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AAA survey says most Americans afraid of self-driving cars

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The controversy is heating up as we move closer and closer to self-driving cars. Below is a link to an article in Body Shop Business Magazine.




It's more than that, we are heading into a tsunami of drastic change in our lives.


The whole transportation industry is now under full attack, and so are other industries too.


The car as a status symbol has diminished tremendously.


With VLSI chips making very complex service amenities cost efficient and its accompanying software malleable to easy updates, affordability for the masses has become possible.


If you have noticed, we are under tremendous pricing pressure, ease of access to price discovery by the masses will keep making our business very stressful.


Youtube, Quora, Car-part, and other sources of information are making it difficult to gauge customers.


We have to adapt to survive, we are evolving, only those with the hunger and ambition to learn and adapt will prosper.


This is nothing new, it has always been this way, except now with faster or near instantaneous communications the cycle of evolution has been shortened.


Watch out for statesmen and philosophers to point the way to our next stage of existence. The political economic system is getting an explosive shock.

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