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  1. Hey guys and gals (if i'm not the only gal on here lol)! I have a questions for the other shop owners or estimators on the forum. Lately i've been dealing with a lot of headaches from insurance companies dragging their feet because we are not a "preferred" shop on their network. This one in particular that i'm dealing with is just driving me nuts. Breakdown of the ordeal: Customer dropped off their vehicle on 2/11/17 which was a Saturday. I called their insurance to notify them of the drop off the same day. Got ahold of someone on the 14th on when they could send someone out to inspect. Was i
  2. I wouldve been heated too. We had a review from a customer that wanted a front lip spoiler painted with a paint code. When we told him that it wont match because his vehicle was 10+ yrs old and has since faded and that we would need him to bring the actual car so we can have the paint matched, He insisted that it was ok and for us to just paint according to the paint code. We never saw the car itself since he just brought the lip to paint. Of course when he took the lip, it didnt match. He came back to complain and wanted us to repaint it FOR FREE. Im all about customer service, but when you t
  3. How do you like that program? Compared to Mitchell? Pros vs Cons? I also just came across one called ABFSystems... anyone have experience with that one?
  4. This is something that I noticed at the shop too cuz I was looking over the repair orders and noticed some didnt have signatures "because we know them", or "they are the mechanics down the street". I am wanting everything to have a signature because you just never know... im sure your situation happens a lot especially when they sometimes have to check in with their significant other and they get hassled for it, then it becomes a quick bout of amnesia on them giving you the verbal OK to do the work. Would an email confirming the "OK" work as an electronic "signature" ? Like even a text since e
  5. Yeah I'm just looking for the collision estimating program... I know the CCC one has all the estimating and management together but of course when I speak to reps from both sides, they bad mouth the other. Do you have the CCC One?
  6. Yes!! It puts a lot into prospective! I'm easily distracted and impatient at times, so reading that book wouldve kept my attention because of the content but my ADD wouldve kicked in eventually lol So I opted for the audio that is FREE on youtube!! its about 8 hours but great to listen to the narrator emphasis on things. Here is the link for those that are just like me lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrqwYB2WUos
  7. Im still debating between the Mitchell Ultramate and CCC estimating program. I dont think i've seen anyone mention CCC on here. I have Quickbooks to pair with them. Any input on CCC?
  8. Agreed! I believe its the only way to go. Trust me, I am super excited to start this venture, but I've learned from others mistakes and am doing what I can to be prepared for the task ahead instead of just jumping in and winging it lol Luck can only take you so far.
  9. Hello everyone out there in ASO land. You will all become use to seeing my screen name all over this forum because I have a lot of questions lol. A little about why Im here. My father has been doing bodywork for 40+ years and about 12 years ago, he decided that he wanted to open up shop for himself. Business was up and down since and actually closed the shop about 3 years into it because it wasnt making enough to keep the doors open. It started because my father enjoyed what he did, and was very good at it... but didnt know how to manage a business. He was great at his trade, but didnt know wh

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