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  1. I posted an ad offering to pick up people's cars so they do not have to leave the house and suggested it is a great opportunity to get that service done while they are self quarantined. We shall see if it generates anything.
  2. My answer to the what is your rate question: We bill fairly for each job depending on how difficult the issue is to repair. Please stop by and let my ASE certified technician take a free look at the vehicle so we can build you an accurate quote."
  3. I lost my leg in November so I know what your talking about. Feel free to donate to my GoFundMe. https://www.gofundme.com/f/helping-tom-and-laura&rcid=r01-156647799231-359535eb9d244bde&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_m
  4. I am hoping to have enough rental properties that I do not care what happens to the business for my own personal financial reasons. Then I hope to pass it on to a young person In the industry that wants to make a go of it. I will work out a deal that will make it easy for that person to succeed and wish them the best. I will then sail the world.
  5. I know this is an old post, but I show my techs news articles of mechanics that went to jail for negligent homicide for missing safety items on inspection that ended up killing someone. I know this was a state inspection mechanic performing a state safety check, but it tends to get the point across, and it makes them think about what could happen to the customer. https://www.mynbc5.com/article/licensed-car-mechanic-charged-with-manslaughter-in-customer-s-death/3324536
  6. It has been a while, are you still with them? I shut off my google adwords last month and have not seen a difference other then a drop in phone price shoppers.
  7. Anyone using Mechanicsnet? Better yet, anyone using Alldata manage online and have one of these CRM programs integrated?
  8. Your insurance agent will answer these questions they are supposed to let you know about potential exposures, liabilities ect. There are also OSHA consultants out there you can make an appointment with to go over those requirements. There is a lot of leg work to do for sure with starting any business. It will be hard to do while deployed, but you could start reading business self help books. If you can get your hands on a business planning book this will help. Good luck on your deployment, I am ex Air Force. Thank you for your service.
  9. Get the local desperate tool guy to float you or sign up for credit. My scanner costs 24 a week. If you are unable to do that you need to change something and maybe should ask for more help here.
  10. Shop around best thing to do, every market is different. If I was not so lazy I'd get my stuff off Amazon, but too easy to pick up the phone when I run out of gloves. I do get my ink from Amazon. World pac for wipers. Shop towels are uniform company. Sam's club for paper products and cleaning stuff. This is a great place to cut some costs. I supply tech gloves because I insist they use them and some will skimp if it is out of pocket. A local private parts store supplies my filters I use percolator. Another area i could probably save a ton online if i took a minute.
  11. I keep several things handy. A wax stick will take off tar and scuffs without damaging paint. A very good polishing cloth and some machine polish will remove light scuffs and scratches. Anything deeper then that needs to see a body shop. I always try first and am able to remove most anything but a scratch you can feel with a finger nail. A 3M headlight polish kit has everything you need to remove light scuffs and scratches.
  12. I raised my labor rate and split the cost with the employee

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