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  1. After they get the first repair bill they will learn how to program our shop address into the computer.
  2. Hands On

    Hands On

  3. What happened? What's TireHub?
  4. I would start off with at least one helper of some sort. I thought the same way when I started out, but you can not support big boy shop expenses with one person, and it is not safe to work alone all day. Bottom line you will not make any money unless at least two people are producing repairs; unless you plan on living in the shop, taking cash only, and paying no taxes.
  5. Can not beat that for rent. There have been other posts about specializing in a make or model. General consensus has been why start off limiting your customer base.
  6. Will you owe when it is done? Any idea what your monthly rent/mortgage ect would be when all said and done?
  7. I don't have any research to back this up but I think you will need more then 3 bays to break even on new construction.
  8. I have been giving Zip Recruiter a try. I had them send me an email promising a refund in writing if it does not pan out, so far nothing, I get lots of applications from folks with experience in oil fields and fork lifts. @Mike the Mechanic Thank you for this, I added a lot of it to my ad, hopefully it gets me more results. What platforms have you guys had success with in finding new recruits?
  9. something I just thought of for the original poster though, those rusted lug nut are an opportunity to tell the customer you just noticed they would not be able to change a tire on the road if they needed to use their spare tire. Then you could charge labor and new lug nuts.
  10. If all you are doing to a car is the tire rotation that is a problem. You have to offer it to regulars as a service sure, but if it starts to become part of your meat an potatoes something is wrong
  11. I do not stress over tires. The profit per hour is not worth chasing in my small shop. I offer them so my customers know they can one stop shop, but I refuse to try to compete with chains, it is not possible. That being said, if everyone reading this joined me in a buyer's group to grab certain sizes then we could make something happen.
  12. I run my own Google ad words and I work my butt off to make sure I have good reviews. I run Yelp ads and again work off butt to make sure Yelp reviews are too notch. Beyond that community events, Facebook posts, and boots to the pavement introducing yourself should cover the bases these days. If you have a larger shop more then 4 lifts I think you have to run some coupon shoppers to keep the bats filled. Just keep in mind coupon customers need to be hand held through the process of you want any chance of converting them. Local radio shows have also helped us fill the gaps.
  13. Thank you for the excellent and well thought out post. Before the thread gets to far off topic, I need a new tech. Is anyone willing to help me write an advertisement or help me with postings, over the phone or through e-mail?
  14. I need to find some employees fast and I am having no luck, anyone willing to help me write an advertisement or help me with postings, over the phone or through e-mail, please let me know. Just found this, not feeling good about this. https://www.indeed.com/forum/job/automotive-technician/can-t-do-it-anymore/t459836
  15. In case you missed it, the job is done, turned out great for all parties involved.

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