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  1. ATLAuto


  2. Some yes, some no. I really don't care. If they are the type of people that claim garbage like that, I really do not want to associate with them. Another higher-quality customer will certainly take their place.
  3. We upload the security footage to YouTube and send them the link showing that we did not cause the damage. Most will drop it right then and there.
  4. This is great. Thank you for that practical information!!
  5. Out of your list, R.O. Writer is the best, BY FAR. I have researched every single one of these plus many more. Go with R.O. Writer - you will not look back. I say this as a shop owner who has run MAM VAST for a number of years (VAST is used by tire stores, particularly Goodyear) and recently switched to R.O. Writer. It has improved every aspect of our business within 2wks of implementing it. I am beyond happy with it. PM me if you want any details.
  6. We have a building on a busy road - 38,000 vehicles daily. We do zero advertising and have more business than we can handle. You can either pay for expensive real estate or pay for marketing. We chose the former, and it has worked well for us.
  7. Never heard of RLO. Just had to look them up. Are you using them? We are on Elite's email list, which has been PHENOMENAL. We are considering using them based purely on the advice given in their emails. If you're not on their list, I highly recommend it.
  8. Yep. Thinking through the pros and cons of waiters: Cons: - Techs feel rushed, since the customer is tapping their foot - Customer gets upset if the tech is not 100% devoted to their car every time they look in the shop - If a part order is wrong, it's another hour of waiting for the next delivery - No additional work added, as that means more time - Customer hears every interaction with every customer good and bad Pros: - One more free parking space when the car is done It's simply not pleasant having customers waiting in the lobby. For everything other than a basic 30min oil change, we strongly encourage coming back in 4-6hrs and even provide a shuttle or Uber to get them somewhere. We spend $200-300/mo on Uber to make this happen.
  9. I'm still confused how the gun got INSIDE the tire?? I understand running over it and getting stuck to the outside ... possibly. But inside?? Strangest thing we've ever found was a PVC pipe full of meth in an air box. Called the guy to come pick his car up and never saw him again.
  10. Same. You should never make a tech install a failed part again for free. Didn't know that. Although, we do not buy much from AZ at all. I'd like to see a summarized list of each supplier and what their labor claim policy is. For my part, I know WorldPac pays zero labor. Same with NAPA.
  11. Activant / Epicor already does this, and it's built into almost every shop POS system.
  12. Agreed. Our building is nicer looking and in a nice part of town. This attracts high end customers and scares away low-end customers. If you look expensive, it only attracts customers that are willing to pay for it. I even test this theory out every time I get a ride in an Uber. Without fail, they will have their TPMS light on, maybe a CEL, and a few other odds and ends wrong with their vehicle, showing that it has clearly not been maintained. They don't know I own the shop, so I ask them, "you ever brought your car to that shop down the road to get that stuff looked at?" Without fail, they always reply, "oh no no, they look too expensive."
  13. Pretty sure you can find them used on Amazon and/or ebay. I saw the entire set on there a few times.

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