plea-deal-in-alleged-faulty-inspection
  2. It is good to hear from you Gonzo! Please take it easy, I know it is easier said than done, but you have to let your body rest to heal up real good. Try not to stress and let the young ones make you laugh. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
  3. Anyone know how Gonzo is doing? Does anyone know where we can send a get well basket?
  4. Happy Summer Solstice 2017! Your marketing should be going strong, due to the rain and cooler weather A/C servive demand has been soft, no worries. Your 4th of July specials should be on customer's hands and road trip special for August should be heading out the door.
  5. Thank you, and likewise from me to you dads!
  6. Great news! I am really happy for him to be up and about, thank God!
  7. skm, You are right, these guys pretty much all they can do is the basic maintenance stuff, some of them cannot even afford the scanners to do brakes on the most recent vehicles models. So, yes, time is coming where these guys will not make enough to stay in business.
  8. Yesterday, went for a drive through North Jersey, was very concerned to see that independent shops are putting permanent signs with the $19.95 oil change offers, the $59 A/C recharge, and the $5 dollar flat fix. This reeks of desperation, clearly the industry is coming due for a strong correction. At my shops this month we are starting to see price resistance from the lower income segment, we are having to exert price flexibility for price discovery which we are finding to be 10% to 20% from list pricing. The mid to upper segments are still going strong.
  9. Like expected, the little bit of heat we are having brought out the air conditioner work. Your Father's day special should already be in your customer's hands, and your Summer Special, Road Trip Specials should be heading out the door. Fourth of July is coming up, and all other air conditioner work offers should be clearly displayed for your customers. "Steady as she goes," says the Captain.
  10. God willing, once he is well rested, he will tells us all about it. You wouldn't believe the clarity one gains when passing through the repair shop oneself, wish I could write well to share my experience, alas, I am not an eloquent writer. We continue to pray for Gonzo's speedy recovery. skm, thanks for the update.
  11. Only in America! Good to hear from you buddy! Been there, done that, was praying for the Big Guy to give me a little more time to see the children married and off to bigger and better things, lucky for me He gave me more time. We are very happy to hear from you! Get well soon, buddy! I am praying for your speedy recovery.
  12. I pay my lube techs .5 Your lube techs are your money makers if you have then excellently trained. They do so many oil changes that if you train then well they can spot the winners and losers my giving the incoming cars a once over. But if you don't train then, they will just rush over to get the car in and out. So discipline then to do the job right and they will mine those cars in recommendations that will help you prosper in this business.
  13. Praying for him and his family. Get well soon Gonzo!
  14. Because this is exactly what business owners should be talking about the business side of the trade. Also, this is the side that mechanics that become business owners need to know, yet they shy away from it because it's perceived as superfluous. Case in point, and to illustrate, most don't understand numbers. If you ask them how much is a million, they would look at you puzzled. Instead of saying 1,000 x 1,000 or 100 x 10,000, etc. Or if you ask them what's half of 3/8 they couldn't tell you it's 3/16. So, what is so important about the numbers? Well, how would you know what is the maximum possible output of your shop if you have no baseline knowledge, how could you quantify your efficiency rate? What would be the point of investing another 2% of of gross revenue into marketing when you couldn't take care of the additional customers. I agree with you, great thread indeed.
  15. I think every serious shop owner knows that marketing the business is an essential thing to do and requires work in it self. What most would like to avoid is the learning curve and the waste money on things that do not work or produce a sustainable result.