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Joe Marconi

Going 6 Rounds with the Insurance Adjuster

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A regular customer ran his Honda off the road and did damage to the front bumper cover, radiator support, A/C condensor, front tires and now the air bag light is on. We inspected the car and diagnosed the air bag problem at the owner’s request and got his authorization. Now comes the fun part: Dealing with the insurance company.


We are not a body shop, but do work with insurance companies often. Our estimate and what the insurance company wants to pay are on different planets. I told the adjuster I could not work for that price. Plus he told me to eat the analysis, because we should consider ourselves lucky we are getting the job. Lucky? Was he here at my shop the past 30 years working side by side building my business? Lucky?


I told him to write whatever he wants and I will call the customer to get the rest of the money. He told me that’ not allowed. Not allowed? Who is he, my boss? Well after a heated discussion he made some concessions and we finally came to an agreement.


I have to tell you, I don’t know how you auto body shop owners deal with these guys on a daily basis.

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