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  1. Jay Huh

    Jay Huh

  2. Painting you will see at our RTP shop. Owen, our technician Matt's 13 yr old son painted it. We… https://t.co/WTFQQGztiL

  3. Custom dual exhaust setup. Curious to hear what it sounds like? Video coming soon @ Carmedix… https://t.co/Rj48xEiFLg

  4. Did you know we do custom exhaust work at our Raleigh shop? Custom bends, dual exhaust, etc.… https://t.co/bYsY4x3Lgl

  5. Really bad axle seal leak on this Ford Ranger. Axle slides out from the rear differential @… https://t.co/PHYKBAEhu1

  6. Peace of mind wherever you are. We are partnered with Napa and Technet shops across the country.… https://t.co/kxrRUFR83h

  7. Why are air filters so important? Air is needed for fuel and spark to combust, when an air… https://t.co/tR6uEbnxZi

  8. Carmedix will be closed on Labor Day https://t.co/5T6im26yaQ

  9. Our walnut blasting service on N54 engines @ Carmedix Auto Repair https://t.co/dhqvgVMzmS

  10. Matt our master technician working on a BMW 7 series @ Carmedix Auto Repair https://t.co/abqfDl5zJR

  11. Replacing the timing chain on a 09 Enclave. Unfortunately it's common problem and an expensive… https://t.co/l7gvGxG0tf

  12. Felipe (right) our Raleigh technician helping out at our Durham shop today. Nick (left) is one… https://t.co/xkK5HyGhQV

  13. Yesterday I gave away our own branded magnetic cell phone holders. I have 1000 of them and get cost me about $1.20 each. I have them in all my cars and there's a big logo staring back at me everytime I get in my car before slapping my cell phone on it. Customers LOVE it bc those things work really really well. I saw a while back someone was giving away air freshners with oil changes and I thought that was a great idea. For some reason small things make customers happy. On a side note, bulk of the $10k is from long double ended box wrenches that are awesome
  14. Thanks, i will do some calculation tonight. But you are right. I have people coming out of woodwork calling me a friend when it's time to get their car repaired. You and Joe have been doing this a long time and I appreciate the advice on the discounting - might not be able to stop it completely but I will try and nip it where I can
  15. Thanks Joe! Love the way you put it about friends and family. Looking forward to seeing you in person in Sept!

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