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  1. Nancy_jones

    Self-Driving Cars: Good News, Bad News

    Self-driving cars have been getting a lot of buzz recently. Self-driving cars if they become the dominant kind of automobile will have an impact that goes far beyond disruption to changing the whole way life is organized, just like regular automobiles, air travel and steam engines changed everything. So saying that self-driving cars will hurt the cabdriver profession is like saying the steam engine affected buggy whip makers. True, but not really an important consequence. Here's a list of inescapable facts for anyone who thinks self driving cars will replace vehicle ownership: 1. A lot of people like to drive. 2. A lot of people live in areas where car sharing will not be practical or economic. 3. A lot of people have kids, pets, a big family, other unique needs, etc. and they can't rely on taxis. Driverless cars will have to prove their merits in use over a reasonable period of time to win public approval. So the notion that driverless cars will be "disruptive" in the sense of transforming industries in fundamental ways within a decade is dubious. Car body dent Repair
  2. Nancy_jones

    Differences between Auto Body and Mechanical Shops

    When a car needs repairs, especially following a collision, the first stop for most people is a mechanic. They never consider whether they need an auto body vs mechanic. For cars with no body damage, a mechanic is usually sufficient. They have the tools and expertise to remove and replace damaged components to get your car moving again. Mechanics can evaluate all of the mechanical systems, and make necessary repairs. If the vehicle doesn’t have body damage, and the owner needs an engine light checked or some engine noises looked at, a mechanic is the way to go. For cars with body and mechanical damage, an auto body shop is the best option. Like mechanics, body shops have the tools and knowledge to make the vehicle safe to operate. They can also perform the necessary body repairs to get the vehicle looking like it did before it was damaged. When it comes to auto body vs mechanic services, the body shops win hands down in the aesthetics arena. That’s because auto body repair is about much more than just removing and replacing parts. The entire appearance of the vehicle needs to be evaluated, and a holistic approach undertaken to make it look like it did before the collision.