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Joe Marconi

The Shop Radio: A right or privilege?

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It seems that in shops across this great land of ours, the shop radio is a constant tug of war between the owner and some techs. I don’t understand why some techs value the radio so dearly.


I enjoy music too and I really don’t mind music in the background. However, when the music becomes more of the focus than working on cars, I have a problem. I set strict rules with respect to volume and choice of stations.


Recently, in my maintenance shop, we had a tech that constantly worked on his “play list”, The volume inched up little by little and he spent way too much as a disk jokey than I could tolerate.


We had to put a stop to it. I asked the manager how he felt. He said to me, “You know Joe; the radio is a privilege, not a right. If they can’t understand that, it’s their problem, not ours.”


So, how do you feel about the radio, and how do you handle this issue?

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