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  1. In my area Mc Donalds and Walmart pay $15/ hour. We start at $900 a week base for entry level, and go up from there. Bonus kicks in after 30 hours produced each week for a month straight. We bill $132/hr. I think this thread needs all of us to include our labor rate also, pay is different depending on your market area.
  2. 65 an hour? When is the last time you called around to see average hourly shop rates? I know each market is different, but we are at 127 an hour and I think we could do another bump. I second on the salary thing. Make sure they are commission in your accounting software, then you can pay a base plus commission.
  3. I would like to get procedures written for everything in my shop. It is something I really need to sit down and take the time to do. I want to open a second location. Duplicating what made my first so successful is going to be crucial. If I am going to put my name on a second shop I want it to be held to the same standards as I hold my first.
  4. I always try to keep a tech on hand that can repair anything. When I do not have one I step into that role myself to deal with the difficult ones. I have a dealer around d the corner from me that sends cars to me. The key to staying profitable is explaining the diag fees up front and billing for your time accordingly.
  5. My state had one online you could print out. That is what I used.
  6. American Osteopathic College of Anesthesiologists
  7. I hope you go for it. I am 43 and getting ready to pull the trigger on a second location in February. I am nervous and excited at the same time. Good luck. Any advice for my second unit?
  8. Good advice Joe.. I always try to ramp up advertising a month before I know it might slow down. You might talk about being prepared for the unexpected also. November 2018 I was in an accident and lost my left leg. Luckily I had decent employees in place, and a fair savings account. I was in a good place to spend a month in the hospital. Could you walk away from your business for a month? Would it survive or go under?
  9. The only people who have been applying at my shop are the people that did not qualify for unemployment because they were terminated with justification. Anyone I have spoken to that was laid off and eligible for unemployment is making too much to sit at home. In Colorado you just have to check a box on a computer every week, no need to submit any info proving your trying to get hired.
  10. Things in Longmont Colorado seem to revolve around the number of cars on the road during rush our, and those have not returned to anything close to normal yet. School is not going to re open this year which is cutting back on a lot of driving around here.
  11. I got a few responses but nothing overwhelming. FNGJWS I do wonder if the parts are going to stop rolling. I know the dealers around me let go of every single car salesman, and half their service center staff, half or more of the parts staff.
  12. I posted an ad offering to pick up people's cars so they do not have to leave the house and suggested it is a great opportunity to get that service done while they are self quarantined. We shall see if it generates anything.
  13. My answer to the what is your rate question: We bill fairly for each job depending on how difficult the issue is to repair. Please stop by and let my ASE certified technician take a free look at the vehicle so we can build you an accurate quote."

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